Ma Liang wondered how it was possible.

"Yuqi, I won’t be like you now. You have to finish your studies well," Ma Liang promised. "I hate you, but it’s not my parents. Why do you say this tone? You’re my boyfriend. You want to help me think

Mo Yuling took out a thunder fire from the waist dart bag, thunderball hung it on the arrow hook, aimed at one of the diverters and whistled it out to listen to the distant boom. One of the diverters and several soldiers who controlled it were blown to pieces, and then followed suit and killed the other one. Mo Yu Ling quickly followed the mark and others to the river.

At this time, Mo Xiaobei has been manipulating rosefinch beast and a thousand soldiers rushed out of the city to fight. Although there are many people in the other side, Mo Xiaobei and others are, after all, rosefinch beast’s advantage


The Celtics’ personal meeting of the Big Three ended, and then they joined Rivers to discuss it. In the end, they discussed that a game must be won and you must never fight against the pacers again. Are you crazy