Lu Fan Xiwen is always summing up his failure today. Although Fan Xiwen successfully hooked up with Qiao Shuang, it was only when two people were in love for a long time. Fan Xiwen attracted Qiao Shuang like a fan, but when it comes to experience, Fan Xiwen is still a rookie.

Besides, a young man who has received modern education for 17 years, although he has a few flowers in his mouth, is psychologically not allowed to live like that. Fan Xiwen wants to be a bachelor before he crosses. That is his greatest wish. It is to have a beautiful woman to accompany him for a walk while eating, and to have a small hand to hold him for that life. Fan Xiwen is actually very satisfied.
Besides, after crossing over, the first beauty that Fan Xiwen met was that Qiao Shuang was sincere enough to Qiao Shuang Fan Xiwen, and Qiao Shuang’s personality determined that she was the favorite woman of Fan Xiwen’s generation.
Gentle, generally beautiful and wise, she is a faithful and classical lady, which is Fan Xiwen’s favorite sex.
At this moment, Fan Xiwen felt very sorry for Da Qiao because he knew that he had a different mind just now. At that moment, Fan Xiwen almost forgot the gentle and virtuous beauty who was waiting for his return in Le’ an.
"It seems that men will go bad as soon as they have it, and the assertion is not wrong." Fan Xiwen murmured that his eyes were full of guilt.
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Chapter 10 Tragedy Fan Xiwen
Zhu Xi? -In 195, the word Gong Wei Hui Ji Yu belonged to Zhejiang people at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty and Huang Fusong. Zhu Di was a famous soldier. His mother was once a prostitute, and Zhu Di was well-known for her filial piety. After all the villages respected him, the prefect Xu Jue raised Juan Xiaolian, and then moved away from Lanling, which made the government have power. He was the official of the East China Sea. When suppressing the Yellow Scarf Army, the right corps commander held a festival to pacify the three counties.
History Zhu Juan is a famous filial piety and the last star of the Han Dynasty. This tottering Han Zhu Juan almost paid his own department, but the Han Dynasty, which was terminally ill, did not let Zhu Juan see the dawn of victory. It can be said that this man paid a lot of effort and loyalists finally died with disappointment.
I admire Zhu Juanfan for cherishing Wen.
Fan Xiwen didn’t see a sedan chair passing by him because of his worries, and he didn’t see the sedan chair being pulled a little.
Fan Xiwen in front of Xixiang Hou Mansion is stationed in front of the Mu Mansion. A pair of mighty lions and four guards in front of the scarlet high wall are all brave and extraordinary people. The whole mansion gives people a feeling of *.
Approaching Fan Xiwen and stepping on the stone ladder, only to be stopped by four guards with swords and drawing swords at the same time, because these are all strangers to Fan Xiwen.
"This is Xixiang Hou Fu people stop." A big drink scared Fan Xiyuan to lift his thigh high and put it directly.
"Nonsense, this is not Xixiang Houfu. I haven’t come yet." Fan Xiwen secretly read a sentence in his heart, but this is what he said in his heart. After all, now he has to visit his master and always order noodles for his host! To give the master a little face, Fan Xiwen comforted himself in his mind.
"Oh, look at my memory. It’s in worship." Fan Xiwen patted his head with self-deprecation and gave people a confused feeling.
I took out a piece of blue paste from my bosom, and the ink on the surface was almost dry, but I can still vaguely see the words Le An Fan Xi Wen. This post is so chilling that the first impression is that this person is very down and out.
"Xixiang Hou and other distinguished people are you who are down and out?" As expected, the doorman threw out such a sentence without even looking at the post.
Well, some of these people are contemptuous of others, but we are here to discuss big things with Zhu Juan. We are doing big things, and we are not as knowledgeable as these lackeys. Fan Xiwen’s chest has never been so angry. He can constantly comfort himself in his own mind.
But the more comforting you are, the angrier you get. Calling these doormen dogs makes you more and more angry. You are despised by a running dog, which makes Fan cherish your love.
"Please also inform the eldest brother that Le ‘an made Fan Xiwen visit." Fan Xiwen once again said that he was on the verge of collapse.
"Hum, my adult and other distinguished people are you, the little Le An Ling. You can see them when you see them." The doorman is still arrogant, and there is a trend of getting ready to catch people.
The main reason is that the doorman sees Fan Xiwen dressed as a Confucian scholar and thinks that Fan Xiwen is at best a weak student who is easy to bully, even if he is a le ‘anling. This is the capital. Every day, these doormen see officials with a salary of 2,000 stone. I really don’t look down upon an official with a salary of 400 stone.
It is said that the seven officials in front of the Prime Minister are all dogs looking at people. Today, Fan Xiwen finally believed.
Ah, in fact, this Fan Xiwen is also unlucky. Who told you not to imitate others and gild your blue-gray worship? In the final analysis, it can be said that Fan Xiwen was unlucky to highlight his unique style and make worship, but now it has become a basis for being looked down upon by others.
Walking in front of someone else’s house, but being stopped by the guard, I almost humiliated Fan Xiwen, who was still full of tragedy and was now completely cold.
Life is like a coffee table full of tragedies. Fan Xiwen feels that he jumped out of one tragedy and fell into another.
"Oh, my God, isn’t today my Fan Xiwen’s Day of Suffering?" Fan Xiwen hid his face and went to the end and said something that made the guard nervous.
At this time, Fan Xiwen has already dealt with anger, which can be suppressed.
"Ah" is about to leave. Fan Xiwen suddenly heard the doorman call "Is this doorman’s conscience to help me report?" Fan Xiwen said a sentence in his mind.
⑧ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ ⑥ 931
"Don’t make a fool of yourself by coming here again."
"Poof" Fan Xiwen’s unique personal worship post directly fell on Fan Xiwen’s face.
"Hum" Fan Xiwen took the post of worship and left directly to leave the guard’s unbridled smile. "I’m in a hurry for this humiliation. I’ll come back and let you taste the top ten tortures in the Qing Dynasty." Is Fan Xiwen the winner who suffered? Not at the moment, he is remembering the top ten tortures in the Qing Dynasty. Fan Xiwen has defined these four doormen as mortal roles.
One should not only be flexible, but also be avenged. Sooner or later, these dog slaves will be trampled on by Fan Xiwen.
Walk slowly. Fan Xiwen’s anger is always calm. At this time, Fan Xiwen feels stupid, but he has to pretend to be a non-mainstream and turn it into a bluish gray. The result is that those dogs and slaves are humiliated. This is a great shame
Because of his personality, Fan Xiwen, who has been in a high position for a long time, was very angry and left, and he thought about it not far away, such as revenge on these dogs.
Of course, it’s really bad luck for Fan Xiwen to say today. First, he didn’t bring money when he went out to make a beautiful woman laugh, and then the blue-gray invitation made a few dogs laugh.
"God, I ask myself, I serve you in my heart every day, but where are you when I need you?" Fan Xi-wen screamed at the sky and let the people around him run away, covering their ears and mouths.
Today, Fan Xiwen has lost his face to Le ‘an.
Chapter 11 Two Bustards Competing for Guests
Fan Xiwen was not in a good mood, so he wandered around this street and walked to Nanjie Street. Apart from being a wealthy residential area, Nanjie Street is the most famous brothel, such as Baihua Pavilion, which is also here. This is the place with the largest passenger flow. Fan Xiwen came here only by following the footsteps of people.
In front of the Qunfang Pavilion, Fan Xiwen spoke thoroughly at the door. The heavyweight procuress kept throwing her cheap eyebrows. Fan Xiwen almost spat out the food that she had just eaten for a long time.
"Sin!" Fan Xiwen read the mantra in his mind, but he turned his back on his body and felt like vomiting.
It’s Fan Xiwen who deserves bad luck, and God seems to swear that Fan Xiwen will carry it out to the end.
It’s broad daylight, although there are also some sanhua drinks, but after all, it’s not as busy as it was late. The pimp is very idle. This man is full of energy and his eyesight is quite good. You said that Fan Xiwen was already very eye-catching in a Confucian robe, but it happened that this ya was still dressed in white, which made it stand out from the crowd and the pimp saw it at a glance.
Fan Xiwen is the first time to come to this kind of fireworks. The procuress has never seen it look unfamiliar. Seeing Fan Xiwen’s back to Qunfangge, Fan Xiwen originally wanted to come to Qunfangge. Seeing that no one came to entertain himself, he was ready to go to the Baihua Building opposite. This is also coming soon. Business must not fly.
"It’s your first choice to come here to play our Qunfangge." The procuress strode out in three steps and two steps and came to Fan Xiwen’s side and wanted Fan Xiwen to recommend her Qunfangge.
"Oh" Fan Xiwen completely collapsed this time, and the cheap rouge smell of the procuress and the swollen hands made Fan Xiwen almost unable to control himself.
"That what I’m not here to play, you’d better get busy." Fan Xiwen repeatedly pulled his arm out of the procuress’s ready to surround him with fat.
"We girls in Baihualou are the best girls in Beijing, and that’s called a watery girl." Well, Fan Xiwen’s nightmare is coming. The procuress in Baihualou is also the same level as the procuress in Qunfangge, and her rouge is heavier than that in Qunfangge.
Two not the kui is a colleague who directly straddles Fan Xiwen’s arm, but this is a little too much. An aunt in her forties is actually learning to be spoiled by those little girls.
"Holy cow!" Fan Xiwen shook the procuress’s hand in Baihualou with one hand and then rubbed his arm constantly. That goose bumps are really a big layer.
"I’m not here for fun, OK." Fan Xi-wen waved at the two pimps and casually popped up a bird song.
The two pimps don’t mean it. "You’re not Chinese, are you? I heard that all the girls in your place are tall. Why don’t you come to our Qunfang Pavilion for a change?" The first reaction is that the madam’s brain in Qunfangge is really flexible.
"We recently brought a few girls from Jiangdong to Baihualou, all of whom are gentle and pleasant, to ensure different feelings for the public." The procuress of Baihualou is not slow to respond. After the mouth of the procuress in Qunfangge, she also took up the topic for a few seconds.
"I’m a Han Chinese, I’m a serious Han Chinese." Fan Xiwen almost collapsed under the pull of two pimps. Fan Xiwen was ready to slip away.
Being dragged by two pimps in broad daylight, Fan Xiwen feels that he can’t afford to lose face, and now Fan Xiwen is still in the street. Many people have cast their eyes on him with contempt and gloating, and many of them have stopped to watch the fun.
Today is definitely Fan Xiwen’s unlucky day, or the western bird people are spending April Fool’s Day with Fan Xiwen. The two pimps are unwilling to let Fan Xiwen leave anyway and decided that Fan Xiwen just came to drink sanhua.
The two pimps fought again mainly because of one side. Today, if Fan Xiwen enters Baihua Building, the reputation of Qunfang Pavilion will suffer a little damage. On the contrary, it’s the same. Fan Xiwen has become an advertisement for two brothels.
Oh, my God, a generation of talented young men, the youngest one with a county magistrate, is actually regarded as an advertising thing. Now, if there is a tofu fan, Xiwen will definitely bump into it.
"Ding" a thing fell to the ground from Fan Xi tattoo.

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