Yu Haochen and Nangong Yinfeng’s eyes all shrank. They wanted to move, but they were released.

When Prime Minister Jade heard the word princess, his heart thumped and he knew it was a bad thing. In front of him, the man with a crescent-shaped silver mask turned out to be Xiang Wang …
"I … don’t … you …" Pei Wennuan doesn’t know who the man really is from talking about his horrible eyes and wants to eat her, but he is so familiar with Yu Haochen’s eyes and has nine points of similarity …
Na Lanyunhua has been waiting for Pei Wennuan to explain, but she has been speechless. It hurts to want to push her away and worry that she will get hurt. Hate!
"You … who are you?" Three words as small as mosquitoes fall into NaLanYunHua ears …
Na Lanyunhua can’t believe it. Let go of Pei’s warm hand … Who are you? She asked him who he was? Looking at Pei’s warmth is like looking at a stranger’s eyes. Na Lanyunhua can’t help but retreat …
She doesn’t know who he is. Is she warm? Her taste, her appearance, her smiles are all portrayed in his mind, and she will never be erased. She is Pei Wennuan, and he feels sure of 10 thousand, but why does she pretend not to know him?
Is it true that she said she didn’t love him?
"I … I lost …" Pei looked at Na Lanyunhua’s eyes warmly, and his desperate heart suddenly hurt and he was anxious to explain.
"That’s enough!" NaLanYunHua roars a.
Laugh at …
"Ha ha … ha ha ha … pei warm your true feelings! I have been looking for you for so many days, haha … It seems that I am sentimental … "NaLanYunHua’s feet recede step by step, and every step back hurts.
No, it’s not … Pei warms his head and tears come unconsciously.
"No … it’s not like that … you listen to me explain …" Pei Wennuan wanted to stay in the previous step, but turned and disappeared in the original place.
Lanlin several people’s hearts are cold. What on earth is going on? Hongyu wants to chase but can’t bear to be warm.
"Red Rain, you leave us to go after the Lord." Lanlin naturally saw that Red Rain hesitated and decided.
"good!" Red rain immediately nodded at LanLin two people leave immediately to help pei warm.
An old man drinking wine with a gourd in the floor of the Prime Minister’s Mansion looked at the bottom of the situation. "Hum stinks make you rob the old baby, so you should suffer more. Haha, good wine, good wine ~ ~" The old man enjoyed himself comfortably.
"Princess …" Red rain bite a tooth low call a.
"You are really embarrassed to let everyone laugh at this marriage. It seems that we can’t hold it today. I’m really sorry to go to the door to apologize another day." Jade Prime Minister got up and said with a full face.
The guests are also people who have seen the world. Naturally, they have given the jade prime minister enough time to leave one by one, and only a few people are left in the lobby.
The nangongshan silver wind and Yu Haochen two people don’t look good at the moment. The jade prime minister asked his wife to leave the hall, leaving only Pei Nuan, Hongyu, Yu Haochen, the nangongshan silver wind and the jade prime minister, plus a group pinned down by the nangongshan silver wind.
"Who can tell me what’s going on?" Yu Haochen’s fists are clenched at the moment. What does he want to marry turned out to be someone else’s princess?
"Hao Chen, it’s dad. I’m sorry …" Jade Prime Minister sighed.
"You know?" Yu Haochen looked at the jade prime minister with a surprise in his eyes, but more angry.
Pei Nuan and Nangong Yinfeng also looked towards the jade prime minister. Pei Nuan still had tears in her eyes at the moment. What made her heart so painful just now?
"The princess loves you, but he can’t accept it for a while. Don’t be sad. You’ve been chasing your Lord for several days. Two days ago, I heard that you were going to get married. The Lord didn’t eat, drink or sleep. He came all the way here day and night, but he wouldn’t let you marry someone else." Hongyu comforted her by telling her about Nalan Yunhua, hoping to impress Pei.
"He … he is my husband?" Pei looked at the red rain warmly, his eyes were red and swollen with surprise, but his heart was more painful after listening to the red rain.
"Princess … don’t you remember?" This time it’s red rain’s turn to be surprised.
"You don’t blame her. She fell off a cliff and lost her memory …" Jade Prime Minister said with a sigh.
"what! Princess, why didn’t you explain it to the prince just now! " Red rain was surprised, and at the same time, it was more anxious. He must have misunderstood.
"He … he didn’t give me a chance to explain …" Pei Wennuan bit her lip and fought back her tears.
"Oh, my Lord, don’t blame the princess for this sex. Red rain will help you to get the report back immediately." Red rain beat his head and immediately chased him out because he was worried about the transformation.
Looking at it in a hurry, but also in a hurry, several people in Nangong Yinfeng Yuhaochen have different hearts.
Naturally, they heard the red rain girl say that the man had found Pei Wennuan, and had been chasing him day and night for several days, which shows how much the man loves Pei Wennuan.
Yu Haochen suddenly felt that there was such a man who loved Wener when he laughed at himself and asked himself if he could do this.
"Dad, how long are you going to keep this from me?" Yu Haochen looked calm at the jade prime minister.
At the moment, the regiment jumped into Pei’s warm arms and seemed to feel that Pei was warm, sad and lovely, lying in her arms and licking the back of her hand from time to time.
The nangongshan silver wind will warm Pei up and let her sit beside her. "It’s okay. It’s not your fault. You shouldn’t be in such a hurry to get married."
The nangongshan silver wind hug pei warm shoulder comfort that he is really kind to do bad things, originally his sister has married, alas …
"Elder brother is not you. Don’t say that and blame me for not remembering." Pei Wennuan shook his head and sobbed. Chapter 159 I was really blind.
"Alas ….. don’t argue. It’s a big mistake for me to say something wrong. I recognized Princess Wenyang when I saw her in the imperial room." Jade Prime Minister Nai shook his head, and his heart was bitter.
"That you still …" Yu Haochen looked at the jade prime minister’s eyes with a little puzzled and angry.
"I said this to you, but the Emperor Xiang Wang protected Princess Wenyang and didn’t love her. Princess Wenyang’s happiness was determined to settle the marriage. I didn’t expect King Xiang to find it all the way. You can see that he is deeply in love with the princess. Don’t blame the Emperor. He is also thinking of you wholeheartedly. And Haochen is my father. Sorry, your father is here to apologize." Prime Minister Yu has a heavy face and apologies.
"Dad, don’t be sorry. This is not a marriage. Everything has been saved, and I’m not sure if I’m really emotional about the princess." Yu Haochen touched his nose and gave me an embarrassed smile, which was a bit hidden in the depths of his eyes.
"Yu Haochen not emotional you still dare to marry my sister! Unless my sister doesn’t deserve you! " It’s Nangong Yinfeng’s turn to quit!
"Er … I told you that I felt something, but I’m not sure what it was. The marriage came too suddenly and the princess husband was so excellent. Now it seems that I don’t deserve the princess. You’d better follow your report well." Yu Haochen shrugged his shoulders and revealed a little nai
Pei Nuannuan doesn’t know what his mood is at the moment. Listening to Yu Haochen’s words makes his heart loose. "So … did I get dumped?"
"Er … sister, it’s not that you were dumped, it’s that Haochen was dumped by you." The Nangong Yinfeng said seemingly casually, but his eyes were cast a grateful look at Yuhaochen. How could he not know that his big friends since childhood could easily agree to marry his sister if they didn’t love warmth? It’s just to make Pei warm better and bear it alone.
Yu Haochen is hiding a smile. Deep in his eyes, he is sad and happy to make his heart stop beating.
"Goo goo ….." The group was very cooperative and called a few times to agree.
"Hey … what are you doing? Where are the guests? Why are you crying? " At this time, I saw that the Nangong Yinfeng never went to find her. Yu Linglong couldn’t help but appear in front of everyone, but found that there was something wrong with anger.
"Linglong, your sister-in-law brother hasn’t helped you find the elder brother and found that the princess is not suitable for you. When your sister-in-law leaves, the elder brother takes you to drink and eat delicious food." Yu Haochen walked towards Yu Linglong and dragged her to the outside with her shoulder.
"Ah … this …" Yu Linglong was dragged outside by Yu Haochen before he reacted.
Yu Haochen’s relaxed face darkened as soon as he got outside the house, and we still had no fate …
Yu Linglong looked at her brother and was a little scared. She was more worried that she had never seen such a brother. She was so sad and pitiful. "Brother … what’s wrong with you?" The original can’t stop noisy and quiet.
Yu Haochen’s uber-like face is looking at the sky again at the moment. It seems that the voice in his throat is not like him. "I have nothing to do and go with my brother to drink."
"good!" Yu Linglong promised to come. Although she can’t drink, she can drink with her brother. It really makes her sad that they left together.
"Jade Prime Minister, we don’t bother to go back first." The Nangong Yinfeng got up and said that looking at Yu Haochen’s back was a little worried that he could recover.
"Good too temple and the princess walk slowly …" The jade prime minister didn’t leave. Now things are too depressing.
The nangongshan silver wind helped Pei warm away.
The old man stopped drinking in the building of the Prime Minister’s Mansion. "Ah, this time it seems to be playing a little too much ….." When he was a little fidgety, he scratched his head and disappeared into the original place-
"Where is the master of Lanlin Lanlin?" Red rain left a trail all the way along Lanlin and finally found Lanlin and others by the lake.
"Why did you come back? Didn’t you take care of the princess? " Looking at a face of eager red rain LanLin wonder.

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