Wen Jiuyi didn’t speak.

His face was covered with layers of blood, and some of it also accelerated the drying speed of blood. The house rushed to the sky like a bonfire, and there was no sound except the fire explosion, the collapse of walls and the fall of beams.
"I don’t know" Wen Jiuyi’s face was illuminated by fire like a piece of dyed dirty cloth, and his sweat carved white marks on that black and red face.
He wiped his clothes casually into pieces and said, "I’m ready."
The captain of the second team didn’t move. He thought it was foolish to come out to find the male worm.
He should have thought, living in the normal world, who would run to the parasitic world? Jun Xiong would do this only if he was educated by the military. The captain of the second team didn’t care what Jun Xiong would do with his family. He had to leave early in his mind.
"It’s very dangerous recently," said the captain of the second team. "All parasites are looking for" the enemy of extreme poverty "… Do you know him? A very confusing guy … Now the market is full of too many conspiracy theories, and the slightest hint will be a nest. "
I almost lost my life when I came out with him to find a male insect partner.
"Are you coming with us?"
"No" Wen Jiuyi "I’m here to kill parasites"
The captain of the second team looked at Wen Jiuyi, but he couldn’t find a place to refute him. He said, "Forget it, I’ll get you a dress."
On whether he and the male live in harmony or dislike each other.
Eye, he can’t let the male worm naked in situ.
"There’s a lake ahead," said the captain of the second team. "I’ll keep watch for you."
Wen Jiuyi thanked him for seven days, and he finally took care of his hygiene.
This taste is like cleaning your body and wiping your hair with a towel. He slaps his left hand and wakes up this waste. "Hey", the sun is climbing, and a layer of pale blood is floating in the lake. In an instant, it is enveloped by Jin Hui. Wen Jiuyi rises with a strange idea, "I want to make an Oracle again before I die."
"Don’t hold me if you want to die," said his left hand grumpily. "I’m dying. Do you want to listen to information or not?"
"The trading planet will be blown up today, that is, you will kill the white planet … all parasites except you have issued a wanted order for you … Well, it is much more realistic than a painting. Oh, there are also some correspondence with Lord Cali. Do you want to listen?"
"Lord Cali succeeded in breaking through the shackles of hierarchy." His left hand felt that he was suddenly gripped. He screamed and defended, "It’s not me, it’s Lord Cali. Alas, I didn’t even crush you."
Wen jiuyi loosened it.
He said, "You are the first echelon parasite."
The left hand feels that the physical strength has increased. It is not surprising that the parasite of the first echelon is the most distressed general. But actually, since he and Wen Jiuyi were firmly bound together, Lord Cali never gave him extra strength to put out a stocking posture, which made the left hand once doubt that he was not his own slice.
"9191" saved the day with his left hand. "You know I’m not like them. If you die, I’ll die. How can I harm you?"
Wen Jiuyi walked out of the lake, and the high temperature brought by his body naturally made the water disappear. When he came to the branches with new clothes, he was not only dry but also his hair was steaming.
"You’re right." Wen Jiuyi buckled. "I’ll kill you first if there is an accident." His hair grew a little long and medium, and it couldn’t be tied up properly.
If only Alec were here, Wen Jiuyi couldn’t help but think of the female again.
But soon he shook his head and paid attention to Cali’s advanced things. "Did he become" King "Senos?"
The general level is not the top level of parasites. In their opinion, there is another level, which can be called "King", "Mother" or "God". Anyone who has witnessed the real strength of the general level can’t help but have an idea.
What is stronger than them?
Is it true that a general can advance to "Sinos" if he gets enough strength?
"I don’t know," said the left hand truthfully. "I can say that he was stronger than K778 at that time."
"You are a big head ghost," cursed the left hand. "You will live one day." The sun stung his left eye. He carefully said, "There is less than one day. You have left some last words for your life, such as bank cards and unfulfilled wishes."
Wen Jiuyi knows "no"
"No, no, no, no" The left hand still wants to argue, but it seems to be stuck.
Wen Jiuyi said, "There will always be surprises on the last day"
Grey lines look down at the males in the dense canopy.
"Good figure" Grey lines sincerely praise a sentence: Both sides make simultaneous efforts with their feet at the eye intersection, and the left hand can feel that he is forcibly suppressed back into the meat by the male insect spirit, but he is still one step late, and his left hand teeth and tongue are severely stuck together.
He naturally became the only victim of this battle.

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