Feng Jiangyi doesn’t care to hold her hand. "Let me draw it for you!"

I often miss "OK, let me see your painting level."
Feng Jiang Yi was planning to send someone to prepare pen, ink, ink and inkstone when she saw Yi Lee coming towards them and immediately ordered him to go.
"Yi Lee, you’ve come at the right time to prepare pen and ink for the king and painters Wang Zhenglai’s interest in painting! And … "
He raised his hand and pointed to the blooming red berries in Fenghua Building and added, "Move some colorful pots and pick them there!"
Yi Lee said, "Your Majesty, King Anping asked to see the emperor!"
King Anping is here?
Feng Jiang’s clothes frowned immediately. Is it that Zhao Yining moved to help? At this time, such an excuse really makes other methods shirk.
Often acacia got up and glanced at him Gherardini "it seems that you must see! Princess Zhao Yining should also be there! "
Yi Lee nodded, "Anping Wang loves this little daughter Zhao Yining very much. If the princess is determined to see Anping Wang, she will not refuse!"
Feng Jiang garment immediately took her hand. "It seems that you will draw it another day! Yi Lee, please go to Anping Wang, Princess Zhao Yining, and please go to the temple to serve the king for a while! And ask the emperor if he wants to see him! "
No matter whether the emperor sees it or not, he will come forward at this time. After all, the eleven princes of the palace.
Yi Lee left immediately.
Chang Xiangsi let go of his hand. "You go, I’ll stay here alone!" "
Feng Jiangyi took her hand again. "Come with me, and Zhao Yining is here!"
Often acacia shook his head. "King Anping must have a big prejudice against me, and after seeing me, he is expected to be polite to the monarch and the subjects. Don’t forget that in those stubborn thoughts, I am still the imperial concubine of Feng Lisu. Once this imperial edict is not abolished by Feng Lisu personally, then other ministers will recognize it! Won’t it embarrass me then? "
Imperial concubine …
Anyway, there are indeed many people who recognize her identity like this now!
It seems that he wants to find a way to get the emperor to abolish the previous imperial edict!
So he nodded, "In that case, you can stay in Fenghua Building and have a rest. If it’s interesting, just walk in the garden. I’ll be back in a minute!"
Pull her into your arms, gently kiss her lips and smile.
"I’m in a good mood today, and I’ll draw for you when I’m in a good mood!"
I often miss this painting. "Go, don’t let Anping Wang and others wait for you for too long!"
"hmm!" Phoenix crimson clothes this just don’t forget to leave.
Looking at Feng Jiang’s clothes leaving, I often feel a little homesick. I simply folded a plum blossom and learned a set of swordsmanship before practicing this sword.
Although close combat is her strength, after all, it has many years of foundation, but swordsmanship does have its mystery. She has fought several times and found many opponents’ swordsmanship mysterious, such as Qing Mu Gong and Jin Se.
It is necessary for her to stand on this occasion!
She practiced swordsmanship fairly skillfully. As her figure moved, her long black hair danced with the wind, raising her rouge robe. The wind blew off the red plum snowflakes and she danced in it.
Temple Yi Lee has invited Anping Wang Zhao Yining in and served with tea and snacks.
Zhao Yining sat there silently staring at the gate.
King Anping sighed softly when he saw this place. His precious daughter was really hurt by that man!
Did his precious daughter ever look at a person like this?
It’s always been others who put her in the eye!
It must be ugly to think that Zhao Yining, who misses her day and night, is nervous and excited for so long.
And his scenery is still the same!
When she looked good, she couldn’t even look at her pink clothes. Can she still look good now?
Nevertheless, she really wanted him to say a few words.
They waited in the temple for some time before Feng Jiang’s clothes arrived late.
Although Anping Wang is an elder, after all, he is a surname Wang, but Feng Jiang’s clothes are really the blood of the royal family. When they met, Anping Wang got up and nodded to him.
"The eleventh report can come. The king learned that the emperor dragon was unwell and specially came to see it!"
"Please Anping king! Please sit down quickly! "
Fengjiang garment smiled at him and then walked towards them.
Zhao Yining got up and stared at his critical handsome face tightly, and finally made a clever salute.
"Yining has seen eleven princes!"
Feng Jiang’s clothes only focused on Zhao Yining’s body and found that it had been a while since the girl who was as charming as fire had already withered.
The whole face has lost weight, and many sharp bars have come out. Despite the delicate makeup, it is hard to hide her haggard. At first, she was dressed in red, but now it is rare to change into a yellow dress, but it makes her thinner.
At that time, unruly and mean, but not today, but a little more delicate and touching.
Immediately after he sat down, someone brought tea and smiled.
"The princess is welcome. Please sit down!"
Zhao Yining hesitated to sit back in Anping Wang’s eyes cleverly, staring eagerly at the face that he missed so much.
I feel that I haven’t seen him for such a period of time, and it seems that he has looked much better. What I saw just now also found out whether he has grown taller. At the beginning, the boy with fine features has grown into a beautiful man.
And she’s wilting
King Anping doesn’t want Zhao Yining to have too much contact with Feng Jiang’s clothes, but he doesn’t want Zhao Yining to see him, otherwise he really doesn’t know what will happen!
So I sighed lightly, "Dear daughter, why don’t you go out for a walk first? Dad has something to think about. You know it’s a big deal when you talk about political affairs!"
"Eleven princes don’t intervene in the affairs of state affairs … Dad should also go to the emperor to discuss the affairs of state affairs. It is better for Dad to go and see the emperor. I am here!"
Anping Wang has some words that he wants to distract her, but she wants to distract her, too!
"Phoenix crimson clothes will see their actions in the eye, so they evoke a smile. The king also has some words to say to the monarch. It is better for the king to send someone to send you to visit the emperor in Yingnuan Building. The emperor has just greeted him and agreed."
He glanced at one side and Yi Lee ordered, "Yi Lee, you personally send Anping Wang to Yingnuan Building!"
Yi Lee moment "Anping Wang this way, please-"
"This …"
Anping Wang has some difficulties in leaving them alone. How can he rest assured?
Zhao Yining stared at him with eyes ying ying. Do you want to see her alone?
The bottom of my heart is ecstatic and choppy, and those eyes that have been silent for a long time are like a cold star in the middle of the night.
Anping Wang saw that she had recovered a little, even if she didn’t want to, but there was nothing she could do.

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