The whole range of less than 1000 meters, a dragon pool fully occupied nearly 100 meters, and the rest was just vast!

Xia Man Yuan Shen is quietly suspending the love pool at the bottom of Longchi. The water is like a jade. It’s really like jade. It’s bright, transparent and attractive!
At this time, a palm-sized glittering jade piece slowly emerged from Longchi Jasper!
The whole jade piece seems to be crystal clear, and it is even more clear and green than the clear water in the Dragon Pool! If this is a piece of jade to the market, it is definitely valuable!
"Cheng Yujian!"
Xia Man was shocked. I didn’t expect to see such a baby as Cheng Yujian here, but the thought of Qinglong’s saying that heaven gives witchcraft and art immediately came in vain!
"It seems that this witchcraft and mental method must be in this jade slip!"
Yuan Shen fell into Xia Man Yuan Shen’s hand as soon as he was alone and sucked the jade slips out of the water.
"Let me see what this is?"
Xia Man Yuan Shen reveals a smile and holds a surging force in one hand and penetrates into Chengyu Jian!
Suddenly, the first floor of the Tiandao Pagoda shines for a moment, releasing more than a dozen lights of different colors and units. It looks extremely colorful and shocking!
"Nine days and ten ends of the earth, Xuan Yuangong!"
"What level is this? How does it sound very powerful!"
Summer pretty muttered "nine days and ten places". Isn’t that the nine-day fairy statue and the ten-day fiend? But just now, Lao Long said that each of these methods is in the top 20, and the cultivation of a method requires the cooperation of the corresponding Yuan God, but Lao Yuan God has one. "
"That is to say, even if the old got this achievement method, I don’t know if it is appropriate! Granny Teng Snake Yuan Shen’s old sorcery is absolutely awesome! "
"What kind of witchcraft is small?"
Qinglong press a way
"Hurry up and tell the old dragon that I am an expert in martial arts and I will know at a glance what level of witchcraft you have got!"
"Nine days and ten ends of the earth, Xuan Yuangong!"
Summer pretty shrugged the so-called TanTan hand asked.
"What level do you see? Is it the top 100? "
"Nine days and ten ends of the earth way xuan yuan gong! This is this, this is impossible! "
Tsing lung like being stepped on the dragon’s tail cluster flew up.
"Impossible! No way! How is this possible! "
"What’s the matter? Is it very powerful?"
Xia Man, ha ha, smile and answer a set that contains the second to twentieth methods of the big world. It is definitely a prehistoric case. How can this achievement level be low?
"awesome! Amazing! "
Tsing lung excited drink a way
"Is there all the skills of the Nine Immortals and the Ten Demons in it?"
"You are really rich!"
Qinglong jumped up and down happily.
"This is for 19 kinds of witchcraft achievement method! It’s even more powerful than my master Yuan Shen Fa. If you can understand one of them, all the world will walk sideways! "
"Too much! That’s amazing! Teng snake yuan Shen! Chaos spirit! Nineteen powerful witchcraft methods in nine days and ten places! What a high fragrance you burned! "
"Tut tut small you steal to laugh!"
"Nine days and ten ends of the earth way xuan yuan gong! Hey, it seems that I really want to change my luck when I am old! "
Xia Man laughed. He has got too many surprises in this month!
Become a wizard!
Get thirty-six layers of chaotic spirits in heaven!
Now I’ve got 19 powerful witchcraft methods!
"It seems that Wu Zun in the universe can definitely live to return to Earth when he is old!"
Xia Man clenched his fist and his eyes sparkled. At this moment, he finally saw the hope of returning to the earth!
I’ve been tinkering in the hall for nearly an hour. Xia Man just suppressed his excitement!
Moreover, after this hour, he has practiced the XuanYuanGong of Nine Days and Ten Earths for the first time, and the aura has been transformed into force with the help of the chaotic aura!
Qinglong said, "vitality is the most powerful force in the world! Only when human beings practice and gain the inheritance of the Heaven Pagoda can they transform into aura. Only when they have the vitality can they become real wizards! "
Xia Man is already full of vitality at the moment, which is also a level of sorcerer!
Moreover, the Heaven Pagoda hit the first floor, which made him gain a lot. Is it the Yuan God? The cultivation speed of the dragon pool surface has reached a shocking level, which is simply horrible!
This is also where he knew from Qinglong that if someone else’s Yuan Shen increases the training speed every day, it is also a metaphor, then his Yuan Shen’s training speed is one hundred copies every day, which is definitely one hundred times higher than others’ training speed!
Chapter 185 Frost chalcedony

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