Because of Su Yan’s pupil! Make the kite remember Yunzui so familiar and so deep into the bone marrow.

"I don’t want to cause trouble to the beauty" makes kite lazy and laugh.
Yunzui immediately showed a disdainful expression and said, "Since you don’t want to get me into trouble, you won’t take up my time, will you?"
Yunzui means a lot. She’s leaving. I’m sorry.
But make the kite want to chat with Yunzui for a while.
He immediately held Yunzui in his arms with a long arm, and Yunzui immediately glared at him.
The kite is dressed in a silver robe, with wide sleeves and oblique robes, and the semi-open posture is lazy and charming.
And that face is like a refined nine-tailed fox, charming and a little Bai Lianhua.
On the contrary, both temperament.
"What do you do?" Clouds are drunk and angry and stare at kites.
If you make kite salute again, she will definitely call out the seventh class.
How spectacular will it be when seven or nine people deal with one kite?
"What’s the hurry to go? The master is just seeing the novelty of acquaintances and you actually like to pretend to be mysterious? "
Yun Zui even wears a mask. Yun Zui is covered by half of his face, but he is covered by the left half of his face.
He doesn’t like to pretend to be mysterious and want to find his dream girl, but it’s a pity that if he comes out without a mask, it’s absolutely scary.
But it will attract more attention.
Yunzui certainly knows what the kite means by pretending to be mysterious.
She has a mask on her face.
"You are not the same as you pretend to be mysterious and I can’t? And you installed it for so long! "
Actually, Yunzui doesn’t want to, but there’s no way. Who calls Mulian a troublemaker?
Yunzui was so fierce that he had to make kite frown. He felt that Su Dyed Pupil’s personality would be just the opposite of Yunzui’s.
But Yun Zui and her, he seems to make him maybe have another possibility.
That is, Yun Zui is Su Ran’s pupil in the afterlife.
Chapter 919 I hope it’s not a short-lived ghost
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If that’s what he thinks, then Su Dye’s pupil died when he was a child.
And if it’s not what he wants, it’s a coincidence that there are people who look like each other
I have to sigh. Maybe it’s providence?
God let him meet Yunzui and treat her as body double?
"I thought about showing you my appearance, but you didn’t accept it." He didn’t show people his appearance easily, and he was responsible for it.
Cloud drunk turned a supercilious look and then said, "Do you want me to see that I will accept it? What is the reason? "
This is narcissism forcing people.
After Yunzui said this, Kite felt right.
"But why did you bring this?" If Yunzui doesn’t want to dress mysterious, why wear this mask?
Who don’t want to see it?
Cloud drunk don’t face more impatient.

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