"Guys, I’m coming."

Goofy chic car whistled and walked to the building with cheerful steps. I raised my hand and knocked at the gate. Two black people came slowly at once. These two black people are wearing loose right hands and hiding in

Wen Jiuyi didn’t speak.

His face was covered with layers of blood, and some of it also accelerated the drying speed of blood. The house rushed to the sky like a bonfire, and there was no sound except the fire explosion, the collapse of

Lu Fan Xiwen is always summing up his failure today. Although Fan Xiwen successfully hooked up with Qiao Shuang, it was only when two people were in love for a long time. Fan Xiwen attracted Qiao Shuang like a fan, but when it comes to experience, Fan Xiwen is still a rookie.

Besides, a young man who has received modern education for 17 years, although he has a few flowers in his mouth, is psychologically not allowed to live like that. Fan Xiwen wants to be a bachelor before he crosses. That