All the scholars saw that Dong Zhuo was blue with anger, but he was speechless. He also guessed that Dong Zhuo cherished his name and immediately worried about being humiliated and resented by Dong Zhuo at ordinary times. He directed his anger at Hua Tuo and asked him to kowtow to Sean. Hua Tuo was sweating and peeking at Kang Peng’s face. Seeing that Kang Peng was flustered, his heart could not help but be more flustered.

Guo Jia is adamant. "Since Wenhua Hou refused to kowtow to recognize the teacher, can you please tell me if we waited for Wenhua Hou because he was sealed?"
Hua Tuo wiped his head with cold sweat. "Hou Yaozong was rewarded for curing a surname’s daughter-in-law’s love and hurting a surname …"
As if all the scholars had an appointment, Hua Tuo had not finished yet, and they shouted together, "Do you dare to go to Daya Gallery with Jiuliu?" Some people even pointed their fingers at Huatuo without pointing their fingers at Huatuo’s nose.
Kang Peng hummed and said with all his heart that tigers don’t show their arrogance, and you bullied me as a sick cat. Today I have to teach you pedants a lesson! Kang Peng was remembering when Hua Tuo suddenly said to Guo Jia, "Sir, you seem to have a hidden disease. Let Hou Yaozong treat you?"
Guo Jia disdained a kiss-xiu. "The doctor must say that the sick have a disease!" Hua tuo could not help shaking his head and sighing that he was sad for forty years.
"That’s enough!" Kang Peng was so angry that he was tearing his hair out. "You can’t talk about people!"
Seeing Dong Zhuo’s anger, he just angrily accused Hua Tuo of immediately softening the hall and becoming completely deserted. Kang Peng roared, "You don’t have to feel inferior. Since you personally rewarded Wen Huahou, it makes sense. Your medical skills are better than that of a doctor. It is the right way!" Kang Peng remembered the Confucian sentence of Zhuge Liang’s war of words in the Three Kingdoms: "A true sage was born as a protege. Jiang Shang used to be a fisherman in Weishui. Yi Yin was a slave to farming at the beginning. Today, the great emperor is just a long and one day. Who dares to say that he is not a great sage? Compared with Wenhua Hou, your background is already very good. "
Didn’t Kang Peng say that Dong Zhuo was a brave man? Listen to his unreasonable words, but Hua tuo was so excited that tears swirled in his eyes and secretly vowed to go even if Dong Zhuo told him to die.
Guo Jia also secretly peck mouth still not angry "a surname mandarin Hou Dayan can mandarin Hou Caixue …" Guo Jia sighed "fear of heaven Confucian laugh also".
Kang Peng said with a pie mouth that you were dying when the pig brother scolded the Soochow scholar for wanting to commit suicide on this issue. "Confucianism? Confucianism has a gentleman, a villain, a gentleman, a loyal gentleman, a patriot, a savior, and a immortal villain, a scholar, a writer, a young man, and a poor pen. Although there are thousands of words in his heart, he has a strategy. "
Kang Peng looked around at everyone and suddenly shouted, "This is the villain Confucianism! Worldly corrupt! " The sound of thunder made the dust on the roof fall.
Kang Peng’s broken gongs and throats matched Dong Laoda’s respect. Those words that were like slapping in the face of Shilin scared everyone to be on pins and needles. The most exaggerated thing was that just now, Kang’s face was full of sarcasm, and he suddenly vomited blood on his back.
"He is impatient." When he saw a patient, Hua Tuo suddenly forgot that this person had just forced himself to pick up the medicine box with him. "Let me give him a few injections or it will be dangerous."
"Wait," Kang Peng held Hua Tuo’s face and smiled. "Wen Huahou’s medical skills are in the eyes of this great scholar, but even if you save him, he will be short of breath and die if he wakes up. If you don’t save him, you won’t be able to save your strength."
Everyone was dumbfounded, and they all said that Dong Zhuo, the demon king, was unlucky enough to offend him! But no one dares to speak. Seeing that the four friends and one health in the bamboo pavilion are vomiting blood more and more, it will not work. The first imperial doctor in the world is around, but it can’t save everyone. It’s the strangest thing to hate Dong Zhuo. Before Cai Wenji wants to change, she came to tear Kang Peng fat * * to save people. But now she keeps her eyes, nose and heart as if she didn’t say anything.
Hua Tuo, of course, Bai Dong Zhuo, why don’t you help yourself, appreciate Dong Zhuo’s love, and worry about that Kang at the same time? Hua Tuo has seen that this Kang is short of breath and has another hidden disease at the same time. If he is treated from time to time, his life will be hard to be saved. Kang Peng brings Zhao Yun, Ma Chao and others with ambivalence. On the one hand, he doesn’t like Kang’s aggressiveness, on the other hand, he has a heart to bear, but he doesn’t speak out.
The two children outside the door have different expressions. The child looks very happy. In his heart, Pei Dong Zhuo is ruthless, and the gentleman is also small. The child sneers at Dong Zhuo but kills people.
After all, Hua Tuo still couldn’t bear to pay a deep tribute to Kang Peng. "A surname Hou Yaozong knows that you are always venting your anger on Hou Yaozong, and the healer can help the world. The rescuer must never watch the patient die in front of him, and from ruin’s surname Hou Yaozong is sorry." Hua Tuo strode to Kang’s side to take a needle and even stabbed Kang’s points such as Ren, Yuan and Abdominal Diaphragm to stop.
Kang Peng and Cai Wenji both breathed a sigh of relief in their hearts. Kang Peng knew that Hua Tuo would do this. What he did just now was to make Hua Tuo erect an image in front of everyone. Cai Wenji knew that Dong Zhuo’s face was disgusting and good. Hua Tuo in from ruin would never do this. It was just to give Dong Zhuo a step. Cai Wenji peeked at Dong Zhuo for the first time tonight, but he saw that Dong Zhuo was peeking at himself. He couldn’t help blushing and bowed his head and dared not look again.
At this moment, Hua Tuo had saved Kang and learned that it was Hua Tuode who complained shamefully, so he quietly thanked Hua Tuo and slipped out of the door to stay in Cai Fu again. After all this, everyone was disappointed, and then people talked about dancing and writing-in fact, Kang Peng was speechless. When the host Cai Yong ordered the banquet to get rid of the embarrassment.
The banquet is exquisite and luxurious, not to mention the rare dishes and wines piled up like a mountain, and there are singers and dancers singing and dancing, which is a happy scene. But the more Kang Peng looks at it, the more he frowns. Cai Yong officials have a reputation of being clean and honest, and life is so luxurious. Look at the expressions of other dignitaries and literati, and you can imagine how their usual life is. Kang Peng remembers Du Fu’s two poems, namely, the luxurious life of ancient gentry and the miserable life of the people, but he can’t remember them for a short time.
At this time, Cai Wenji suddenly said, "I wonder if you adults would like to listen to a new song polished by my father and want to play it tonight?"
They naturally applauded Kang Peng for coming to the spirit without thinking about Du Fu’s poems. "My dear daughter, please please please" Cai Wenji still didn’t answer Kang Peng’s words, but smiled gently. "It humiliated you."
Cai Wenji took out the delicate fingers of Cai Yong’s precious jiaoweiqin, and the graceful operation was like the sound of nature. Suddenly, Cai Wenji’s red lips rang in the ears of all the people, like Oriole out of the valley
When saving transportation, the air is comfortable and the autumn wind is cool and clear.
Living in leisure is not fun, but speaking from friends.
Soaring play, flowing freely, climbing to the top of the city
Looking east and looking back at the garden.
Jiamu withered green leaves and fragrant grass.
If the sun, the moon and the moon pass away, life will lean westward
From time to time, meritorious deeds are inscribed by Zhong Ding.
Return to the bedroom and recite the tomb sutra generously.
A few gentlemen have made a name for themselves in Lide
After three days, it seems that the elegant music of the piano is sweet and beautiful. At the end of the song, it seems that the piano is still around the ears of everyone. For a long time, everyone burst into thunderous applause. Although Kang Peng still doesn’t understand it, he dare not kiss up to Cai Wenji. Unfortunately, his accomplishments in music are really not so good. No one dares to laugh at him like Hua Tuo, but his voice is the biggest applause, but he has attracted the attention of Cai Wenji.
Cai Wenji got up and left in front of everyone to worship Kang Peng Yingying. "A surname is well-educated and well-versed, and my little girl can make a smile."

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