Xia Han gasped and said, "Nothing. There are a bunch of idiots there."

Gave the crazy girl a dirty look and looked at Gong Yu.
"Actually, it’s nothing. Just now, a foreign professor who doesn’t know where it came from said that the piano is the only bowstring instrument in the world. Xia Han pointed out on the spot that there are a lot of bowstring instruments. Isn’t the erhu in our country a bowstring instrument? I had a debate with the professor. Then the professor apologized and said that it was a slip of the tongue, which meant the symphony orchestra bowstring instrument, but the audience laughed, and then she jumped into the chair and scolded the audience." Gong Yu said a little nai.
Suluo covered her forehead with pain. "My God, that’s it. What’s the matter?"
"What do you mean, it doesn’t matter? It’s always said that erhu blows Chinese goods to foreigners, and that erhu is good. Foreigners didn’t dare to cheep and apologize. Those idiots have been laughing. What’s so funny? Is it shameful to discuss national musical instruments? Do you need to be so inferior? I feel ashamed to sit with a bunch of idiots who have broken their backs?" Xia Han said angrily.
What is this? suluo heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Then who can you blame for the right instrument and the right audience? They represent the concept of ordinary people."
"So you mean it’s my fault. It’s my own idiot, okay?" Go on the rampage and Xia Han wouldn’t listen to anything.
"It’s not your fault that you did the right thing. At the end of the day, it’s my fault that all the music in our country failed to make ordinary people understand the charm of musical instruments and reverse the common concept of ordinary people.
Think about it. If you are awesome enough, just take the erhu and smash it. It’s better to brighten their eyes. You can’t always find problems in others, right? "suluo looked at Xia Han panting and said.
"Right, right, right, don’t be angry with the little girl. In the final analysis, it is still to blame us for playing erhu and not letting ordinary people know the charm of this instrument. No one blames us for not being angry." Mr. Wu was also kind enough to persuade him.
Girl is crazy. It’s really reasonable to talk to her, but I can still listen to it. It’s hard to calm her down after a few words.
Xia Han don’t qiao face way "anyway, you just don’t help me to speak"
"Where can we be sure that we are all on your side?"
See her recovered suluo hurriedly clap breast guarantee way
"I don’t care if you go to help me find the field. I’m just so ashamed and humbled." Xia Han pouted and said that it’s so cute to go home to find parents and children after being wronged.
"Look for the key figures in our organization who have been wronged. We, as younger brothers, will definitely help you get back." suluo thumped his chest again.
"Well, we’ll give the concert hall to the Queen in a minute. You’ve smashed it." The atmosphere slowed down and the knife blew up with a smile.
"Don’t practice, forget it. I don’t want to stay here. Let’s go home. I’m not interested at all." Xia Han said after taking a look at the knife, how to find it? I know it’s impossible.
The girl is still hit, and she is a little disheartened. How can she be so unhappy when she goes back to her heart?
"What’s your hurry, Mr. Wu? Can you ask your members to help you later?" suluo asked, patting Xia Han’s little head and smiling.
"Sure, but what do you want us to do?" The old man replied with a smile. He really likes this young man.
"What are you doing?"
Suluo hey hey smiled, "No, I want them to feel the charm of erhu."
Xia Han suddenly came to the spirit and looked at suluo with big eyes.
"How to do it"
"First of all, of course, we need to make some preparations. When will the concert hall end?"
"It is estimated that it will take more than an hour. It will be the same at the end. At noon."
"After coming out, can you directly see the public hall overlooking the building?"
"Everyone who leaves has to go through it."
"Can we play there with our special certificate?"
"There should be no problem, even if you can’t fool the security guard."
"Then we, the audience, are watching performances in other halls, so we can decorate a little while there are few people in the public hall now."
About 20 people from DreamWorks and Erhu Small Orchestra formed a mysterious group to discuss.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-six Subversion through Erhu
Mr. Wu’s hand was shaking, and his goatee beard was almost caught by him. suluo planned to let him and his erhu orchestra deepen their understanding of the word "audacity" again, and his old heart was scared to jump out and tried to stop it, but after watching the song prepared by suluo, he decided to try it. He had to try it.
Looking at suluo who is presiding over the overall situation in an orderly way, I couldn’t help sighing that it’s awesome to be young.
"All right, have you seen the spectrum? I’m sorry. It’s urgent to be like this. Just know what we are doing. There is no rehearsal in our life. Every day is live broadcast." suluo clapped his hands and cheered.
"No problem, we are the accompaniment, mainly because the pressure of your solo is on you. If you don’t have a problem, we will be fine." A member of the Erhu Orchestra said that they still have confidence in their own strength.
"That’s good GongYu and you?"
"Of course, no problem," Gong Yu replied smilingly, holding a piece of music.
After receiving a message, I sent it over to fix things outside and called with a knife.
"What’s going on in the public hall?"
"No problem. I took out my certificate and dumped it, and they believed Yang Baobei. Then I threw a wink at the security buddy and came to help. I moved things and arranged the scene. Haha"
"All right, all right, be careful not to go wrong. Ha, after the early show, the traffic will be huge. Don’t go wrong."
"It’s okay. The public hall is not as big as usual, and I said hello to the security guard. I boasted that there was a temporary large-scale performance and asked them to cooperate to maintain order, so there would be no chaos."
It was almost the same when I took a look at it on my mobile phone.
Look at all eager to take a deep breath.
"set out"
"Get manic, get manic."
Without rehearsal and practice, the error rate is so direct, which means that you can’t make any mistakes. Looking confident, everyone in suluo is holding a sweat, and Mr. Wu feels that he is almost breathless and crazy.
During the lunch break at 11: 30 pm, all performances, lectures and exhibitions will be temporarily closed for rest.
A large number of spectators left the concert hall of the exhibition hall, and their excited faces were still gesticulating and telling their companions and friends about the scene they had just seen and heard the music.
Glad you came is extremely satisfied, especially the audience of the 70% concert hall.
"Adelaide is so handsome."
"Camilla sogeum is amazing. It feels so good for her and Adelaide.
Segmented reading 7
A good match. "
"Yes, yes, Camilla is also beautiful. The temperament of picking up the sogeum."
"Eh, I think that girl with short hair is actually cute," said a guy.
This remark immediately attracted the contempt of female companions.
"That screaming crazy girl is a disgrace to the Chinese people."
"It’s just bragging about erhu, a musical instrument called flower playing, and it has to be said that there is a fight with Xiaoqin. That is also the case that the professor has a good temper, so I would just blow it out."
"But she is really beautiful."
"There’s nothing wrong with being beautiful. You like girls like this."

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