An Yuner bit Mu Yesi’s tongue hard, which made him open his eyes and then left her lips.

"Wake up? Isn’t the temple kiss wonderful? " Mu Yesi cracked his mouth and laughed, and then he was naughty and rubbed against her like a child.
Baby, there’s nothing on inside now. It’s so comfortable to lean against her soft body.
Some boss molested her with a black belly
113 black belly temple for night four (2)
Don’t enter pure feelings.
"You … why do you keep rubbing against me?" An Yuner stared at herself and longed for the night boss to ask strangely and … She was so casually rubbed and rubbed out by him? I feel a little impulsive to touch him!
"Hey, hey, let’s have sex tonight," said the abuse, throwing her on the bed for a second.
Mom, this little girl is addicted to it.
Especially her soft and fragrant lips are delicious =3=
"You … why touch me there!" An Yuner watched in horror as she longed for a big hand tied to her chest at night, but she didn’t wear anything inside! Looking through pajamas in this way is no different from touching them directly!
Dead slut/bug! Keep touching her and bite her!
"What can’t touch there? I want to touch you here … "Mu night boss said with an evil smile and then slowly licked her neck and sniffed her body smell, and then accurately printed his exclusive mark on her neck by mistake.
Yaya, he wants to keep growing strawberries on her …
“g; ﹏l; Don’t! " An Yuner kept pushing him, but she couldn’t make the effort, and there seemed to be another voice in her body telling her that she had eaten him!
Sin … This is simply a Uber.
Why do you have a feeling of wanting to be with him, yu?
114 belly black temple for night four (3)
Don’t enter pure feelings.
"Don’t? Don’t you like it? I’m very big there. Oh, I can satisfy you … Baby, we’re going to make a villain tonight … "Mu Yesi smiled and the other hand has reached her private place.
She didn’t resist, but he became bolder and bolder.
Finally, a finger has slowly reached in …
"Uh-huh … stop!" An Yuner exclaimed that this feeling is too harsh/exciting.
"Stop? Are you sure? " I longed for a bad smile at night and then flirted and watched her start to reach into her second finger!
"You beast!" An Yuner doesn’t know what’s the matter, but she wants to refuse, but she wants to talk to him inexplicably. She can’t make herself strong enough to kiss and be ravaged by him.
"oh? Beast? Don’t you like it? Don’t you like me touching you like this? Your face is so wet … "Mu night boss pulled out his evil hand and waved it in front of her.
His wet fingers are her body.
She blushed and looked at his fingers with anger and hate.
"You bastard!" An Yuner is angry and shy, her face is red and she doesn’t know what to do.
"= = I am an asshole to you? Baby … Let’s have a baby … Well, I want you to … "I longed for the night to bully her lips and then put the magic grasp into her clothes and slowly ravaged it …
(= = What an exciting bird …)
Ps, I am evil
115 belly black temple for night four (4)
Don’t enter pure feelings.
The only thing An Yuner knows is that this man is in heat and he has no strength to refuse him.
"Well …" AnYun son screamed conditioned reflex.
An Yuner’s brain is in a mess now, and even her breathing has become shortness. The most angry thing is that no matter how hard she pushes him away, she seems to be very easy to put her hand on her head and keep her from touching casually.
She is not a clever girl at ordinary times, but today I don’t know what she is playing with like a pet.
"In fact, you enjoy it, right? Are you excited to be favored by the temple? The temple will definitely make you cool =3=! " Mu Yesi said and began to take off his pants!
His eyes are red. I don’t know if it’s love yu or bloodthirsty light …
Nima is still in the temple! But then again, no matter what he does, this man is extremely elegant, so rogue takes off his pants and moves, and she still feels very chic?
She began to wonder if her head was given by a donkey.
He stinks like all the girls he’s fucked have to kneel down to thank him?
"Don’t!" An Yuner couldn’t believe that the man who took off his shirt screamed and closed his eyes with fear.
A fool knows what the next step will be. She is not pretending to be reserved and shouting … This time she is really scared.
116 belly black temple for night four (5)
Don’t enter pure feelings.
"Do you like playing hard to get? Very good temple to play with you … "Mu night boss bowed his head in her ear and made her itch.
She looked up at those abusive eyes, which was insulting, disdainful and contemptuous.
His eyes are as humble as those of maids who usually satisfy him. They seem to be lucky. She is a great reward for her, and she is such a arrogant man.
"Are you ugly enough to wear a mask?" Seeing that Mu Yesi is about to give himself to that An Yuner feels that changing the subject is a good way to escape from him.
"Haha, maybe. Are you abandoning the temple now?" Mu Yesi began to look up and laugh, and then questioned her seriously.
"yes! In case you look disgusting, I don’t want to be disgusting? " An Yuner turned back and looked at him.
"Want to see it?" I longed for the night boss to smile and then slowly pick up the silver-black mask for a second.
This mask has never been taken off for anyone to see. Anyone who has seen him will die.
Because … There is another person in this world who has the same face as him.
Mu Yesi slowly took off his mask and then a familiar face appeared in front of her.
She couldn’t believe watching this slutty and disdainful man’s mouth take shape.
"You, you, you, you …" An Yuner Baba was speechless.
117 belly black temple for night four (6)
"Why? Very unexpected? " Mu Yesi began to laugh wildly, and then flirted with her and looked at her "being handsome by the temple?"
Facing this familiar face in front of her, her mind began to get confused …
This, this, this …

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