"The blind monk directly patted the floor on the W tree and gave the deceleration target to Rambo! Rambo is very difficult to run in this position! Can this Q be hidden or not? It should be carried away. "Dongka’s nervous voice said that after the blind monk WE was connected, it was the key to a Q skill to get short legs. Rambo did not have the possibility to escape after being slowed down.

"I’m so angry that Rambo’s eyes are swollen with tears. GODEYES, is this a god’s body or Erlang’s possession? I waited so long for an emperor to help GANK and you squatted down again! How to play this? "
"The enemy player has been killed!"
Rambo’s fate may have been doomed at the moment when he drove the W to the big tree. After the big tree was tied up in Asia, a set of counter-attacks and blind monks were absolutely extremely harmful at this time. Don’t say that he didn’t flash, even if he flashed in his hand, I’m afraid it would be difficult to escape.
"Rambo was killed emperor side so directly handed over his flash flee for life good loss! That’s gone far from the perfect world. This is not only the complete collapse of Dan Rambo, but also the rhythm of the emperor has been disrupted. This GODEYES, change its name to Erlang God, so it’s anti-squatting. "
This wave of GANK squatting on both sides didn’t last long. When Feng came to the tree from the grass that night, he knew that Rambo couldn’t walk away. Instead of taking a step back, he chose to hit all the injuries on the tree in the hope of being able to kill the emperor and contribute all his strength.
But it’s a pity that all the runic talents of the powerful tree are defensive masters, and even when they go out, they choose Doranton, an equipment that didn’t change his mind at all. When Rambo was killed, the tree still had about one-third of its blood.
"There’s no way to flash. This big tree with blood can’t be killed. It can hand over the flash to escape, and this head is taken by the big tree. Except GODEYES, the big tree is getting fat again."
Watching the perfect world fight the wild emperor and finally flash away from Lele, I know that this wave of fighting has been finalized.
The end result is the complete collapse of the perfect world, and the rhythm of playing the wild emperor is completely disrupted.
“NICE! ! !”
All GG team fans at the scene were once again ignited with qi and blood and roared with the screen.
"GG team fans are also picking up. It’s really embarrassing. Let’s take a look at this wave of replaying the perfect world. This loss is too big!"
And when there were not many pilot shots on the big screen, I gave this wave of V small-scale team battle playback, and I gave it a playback when the emperor began to enter the grass!
Two things (chapter)
Today, the second day has changed. Next, I want to say two things!
The first thing is that today, the state of three thousand can still be three o’clock, but the editor informed me that the day after tomorrow will be closed until then, and it is reasonable to add more.
The idea of all three thousand people is to change these two chapters today, and leave the third chapter on the 3 rd to count as an overtime.
However, I dare not make decisions by myself for such an important event as 3,000, mainly for fear of being punched to death by the audience. I will ask a group of friends in the group later.
If there are friends who want to come to the group and give me ideas, they can also join the group to tell me the group number and report it again. At present, in the 6-14-3 group, there are about 100 people, besides 20 girls who often bubble up, there are also local tyrants who often play red envelope games, and another 3 thousand people often chat with you in the group. You can add one.
Then came the second thing, and now I’m seventh in the classified monthly ticket list.
3 thousand often tells everyone that he wants to be in the top five, well, because there will be hundreds of bonuses in the first five words, which is also a big part of the draft for me.
So now the key point is that there will be a double monthly ticket activity from the end of this month on the 9 th, and then a Zhang Yue film will count as two. I hope all the friends who like it can leave me some monthly tickets and vote for me so that I can have a chance to get into the top five and get a butler bonus.
Thank you for your audience.
Chapter four hundred and one Want to eat alone?
"At this time, the emperor came to the road after a wave of brushing wild. It may be that he communicated with Shan. Before he entered the grass, he stopped for a while. It should be asking if there is any field of vision in the grass.
The purple GG team really has no vision in this grass at this time, but GODEYES blind monk came to the road directly after buying the first wave of equipment. He didn’t fight wild this wave. Maybe all the wild monsters have just been cleaned by him. All of them may be coming to squat! "
As the big screen replays Lele, it is also a kind of complete calm sound and begins to reanalyze the way.
In fact, he knows that GODEYES’ blind GANK’s route is not only to fight wild, but also to fight against the emperor.
Because at this time, Rambo will be cautious in every move without flashing and losing a blood. It is almost impossible for the blind monk to take the initiative to kill Rambo.
So GODEYES came to the road at this time at the expense of wave development, just waiting for this emperor to appear!
When the emperor appeared, Rambo would put aside all vigilance and precautions and take the initiative to accelerate!
This is the most ideal opportunity for the blind monk and even the whole GG team, not to do it yourself, but to let the prey take the initiative to deliver the door.
"Then the situation is not too unexpected. At this time, the damage to the blind monk is very high, and the damage to the hero of Dashu in the early stage is also considerable. Moreover, the stable Asian binding of Dashu can make all the skills of the blind monk accurately hit Rambo. Another very important reason is that the emperor and Rambo are also fighting a big wave of soldiers. Together with these factors, Rambo is definitely going to die." Le Leyin once again analyzed this group battle from the replay. When the two sides of the picture came to a climax, he relied on it. However, some emotions are uncertain. It is true that this wave of GODEYES’ theory of blind monks’ anti-squatting is perfect in timing or injury. It definitely brought a big rhythm when it was only five minutes after the opening.
"This wave of GODEYES is definitely asking Erlang God to possess himself, and it has opened his eyes. Erlang God has brought up a wave of big rhythm. Being killed twice in five minutes is definitely a collapse. If you can’t develop when the emperor collapses, you won’t be able to make up your blood gas." echo each other, Dongka and Lele, two people, said the impact of this wave on the war situation.
"Boss Erlang possessed this wave and forced me to give full marks!"
"Rambo was killed twice."
"Rambo was killed twice!"
From taking Rambo’s blood in the second-level wild area to this wave of blind monks’ perfect anti-squatting, more than the GG team and Ye Feng fans began to rekindle the hope of defeating the perfect world. I hope that the GG team and Ye Feng fans of official website live broadcast platform, even some ordinary fans who are just watching the game, have directly started to screen the white barrage and filled the screen like snowflakes.
"It’s a good thing this head wasn’t taken blindly."
Huang Zeming Yasuo in hand and night maple blind monk once again chose to come out at the same time. The bottom of my heart has long been free from anxiety and tension. It seems that a loss haze has dissipated and relaxed freehand brushwork EQ shuttles through the soldiers and consumes Twisted Fate’s blood before he speaks with a relaxed expression.
"That this wave of posterior emperor also help Rambo clear a tower knife at this time Rambo sent already good but after the resurrection to send? If you send it, maybe Xiaolong will give it up, or if you really don’t send it, I feel that once this wave of lines is not eaten, you can directly lose the mouse. "
No matter how big the loss of this perfect world is, the game has only gone for less than six minutes, and they still have a good chance to win the game, not that they have gone to the end.
Shan Rambo dropped it directly after the resurrection and just delivered it after cooling.
"I’ll just SOLO alone."
Rambo dropped the night maple and quickly brushed F4, then interspersed directly into the road and then directly into the Xiaolong circle.
I specially stuck a chance to return to the city to the powerful tree, but I didn’t rush back to the city. Yefeng directly started SOLO, the little dragon.
"After Rambo was dropped, GODEYES, the blind monk, immediately came to Xiaolong Circle to SOLO this little dragon. GG single tree also understood that there was no hurry to return to the city and then send the line. He specially stuck a card when the blind monk Xiaolong hit the middle and opened the city to send the line when the blind monk punished and killed Xiaolong, so that if anything happened to the blind monk when he was in the big dragon or small dragon, ANG tree could be sent to support at any time." Lele looked at the tree and the blind monk, and this wave was thousands of miles away, and nodded.

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