Wen Wan ‘er shook his head and chuckled, saying, "Come on, drink porridge quickly. The baby is hungry."

Liu’s son let out a cry of surprise, "I’m hungry again, and it still hurts so much. Okay, okay, I’ll drink."
Picking up a spoon from the bowl and putting it in front of your mouth, Liu Er blew a sigh of relief and the heat was blown away. Liu Er opened her mouth and gently prepared to drink it.
The mysterious shadow smiled.
And just then Ji Fancai just stepped into the backyard door.
And willow son is already going to drink poison porridge.
But at this moment, Liu Er’s belly got up like lightning.
Willow son called out.
This let liu son straight frown pain "MAO" put a spoon gently took a belly.
"This little guy is so fond of tossing and hitting before he is born."
Wen wan’s son smiled lightly and said, "Sister Liu, where are you playing? You are" rubbing "."
Liu Er once again picked up the bowl and continued to eat porridge. When she heard Wen Wan’s words, she smiled and said, "Wan’er, you will also have this moment."
Wen Waner smiles.
But at this time
A black shadow with blood smashed in from the window.
JiFan a face of ice said "pause! Nobody moves. "
Liu Er was puzzled and asked, "What happened to Brother Ji Fan?"
JiFan with a smile just want to say what to look at liu son raised a spoon face "color" changed and roared "wen wan son quickly took a spoon! Come on! ! !”
Wen wan son although some don’t understand what the current situation, but is conscious of JiFan words.
Get up in a flurry and prepare to take away Liu Er’s spoon.
Liu Er also realized that there was something wrong with this gruel.
But at this moment, a shadow stepped forward and prepared to press the porridge in the spoon into Liu Er’s mouth.
JiFan canthus splitting roar "no! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !”
In the courtyard, Liu Ying, Mo Shiya and Zhen Fu were stunned by this roar and ran here.
Wen wan’s son is also extremely nervous. If this porridge reaches his mouth, I’m afraid everyone in this courtyard will be shocked.
Ji Fan’s care, heart and love for Liu Er are very heavy.
No one knows that JiFan has fallen in love with Liu Er.
Just then, Liu Er smiled at the shadow and poured the key at the shadow’s eyes.
Don’t forget that Liu Er used to be a dancer, but there is still accuracy in his hand.
Moment in JiFan, wen wan son consternation expression that shadow consciousness covering her eyes fell.
JiFan pull mouth, he also almost forgot Liu Er was born before.
Willow red face with anger ruthlessly took porridge to the ground.
Suddenly issued a "hereby" sound.
JiFan first two steps to pull the shadow masked "dew" out a familiar face.
Miss Mo!
Mo Xiaoyan!
JiFan face gloomy.
"I’m not forced to kill a woman!"
In that female consternation expression, JiFan did not hesitate to pull out ChiXiao sword and pierce each other’s body.
JiFan turned to Mo Shiya and said coldly, "The film information says that she is a family with you."
Mo Shiya hurriedly shook his head and said, "It’s not me! And I didn’t. "
JiFan impatiently said, "I know and you didn’t. You know exactly what I mean! You should keep her field in mind. "
Mo Shiya learned from Liu Ying that JiFan and Liu Er were jealous and nodded.
Then Ji Fan comforted Liu Er and then spent the night at home.
The next day, Ji Fan set out to transfer personnel in Yanzhou.
His first choice is Zhang Liao.
Ji Fan feels that she owes Zhang Liao a lot.
Ji Fanlai means to prevent Zhang Liao from being attacked by Liangzhou and Yongzhou.
But now it is impossible for Ji Shao and him to attack secretly, and publicity can be won.
Su Jifan is going to mobilize Zhang Liao and his cavalry to the Yanzhou Plain.
This trip to Jifan is ready to go to the plain first, then to Jicheng and finally to Jinyang.
It is also a revisiting of the old place.
JiFan with Dian Wei, xu chu three hundred tiger wei to yanhuang village.
The place where Ji Fan started his business.
go all the way north

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