Xi Fangping slowly approached the five Chicheng Mountain Brothers under the cover of stalactites. He hated these five guys. He decided that even if he moved three snakes, he could not keep these five guys away, especially Chicheng Mountain Brothers. This time he entered the cave, it seemed that their purpose was not to get as much snake gall as possible, but not to let other sects get snake gall. Therefore, don’t blame us for being unjust in the snake cave exhibition. Although Xi Fangping won’t deliberately go to Chicheng Mountain Brothers for trouble, he still doesn’t want to let go once he has the opportunity.

Chapter 46 HuiQing (in)
Xi Fangping: Now the other five people have dispersed to look for the little nun. Obviously, they think that the little nun has been injured, and one of them can find her easily. But they didn’t expect that there was a killer star waiting for them here.
Xi Fang-ping was glad that the other party had already started to sneak up, which was much more convenient. His cat was around his waist, and the surrounding terrain quickly rushed behind a stalactite, and then he rolled up a cloud bow. In front of him, about 50 feet away, a disciple of Chicheng, holding a sword, was walking around with his head constantly. Obviously, God knows to detect the surrounding situation.
It’s impossible for Xi Fangping to aim at the opponent firmly with a cloud arrow. He likes this opponent best. He doesn’t have a shield at hand. It’s impossible to block the potential with a long sword and wear the cloud arrow. The only thing that worries Xi Fangping is that he has four strokes in the cloud arrow, so he has to make sure that he hits it with one blow or he will have to move the Sanwu snake or the Red Bee.
The unlucky monk got closer and closer until the distance between the two sides was thirty feet. Xi Fangping put his hand through the cloud arrow and flew to the monk’s chest like a ghost in a blink of an eye. The monk came and picked up a long sword and waved it at random, so he was pierced by the cloud arrow.
Bellows resounded through the whole cave. Xi Fangping knew that his position had been exposed, and he ran to the side without thinking or thinking. At the same time, he deliberately made a loud noise. Sure enough, after a few breaths, four Chicheng mountain brothers arrived breathlessly and saw their other disciples’ horror. They were screaming and screaming, each holding a multiplier towards Xi Fangping, but they didn’t dare to spread too much or push too fast. They obviously knew that they were facing a monk with a long-range attack multiplier, which was not easy to deal with.
Seeing that the four Chicheng mountain brothers are getting farther and farther away from Huiqing, Xi Fangping was relieved. Now he can safely and boldly torture these king eggs slowly. Xi Fangping slowed down and kept a distance of about forty or fifty feet with the four Chicheng mountain brothers. He slowly took them outside. He wanted to take these guys to places where Huiqing could not see them. Only then did he release three black snakes to solve the battle once and for all.
After walking around the stalactites with four unlucky ghosts for about a quarter of an hour, Xi Fangping suddenly quickened his pace and threw the four guys behind him 70 feet away. Only then did he call out three black snakes from his belt, and two three black snakes disappeared into the stalactites as soon as they appeared. If the three black snakes were repaired deliberately, even if they were close at hand, the four guys could detect the gap between air-entraining and gas-condensing repairs. This is two grades of repairs.
After arranging everything, Xi Fangping turned out of the stalactites and looked at the four guys coldly. Four guys couldn’t help but stop at one leng. Four gods searched everything for twenty feet several times until they were sure that there was no danger. At that time, his face showed a smile and slowly pushed it to the instrument Turin Everbright in Xi Fangping’s hand.
Xi Fangping said flatly with no expression, "If you four can tell me the real purpose of Chicheng Mountain’s entry into the Snake Cave, I can still consider leaving you alive."
The four guys looked at each other in a daze and couldn’t help laughing. One of them said carelessly, "You’re just facing the four of us with 11 layers of air-entraining. How dare you say such nonsense? Aren’t you afraid that the wind will break your tongue?"
XiFangPing a listen to come out this guy is malicious to HuiQing that monk, his tone of voice with a kind of inarticulate obscene easily recognizable XiFangPing smiled "is it windy later you will know I’ll give you another chance to tell me what you are doing into the hole? You certainly didn’t come here for the snake’s bravery. You rarely catch the snake, but you focus on ambush and sneak attack. Are you afraid of causing public anger if you want to do your best to annihilate the monks in the cave and make the major sects practice the condensed gas pills in recent decades? "
That guy ha ha laugh again "small you are very close to death also heart so much? I hope your bones will be harder than your mouth later. "
As soon as the words sound just fell, the four Chicheng Shandi stepped up their steps and flew to the hands of Xi Fangping. The multiplier also raised Xi Fangping and sighed a little. My mother thought about setting a little tone. I didn’t expect people to ignore you and call them as soon as possible.
Xi Fangping’s figure flashed behind a big stalactite, and the four Chicheng mountain brothers looked at each other and made a sign to each other, then dispersed into a semicircle and slowly pushed over. It was not the imagination that Xi Fangping’s picture made them want to be crazy and handsome, but a snakehead with the size of a millstone made their scalp numb. The snakehead actually opened slightly towards them and forced a rather humanized giggle from the snakehead, as if there was a person hiding in the snake throat waiting to see their jokes.
The four guys’ faces turned white and their hands and feet became soft. Sanwu Snake deliberately let out the breath and told them that it was a fourth-order monster beast that could compete with the fourth-order monster beast in the early stage of gas condensation. What would appear in the snake cave and its repair was not affected by the snake cave at all? They have thoroughly considered the fifteen-story surface of air bleeding in the early stage of gas condensation. It seems that it is almost a second step, and then everyone will be on an equal footing. In fact, the difficulty of this small step is white and a monk. Friar’s fighting capacity during the condensation period is far from that of a friar with fifteen layers of air. Compared with a friar with fifteen layers of air at the initial stage of condensation, he can easily beat five or six friars with fifteen layers of air back to their hometown, which means that the four of them are already in the wind. No wonder Xi Fangping has such scruples that he still has this helper.
There is no need to discuss the roots of the four guys. They immediately got together and waved the multiplier to protect themselves while slowly retreating. They entered the cave and obviously trained for a long time. They cooperated with each other very tacitly. The emergency was also well guarded. The Sanwu snake did not catch up. It was as big as a duck’s egg and looked at the four guys coldly as if watching four dead people.
The four guys had to stop after retreating for five or six feet. Their feet were no longer working. Now there is a big snake with a bucket about ten feet away from them. They also looked at the dead man coldly. The four guys’ hands shook slightly. The four monks in the air-entraining period were surrounded by two or four monster beasts. As a result, they didn’t even think about it. The four Chicheng mountain brothers looked at each other without consulting each other, biting their teeth and driving the multiplier. They shouted at the back of the three-snake. It was worthy of strict training. They immediately saw that they were going to repel the back.
It’s this kind of beast-like attack that won’t work on the roots of two Sanwu snakes. The two Sanwu snakes opened their mouths together as if they had discussed it. Two five-inch white balls hit the target almost at the same time. A loud noise made the cave walls hum. Four Chicheng mountain brothers suddenly turned into four cokes and even the bodies were mutilated.
Xi Fangping gave a thumbs-up to the two Sanwu snakes. The two Sanwu snakes were also quite interesting and shook their heads uniformly. It seemed quite smug and somewhat disdainful. Xi Fangping called the two Sanwu snakes back to his belt. Only then did he go forward and pick up four bags of dead bodies, covering his nose, and then returned to the place where he had just made a sneak attack. He also got another bag of Chicheng Mountain Brother and pulled out his chest with a cloud-piercing arrow.
When Xi Fangping went back, Hui Qingzheng was holding a fire thunder operator in his hand, nervously detecting everything around him. When he saw Xi Fangping coming back with no loss, Hui Qingzhan breathed a sigh of relief, and then his face turned red and he bowed his head involuntarily.
XiFangPing ha ha a smile "teacher that five guys are dead, now we can go out"
"All dead?" HuiQing obviously a little couldn’t believe my ears that’s five Xiu Yuan is better than XiFangPing fifteen monks. "How is that possible? I also led them to you. "
Xi Fangping haha laughed. "I killed them when I bought two fire thunder operators."
HuiQing nodded slightly. "Two intermediate and low-order fire LeiFu may kill their department. It’s a fire LeiFu, but it’s worth about 100 pieces of lingshi. The average brother’s ten-year savings may not be able to buy a fire LeiFu. Even five brothers rarely have intermediate and low-order fire LeiFu. It seems that there is more than one fire LeiFu in the hands of Taoist friends."
"This is a gift from the head teacher. I’m a spiritual beast in Yunmen River. Although I’m just an eleven-story brother, because I’m good at it, I’m enjoying the treatment of my younger brother in Yunmen River. The head teacher gave me some fire Leifu specially before entering the cave. If you like, just give the three symbols to the teacher as a gift."
HuiQing one leng, more than 300 pieces of lingshi XiFangPing just casually gave it to a monk who had just met. It was really generous. I was just about to refuse, but HuiQing thought for a moment and put three symbols in the bag without even saying thank you. It was quite natural to take XiFangPing as a matter of course.
Seeing Hui Qing’s facial expression and Xi Fangping’s great interest, I felt a slight ache in my heart. When I was in the brother escort agency, my brothers wouldn’t say thank you when they took his things, and there wouldn’t be any heartache when they took them to him. It seems that in their minds, everything belongs to the brothers in common. Compared with the brothers, now several brothers are not as good as before, and they can know each other’s minds. In Xi Fangping’s mind, now seven monks in the same group can only partially replace the ten brothers in those years.
Chapter 47 HuiQing ()
Looking at the fun, Xi Fangping simply threw the five bags that he had just got at Huiqing’s so-called saying, "Teacher, this is what I found from those five guys. I saw one with about four or five hundred pieces of lingshi, five instruments, some Dan medicine and other things, and there are three snake gall. Take it if you feel something."
"Three snake gall?" Hui Qing’s happy face showed a childlike smile, and she couldn’t match the monk’s bald head. At this time, Hui Qing looked quite girly. "Well, I already have two snakes in my bag, and these three have five. Take them back to the teacher elder sister and they will understand."
Hui Qing hurriedly put away the five bags, and his hands and feet quickly seemed to be afraid that Xi Fangping would go back on his word. It seemed that Xi Fangping was quite funny and had a good impression on Hui Qing. Of course, there was nothing else in this affection. Xi Fangping just felt that Hui Qing was a friendly friend, not as coy as other female monks, although she was too easy to blush.
Xi Fangping held Hui Qing and walked slowly towards the cave. On the way, he met several waves of other monks. In case every time the gods detected other monks, Xi Fangping held Hui Qing and found a place to hide. Xi Fangping was not good at killing people and had no interest in killing people. He wouldn’t take the initiative to attack others if those monks didn’t provoke him, but Hui Qing was even more so. After all, being a monk was a little less competitive than other monks and didn’t value windfall. She felt that it was actually a thing to go out slowly with Xi Fangping.
Even after a long walk, Xi Fangping finally found the nuns in Cihang Temple after walking in the cave for half a day. At that time, they were also looking for Huiqing. After Xi Fangping returned Huiqing to all the nuns, he was relieved and boldly left without realizing that Huiqing was full of attachment.
Xi Fangping got into a cave without looking back. He just inquired about the nuns who told him that he had seen seven monks dressed in Yunmen Jian clothes get into the cave half a day ago. Seriously, Xi Fangping was a little reluctant to leave Huiqing. He thought Huiqing was very friendly with himself, and without those female monks, they often had preventive psychology. Naturally, it is impossible for them to stay together often. Xi Fangping does not have much regret about this. It is quite unlikely that he will touch each other again after fixing the true boundary. If he really touches it, he can get together and chat for a while. It is also a friend.
Looking forward for more than half a day later, Xi Fangping now has two groups of monks working hard about a hundred feet away. Through the knowledge of gods, Xi Fangping knows that one group is estimated to be about twenty or thirty, and another group is just seven, which makes Xi Fangping feel uneasy. Could it be that those king eggs in Chicheng Mountain are attacking Wang Lei and others? After what happened to the brother escort agency, Xi Fangping didn’t want to let these guys make friends again. He didn’t want to take out the cloud bow and rush to the front.
The fight place is a cave with a fairly large area. As Xi Fangping expected, seven people, including Wang Lei, were trapped by twenty-five Chicheng Mountain Brothers in a small hole with a hole, which can be supported by fire, thunder and shield. Fortunately, Chicheng Mountain Brothers’ method was used to form an encirclement, and the gang could not get Wang Lei and others for a while.
Xi Fangping didn’t rush in rashly. He knew that in the case of moving Sanwu snake, he rushed in rashly. Not only could he not save Wang Lei and others, but he would even fold himself in it. He had to find another way to save the brothers. Of course, if he really couldn’t figure out a way, he could risk releasing Sanwu snake. I believe Wang Lei and others won’t reveal the secret of Sanwu snake.
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping’s strength can deal with one Chicheng Mountain Brother at most, and it’s quite good to kill two with four-pole arrow piercing the cloud. Besides the red bee and the three black snakes, Xi Fangping can now come to the enemy with three intermediate and low-order fire thunder operators. Under normal circumstances, three fire thunder operators can kill five or six Chicheng Mountain Brothers, but it is still barely possible. Even so, there are at least a dozen or twenty brothers in the other side, but he is still not an opponent.
The only way is to get close to each other as much as possible. Three pieces of thunder and thunder, Fu Qi, kill as many Xi Fangping as possible while those Chicheng Mountain Brothers are clustered together. Some of the bags he picked up are Chicheng Mountain Brothers, and there should be some clothes in them. If you can hide them for a while, there will be hope for him to save outstanding brothers.
Xi Fangping hurriedly revealed his knowledge in the bag, so he found a bag that was killed by three black snakes. After bagging it, there were two sets of red clothes inside. Xi Fangping changed his red clothes and found some dirt to wipe on his face. The opponent recognized himself and came out with Shi Shiran.
Xi Fangping’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of Chicheng Shandi. Several Chicheng Shandi turned their heads warily to see that it turned out to be one of their own, so they laid siege to Wang Lei and other people, even more than another Chicheng Shandi shouted at Xi Fangping to ask him to join the fray immediately.
Xi Fangping casually hummed a few words in his mouth, as if he had agreed, and stepped up to the crowd. He was glad to see that Chicheng Shandi was almost in a pile and was moving towards the mouth of the cave. Several of them went to attack for a while, and then they immediately retreated to change teams and attacked again. They were ready to put the seven Yunmen Jiandi in the cave to death. Xi Fangping secretly scolded these Chicheng Shandi in his heart, which was really cunning. If it weren’t for the extraordinary defense ability of the fire thunder shield, the mouth of the cave would have been attacked long ago. Although it was a top-level instrument, it consumed a lot of energy
Xi Fangping walked towards the crowd, and at the same time, he had already deducted three fire Leifu in his hand. Those Chicheng Shandi didn’t notice this at all. On the contrary, they played quite heartily. Some people were even more worried than discussing how to torture the seven monks in Yunmenjian Cave. The two factions became bitter and often clashed, and neither side would stop easily.
Seeing that it has reached about ten feet, it is the maximum distance of the fire Leifu’s power. Xi Fangping wants to pour the aura into the three symbols, and then suddenly throws the symbol forward. Three intermediate and low-order fire Leifu just turned into three five-inch white balls at once, and smashed them in crowded places. In the past, several Chicheng mountain brothers felt very keen, and almost immediately turned their faces when the fire Leifu made a move. They just saw the scene in front of them. They turned white and almost consciously hid to the side. Some of them were treacherous rather than hiding directly behind other disciples.
There was a loud noise, and the fire Leifu hit the target cave almost at the same time, freeing up three white smoke columns, accompanied by several residual limbs and broken arms. When the white smoke dispersed during the day, eleven mountain brothers in Chicheng were still struggling, and the rest were blown back to their Chicheng Mountain. The intermediate and low-order fire Leifu was equivalent to a monk’s force blow in the early stage of condensation, which was really worthy of the name.
Fire LeiFu to instant mat Fang Ping has put the set of yu fu in his hand, and filled it with aura as quickly as possible. White smoke has just cleared thirteen cattail leaf fans, and yu fu has already cut down the past with the wind toward the dead brother Chicheng. Seeing these thirteen yu fu rolling in the middle, it’s so fast that you can’t see the axe shape. You can see thirteen almost transparent groups, and it’s still vaguely shining with light.
A scream, a kid who just got up from the ground and didn’t even give birth to anything, Bai Chicheng’s brother was cut red-handed by a yu fu, and the yu fu overturned and shattered him, and the protective reiki cover was being cut in his head and almost cut his head in half.
Another Chicheng Shandi didn’t get up a little faster, but he held the shield high to meet Ling’s chop. yu fu Peng-yi yu fu was hit by the shield and flew out. That Chicheng Shandi couldn’t help but sit on the ground again. Such an opportunity Xi Fangping didn’t want to let go of his hand in yu fu. At the same time, he had already held the pole in his hand. Just before the black hammer strode, the heavy black hammer smashed like a mountain and sat down on the ground. That Chicheng Shandi couldn’t escape. He could crustily skin of head and raised the shield.
As expected by Xi Fangping, although the monk blocked the blow of Xi Fangping’s force, the shield in his hand was smashed to pieces on the spot, and there was a bloodshot at the corner of his mouth. Xi Fangping wanted to smash it again with a black hammer. At this time, there was no shield to protect the body, and the monk could avoid a scream. The whole body was smashed into patties.

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