It’s very funny, but it’s just that the audience burst into tears. What romantic film is this? It’s a comedy.

The savage image of the heroine has also become more and more plump. suluo hesitated for a long time in the coffee shop and finally ordered it to be "ove". Her eyes glared, "Hey, you want to die, I want coffee."
Well, I want coffee, and you want coffee. If you don’t order coffee, just try it.
"To deal with such a girl, he must know who is the boss."
And then there was no then.
Clear the coffee shop, big brother. I respect that you are a hero, but we have something to leave first.
When ordering food in a restaurant, except moths, snails, food and drinks, or you will be slapped in the face. You also love to fight against injustice. If you don’t agree, you will find those who buy sex at the next table are frightened out of my wits and then turn around. She will be unpredictable if she cries.
A man with a weak personality is silent. Everyone loves a beautiful girl with a pure appearance, but now there is an idea that I can’t afford such a strange girl, but I can’t avoid it.
I don’t want to see her, but I can’t hide from the female host. Somehow, I identified the male host and went directly to the male host’s university class. A pregnancy lie was solved. The professor dragged suluo away forcibly in the classmates’ discussion.
"Ha ha ha ha"
"it’s a bottom line."
"The cold goddess is so tough, I like it."
The audience was about to burst into tears.
The "forced" man had a first date with her and chatted with her in the park. Tears were rolling in her eyes in front of the lake.
"I’m still sad."
At this moment, the man behind her was stunned for a moment, and the man was even more stunned. In an instant, she smiled through tears and said
"How deep do you think this water is? Try it."
Then the man was pushed away
The official subway betting game of the male masochist brigade turned into a male masochist who was violently beaten. How to hit the male master’s squash will always hit him in the face, which is much better than the racket. In the Kendo Museum, he shouted that he had to win once but couldn’t survive a trick, and he had to be teased by her from time to time to change his shoes. She wore sports shoes. After he changed his high heels, he blinked more than coquettish to seduce "I didn’t wear it during the exam."
What’s not moving
The horse just "came after me"
The poor man seems to go to the police station once he goes out with her, and the rhythm is so unlucky that there is no black boss inside, and he is familiar with him.
This combination boxing came to the cinema, and the audience trembled with laughter and tears streamed down their cheeks.
"Ha ha ha ha ha ha"
"I’m sorry for the pit owner."
"Fancy hanging, I pit, it’s too bad, hahahaha."
Chapter seven hundred and forty-one Ten Rules of Love You
The whole half of the audience spent their time laughing heartlessly, and probably all liked to watch the pit owner being beaten and bloodied. It was a relaxing and enjoyable romantic comedy.
However, fans like to watch suluo being hanged, but not everyone likes to watch women beat men.
"The man is too timid, isn’t it? It’s just a spare tire. If it’s not a spare tire, it’s just a toy for the woman. When I think of it, I’ll drag it out and have a ghost love. If it’s so mean, I’d rather not."
"The hostess is really too much, so the girl can’t stand it. If I were you, I would definitely."
"The man is a bitch and has no dignity at all."
In the front of the play, the male host has always been portrayed as stupid, weak, weak, ordinary and weak, with no goal, no future and no confidence. The only advantage that I dare not pursue when I see my favorite girl is kindness. In many people’s eyes, kindness is equivalent to stupidity.
He was just an unlucky man who was brutally controlled by his mother at home, and even spent the night outside, he was beaten to prison and bullied by thieves, saving the woman’s life. As a result, he didn’t even praise her for her beauty, and immediately attracted her contempt.
I like to watch suluo being beaten for a whole hour. The man is abused by all kinds of things, and he is willing to be dead set. No one can stand it.
Especially when the male host sent the female host home and was rejected by the female host’s parents, the mood of the audience can be imagined.
"I beg you, please explode once."
"Lift the table."
There is no explosion, patting the table and drinking "Thirty years in Hedong, thirty years in Hexi, don’t bully the young and poor."
He chose to leave in the rain silently.
In a movie theater
Xiao Fang hates iron for not turning into steel. "What a coward! He’s just a spare tire in front of the hostess. Why can’t he recognize the reality if it were me?"
Xia Han glanced at him and said softly, "Yes, so you can’t even be a spare tire. Can you stop talking? I want to watch movies quietly."
The small party’s words are "er"
It is funny that the male host is timid and weak, which makes the audience lose their temper. This is not love, but the audience can’t afford to hate the female host. There is a very sad story hidden in her heart, which is savage and unreasonable, tightly wrapped in carelessness, so that you can’t see it, but everything is always inadvertently revealing. Everything is suggesting that this story is not that simple. Keep reading.
On the hundredth day, she spoke again.
Segmented reading 416
When do you think a woman is the most beautiful? "
"When playing the piano"
When do you think men are the most handsome?
"When you send me roses"
It seems that nothing happened, or as before, she hooked her finger and he ran past again.
She played a song, Canon was too gentle, and he gave her a rose in public. When they looked at Canon’s melody, tears filled their eyes.
The two men changed their trouser legs in high school, and the male owner was very funny. Two students pretended to show their ID cards in tandem and entered the bar.
Drinking, smoking, fancy selling cute
"Come on, have a cigarette."
"Oh, it’s my first time to smoke. I won’t be caught by the teacher."
Dynamic hot dance, haifanchang
The consequence of debauchery is naturally that the man runs around the street with the drunk woman on his back.
The audience laughed heartlessly, and at the same time they could feel a faint sadness lingering. As the plot deepened, it became more and more intense, and as the film deepened, the plot broke out here.

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