Whether you can join the battlefield at the first time is very important in some special circumstances, such as forcing the other side. If it is not successful, forget it. But once it is successful, if you are not in the battlefield for the first time, it is easy to give the opposite side an instant kill opportunity because there is no front row. Even if you send it again, it will become a great disadvantage, and it is almost impossible to defeat again.

"I accept this wave, you should be careful." Ye Feng naturally knows this and immediately greets his teammates. However, he is not playing a meat table like Dashu, but a crocodile. He doesn’t outflank them to be careful.
In s5 season, when pure tank singles were still very popular for a while, it was a very common way to find a breakthrough in top professional players’ competitions. Once the opportunity was right, if a single player succeeded in sending off, it would be a great blow to the opposite side, it would be easy to destroy the opponent’s defense and the probability of winning the team battle would be several times simpler!
But this night maple crocodile has no such ability!
It’s not impossible for the crocodile hero to send it around, but it’s hard to get ahead of him, especially in the opposite position. In perfect situation, if he wants to send it around, it’s very likely that he will be weakened by the auxiliary sleeve and then output one set with two bits, and then he will be killed!
His best chance is to enter the stadium and cut the back row at the moment when the team battle has started, because at this time, the spirit and position of the five people across the street have been scattered, and everyone will not be able to come and kill him at the first time!
Maple can continue to wait for the opportunity to be sent into the field on the road all night.
"It’s a little uncomfortable that the purple square road is also restrained. This blue square is not too afraid. What is the reason? Crocodiles are unable to send around first. If this crocodile is a big tree, why should the blue square be more careful!" Reggie looked at the situation analysis way
"That’s right, you’re the first crocodile to go out or hydra. Why do you cut around the back row? I have wind girl to protect the back row. Minutes can be seconds away. You can usually go around the back and open a group hero. Or you have to make a big move like a big tree to come over and tie up an Asian ad or ap. If others beat you, they won’t die or beat you. You will stick to the position and cooperate with your teammates to hurt you. Once the round is successful, this wave of group battles across the base will be gg.
Or you have to be like Sagittarius, who has a stable big move, group control e skills and can kick people. Once you cooperate with the big move, the ghost cavalry group fears that even if it is not meat in the early stage, it can play a good role in opening the group!
But the crocodile is neither meat nor group control. Even if the injury is high, it is impossible for you to lose seconds. There is a wind girl to protect vn, and someone else’s vn is called. But now the blue side has not started to fight the dragon. This wave of gdeyes can wait. "gaga carefully analyzed a wave of current situation with Reggie after the blue side has circled Xiaolong.
There is no doubt that the perfect world is very clear about the gg team, and every decision is made very specifically.
Come to gdeyes, the giant fat crocodile should be involved by gg team. However, due to the single Twisted Fate in the perfect world, he dare not suppress it too much, and vn and Feng Nv brought a tower and a wave of soldiers to disrupt all the rhythms of crocodiles in an instant.
"Open the dragon and I will stare at the crocodile!"
When everyone is closed, the perfect world seat assists in killing and says,
He Feng Nv’s sudden attack on crocodiles in the team battle is almost a genius, and it’s Q skills that make a big move. Weakness can greatly restrain crocodiles from cutting and killing the back row.
He is also the most concerned about crocodile movements.
"The blue side is going to drive a little dragon. Look at one piece of equipment. Jin Kesi already has the second piece. He chose a cheaper knife instead of a red fork. That is to make plans for this little dragon!"
"But vn equipment is still luxurious, and it’s also broken and knife-added, but he has an extra pick and a small sword. Then this third piece of equipment should be ready to make a sunder bow, but it’s not enough when it’s okay, or it will take seconds to lie down when these three pieces of ad equipment are made."
The blue side of the big screen directly turned on the little dragon and played quickly. After all, there is vn like A!
"The purple side has been closed to see the eye position and opportunity after the crocodile was not sent around. The crocodile was directly sent to his home next to the blue buff, and the real eye met his teammates. This is going to be a front-end 5v5 team battle." Reggie’s sight has also become more moderate with the official delivery of the night maple crocodile!
There is no doubt that the dispute between Perfect World and gg team will be a simple matter involving exchange and collision. At this point, it is really necessary to start a group in 5v5.
All the audience in Fengyun Arena immediately sat up straight and showed the picture on the big screen. Even if it is not a professional player and a great god, they all know that the two teams are going to collide head-on. After more than 20 minutes of education in the early stage, small-scale fighting is likely to decide the outcome in this wave of dragon fighting.
"Little Dragon’s blood volume has fallen to half, and the purple side has forced it. The position of playing wild spiders is slightly out of line with the other four people. Let’s see when the purple side will start work. There is still a third." gaga and Reggie, almost everyone in the audience, all eyes are glued to the little dragon circle.
"Kill!" Just a few seconds before Xiaolong’s blood volume is about to enter the punishment range, an e flash directly hit the strong barrel, and then it was a big move to burst the barrel!
The roar is heavy and cracked, which seems to contain the murderous promise and the wind girl flying backwards directly.
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Chapter two hundred and fifty-five Warm up?
"Why are you still thinking about the perfect world?" After coming to the training room, Huang Zeming took a big bite with an apple image in his mouth and muttered, "Don’t think about it."
To be honest, Huang Zeming was a little worried after the second and night maple double rows.
It’s not that Ye Feng can get any explosion data every time to bring him victory, but it’s very comfortable to play with Ye Feng, especially when Ye Feng gets the field position.
Night maple looked at Huang Zeming chewing an apple in his mouth and had scruples about wiping his hands covered with water stains on his clothes. Then he turned on the machine. He couldn’t help saying, "Didn’t you just eat? Watching a video also made you hungry."
Turn on the machine night maple first sent a sentence in the group and started the live broadcast, then pulled Huang Zeming to prepare a double row.
"Live broadcast, live broadcast, boss came to live broadcast today after his first win yesterday."
"I’m the boss. It was broadcast live at the party last night. It was too late to wait all night (emoticon/dissatisfaction)"
"I, MengMeng English God, will finally come to the live broadcast? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time (emoticon/shy)"
Ye Feng said something in the qq group after the live broadcast, and then the fans in the group quickly brushed up the messages and some messages to see his mouth pumping straight.
Huang Zeming played a web game when he was waiting in line. Ye Feng glanced at it and saw that it was dense and small. He found that it was a small game that tested hand speed and exercised phobia, so he also came to the name and prepared to have a chance to try and see if he could improve his hand speed.
Almost ten minutes later, with a light ring, both of them entered the game.
"In 3l, single 5l hits the wild!"
As soon as she entered the game, Ye Feng saw that Huang Zeming had knocked on the keyboard and couldn’t help saying, "You’re welcome to take all my positions."
"If you are young, it’s easy to win by pretending to be wild, and you don’t want to be a king’s egg." Huang Zeming disdained to answer.
And because neither of them was selected by 1l, it was not too big for them. Feng took a look at the live barrage.
"I just came to ask how long I have been broadcasting live?"
"Today, the English god is double-row with others? Who is this man? His name is so funny. "
"Look at the name, it may be single in gg."
With a deep sound, it was soon the fifth floor night maple candidate.
He looked at all the positions while changing the wild heroes he could fight, and finally determined the blind monk.
"wow! The boss is going to play blind monk. "
"I’m a blind monk again."

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