"Elder brother, you guessed wrong this time …"

…… …… Always want to hide the most vulnerable side with heavy armor, as if others will forget those vulnerabilities if they can’t see themselves … ******** He went back to An Yuner’s room, unique door-opening skill, unlocked An Yuner’s

Niebaum has been very unstable these days. To be honest, he has done his best for the club. At this critical moment, Niebaum mortgaged his private villa and securities to the Dortmund Club. He had already spent all his money and wanted to get through this difficulty with some old loans. Unexpectedly, all banks were unwilling to lend them to him.

In this embattled situation, Niebaum also felt a little warm. After learning that the club was forcibly acquired without being informed, most of the club staff extended a helping hand to Niebaum. They all said that they would never sell