Jin Yuji immediately replied, "White!"

However, at this time, the red light was still flashing, and it took more than twenty seconds for the car to start, and then I chased it. After a while, I saw the girl Jin Yuji driving to the side of the road and stopped a little in front of the girl. Then Zhang Chengyuan immediately opened the door and went out to reduce the attention of passers-by. He wore a black-rimmed glasses instead of sunglasses, which made him more noticeable and easier to be recognized!
Zhang Chengyuan was waiting for her to come over on the girl’s way forward. In a few seconds, she walked to Zhang Chengyuan’s front, took a curious look at Zhang Chengyuan and walked past Zhang Chengyuan.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and nodded to her and said, "Hi, can you meet Yi?"
When the girl saw Zhang Chengyuan nod to her and speak again, she stopped and bowed slightly and said, "Hello!" " Then her eyes looked slightly as if she were thinking something, and her mouth opened half a ring and she couldn’t jump out of a word. Then her face hung up, she smiled apologetically and bowed again and again. Very simple English said, "I’m sorry, I don’t understand. I have to go. Bye!" While watching Zhang Chengyuan, he slowly moved forward sideways, a pair of alert gods Se.
When Zhang Chengyuan saw that she was leaving, she quickly said in Chinese, "Wait a minute. Are you from China?" After reading it for a long time, he always felt that this girl has the temperament of China people. More importantly, this girl has several Chinese characters printed on her clothes, and it is not traditional Chinese characters, but simplified Chinese characters that are currently used in Chinese mainland.
His Chinese pronunciation is extremely standard-as one pleases makes him from China. The girl immediately stopped and was very happy and asked, "Are you from China, too?"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "No, but it can be said that he is half a China person!"
The girl was disappointed, but suddenly she was happy again. "Although you are not from China, you can speak Chinese!"! What can I do for you to stop me? " She didn’t think it was necessary to stay because she couldn’t speak the language, but now she can communicate. Out of courtesy, she thinks she should ask Zhang Chengyuan!
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I want to meet you!"
The girl smiled slightly. "But …" There was a refusal in the smile, but it didn’t make people feel disgusted.
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "Do you know me? I should still be famous in China! " With the filming of his TV series "Hero hūn Xiang" and "MyGirl" which were broadcast in China one after another, his popularity in China is still fair, and he should be able to rank among the top five Korean actors.
The girl looked at it and said, "I think you look familiar, too!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "If you look familiar, you should know me." He took off his glasses and added, "I am Zhang Chengyuan!" After two or three seconds, he immediately put on his glasses again.
The girl immediately froze for a long time before she was surprised and said, "Are you Zhang Chengyuan? South Korea’s big star Zhang Chengyuan? "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "The big star is not enough, but Zhang Chengyuan is really me!" Smiled a little and asked, "Now can you tell me your name?"
The girl nodded. "But my name is Victoria Song and I’m from Qingdao, Shandong, China."
Zhang Chengyuan was slightly stunned. "Is Victoria Song Song a big song?" As he was from the Song Dynasty in his previous life, he had some special feelings for the word "Song".
Hearing this, Zhang Chengyuan immediately became a little more fond of Victoria Song and smiled. "This name is really good!" After a pause, he added, "Well, it’s a little inconvenient for Miss Song to talk here. Shall we find a place to talk?" At this time, many people have been looking at Zhang Chengyuan.
Victoria Song hesitated. "But I have work to do!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Tell you what, my car is right there. Talk to me in my car for a while, and then I’ll give you a ride to make up for the waves. Well, if you go here again, I’m sure I’ll be recognized and I’ll be in trouble when I get here!"
Victoria Song is still hesitant.
Zhang Chengyuan looked Victoria Song in the eye and said, "Are you worried that I will kidnap you? Do you think I would do such a thing in my position? "
Victoria Song smiled apologetically and nodded, "All right then!"
The two men went to the car, and Zhang Chengyuan first let Kim Woo-ki open the trunk of the car, put Victoria Song’s trunk in and then opened the back seat door, and asked Song Qianxian to sit in it, and then he followed him and got in the door.
Zhang Chengyuan asked, "See if you have just arrived in Seoul with your luggage?" He wants to talk to Victoria Song for a while before getting to the point.
"Well, it’s my first time in Korea."
"Oh, is that a tour or something specific?"
Song Qian said, "I’m going to run an errand at Ou Ting Company."
"* * company? It’s in the same direction as where I’m going. Let’s drive on. Take me to the company first and then send this girl to the company. "The last sentence is in Korean.
Gold by the base should be a nod immediately start the car.
After waiting for the bus to start, Zhang Chengyuan asked Victoria Song again, "Well, Miss Song, since you have a place to go, why don’t you just go by car and walk?"
Song Qian said, "The first time I come to Seoul, I want to get a close look at the atmosphere here, so I want to walk around at will. I’ll take a bus when I’m tired."
Zhang Chengyuan asked again, "What can I do for you to go to the company?"
Song Qianwei replied thoughtfully, "I’m going to * * company for training to prepare for my debut as a singer." I don’t know if she gradually thinks that Zhang Chengyuan is worthy of her letter, so she will answer questions.
"That is to say, you want to be a trainee there? Have you signed a contract with XX Company? "
"Well, I signed a trainee contract!"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "This * * company has a long hand. The draft has been chosen to go to China. It seems that many potential China trainees have been recruited over the years. After my company grows, do you have to open a branch in China to explore the China market? But that’s later. What we need to do now is to see if we can dig this Victoria Song into our company! Talents are rare and can’t be missed! " So this is what he wanted to stop Victoria Song.
While Zhang Chengyuan was meditating, Victoria Song suddenly asked, "Mr. Zhang Chengyuan, may I take the liberty to ask why you stopped me this time?"
Zhang Chengyuan came to his senses and replied, "Because I want to sign you!"
"Sign me to do? Be a singer? "

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