However, all these things happened ten years ago, and at that time, Qing Mu was as fair as Xiang Fu, and it was easy to look at each other. Can’t he get away from all this?

"Chang Luo things I have let people go to look for what you said about Mrs Chang’s death. If there is a reason, it is also my future mother-in-law’s revenge. Let my future son-in-law report it! Leave these things to me and stop meddling! "
Acacia often thinks of what she said before the Xuan dance, so she nodded obediently.
"In that case, just tell me if there’s anything!"
I didn’t expect Chang Acacia to compromise so quickly. Feng Jiang Yi was in a good mood and bowed her head and chewed on her lips.
"How lovely!"
Chang Xiangsi has been resting in this small room for three days before she went to bed. She really answered the sentence that Feng Jiang Yi wouldn’t let her go to bed for three days.
Even though I can walk in bed on the fourth day, I still feel some pain when I walk, but the bruise from my previous fall has almost dissipated.
These days, it seems that the outside is calm and often lovesick, and I haven’t put my mind there. Every day, Feng Jiang’s clothes nest here to enjoy the rare peace. Every day, Feng Jiang’s clothes will go outside to buy something. She likes to eat. The days pass quickly.
On the fourth day, Yi Lee found Yi Lee knocking at the door and saw that they were playing chess, and then they looked slightly before.
"Your report and Huei-fang have a message!"
"You say!"
Phoenix crimson clothes indifferently gave a black entrance and blocked the white road.
Yi Lee said, "Back to the report, I heard that the gentleman is back from his study tour! Now I’m in Xiangfu and I see from a distance that he is really a gentleman! "
Chang Xiangsi’s hand was about to fall when she heard Yi Lee’s words, but she didn’t fall. She turned her face and looked at Yi Lee and asked, "You mean my eldest brother is back?"
Although it was about this time when I came back, I suddenly came back and often missed it at this time, so I felt a little suspicious.
But suspicious or not, they’re all back.
Did she guess too much before?
Feng Jiang Yi also looked at Li Yi. Chang Luo came back?
Yi Lee moment "it is so witnessed! When I came back early this morning, my second aunt in Xiangfu learned that her son was busy ordering people to put up lanterns in Xiangfu. At this time, Xiangfu was very lively and heard that Second Aunt also ordered the housekeeper to arrange for the butler to find Huei-fang to go back! "
Whether she thinks too much or not, Chang Luo is back, so her first daughter should go back!
And it’s time for her to go back and meet Chang Luo!
If Chang Luo has no problem, he will simply go out to study, and everything will be fine. Maybe he will be able to shine again, otherwise Xiang Fu will decline.
But she’s here. How can the housekeeper send someone to find her?
These days, it is estimated that people are busy looking for her, and the people in the house have not been replaced until now.
At this time, she came back, and it was time to draw a replacement.
Phoenix crimson garment way "since it is often a gentleman.
Anyway, when you come back from your study tour, we should also go and see that there are only two aunts left in Xiangfu, and your first daughter should go back and see your eldest brother! "
I haven’t seen him for years, but he also wants to see what has happened to him in these years.
I often miss a moment. Anyway, there is nothing to sort out.
"In that case, let’s go and have a look at it at this time!"
Miss Chang came back to Xiangfu in the afternoon to accompany her, and Yi Lee, who was dressed in pink.
As Yi Lee said, at this time, Xiangfu was indeed decorated with lanterns and festive.
This is the first happy event in Xiangfu since Qingmu Gong was exposed as unusual!
The arrival of Xiang Fu’s clothes made Xiang Fu warmly welcome him in. Although Chang Chang Luo came back, he was an ordinary and homesick person after all, and his first daughter in Xiang Fu was still in a high position.
She is still the master of this family now.
People in Xiangfu still know this, let alone follow her, but the eleventh report, and now she is still the emperor’s personal decree to confer the imperial concubine,
Although Miss Huei never admitted it, they all knew when they came to announce it with your father-in-law, but they knelt down with them.
Chang Ai-ching went back to Xiang Fu, and someone immediately went to report that the other owners in Xiang Fu were talking with his second aunt. Chang Luo immediately got up and took his second aunt and his silent third aunt to meet Chang Ai-ching.

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