At present, the teenager is by no means a reckless person. Does he have other unknown cards?

Then the people discussed it for a while, but the discussion turned from the question just now to the aspect of the materials for the hall. Although most people were puzzled by Jiang Xiaoyi’s order, these people didn’t ask anything based on the accumulated letter.
Look at Jiang’s smile. The purple boy obviously didn’t explain his will to them. As far as his temper is concerned, it’s no use asking now. Anyway, they will always know that it’s not a waste of effort now.
And the vast majority of the bright moon line saves trouble is Jiang Xiao’s word. Although there are two real-life masters here, Luo Yi is not in charge, and Nan Fang is temporarily stationed here. Therefore, although there are many decisions to discuss, it is extremely fast, and the discussion has reached the end within a quarter of an hour.
Out of the meeting room ginger smile in accordance with the first hurried to the floor room and followed him out JiAo dome and Shen Yingxiong are both looked at each other and saw the silk faintly worried in the opposite face.
Jiang Xiaoyi looked in a hurry as if there was something urgent. However, if he stayed in the Tongdingcheng office for a while, everyone knew that he was rushing to the training ground.
In fact, in the past six months, the actual controller of the bright moon province branch office has been like this almost every day, and he often stays in the training room for a whole day and rarely comes out except when dealing with business.
Everyone is still a little strange, but after a long time, it is the youngest expert in the history of Tianquemen who has been practicing hard.
Only those who are closest to Jiang Xiaoyi know that something is wrong.
In the past six months, Jiang Xiaoyi not only gave up his favorite hobby of reading by himself, but even several of them never took part in actual combat training. At ordinary times, they were not allowed to enter their private training room, and they were all wearing thick armor when they met.
It’s not like Jiang Xiaoyi’s personality. If it’s not certain that this person is talking or some small habits are really others, yes, they are almost the purple boy who has been replaced.
But what makes him like this?
Almost at the same time, Ji Aoqiu and Shen Yingxiong both frowned.
Rule 292
Walking into the door of the ground training room, Jiang Xiao followed the metal armor with a crack, but then, like a dam about to burst, the crack spread rapidly around in the sound of "click", and a little bit of violent real air flowed out of these cracks, sharp as a knife with a burst of sharp sound.
Ginger smiles with a wry smile, and the armor is unloaded by the uncontrolled force around him, and the protective qi in his body has also changed from gold to Xuan Huang since then. The density and intensity are more than ten times better than just now, but it has become extremely unstable
This armor is actually his temporary suppression of the body force reaction, as well as the strength of the protective qi. It is different from the suppression when traveling south. This time, his body force is dozens of times better than the previous one, and what’s worse, whether it is the body force or the external protective qi is out of his control, it is necessary to suppress these instruments at the same time, so that others don’t feel too strange. He has to add some defensive functions to this instrument to make it look like armor.
But even this one can’t be suppressed for too long, and a long instrument will break like today, which is why he spends most of his time in his own training room. Now he won’t go out easily except to connect his soul at 2 pm to help Jiang and Li and to teach real people to send his brother to practice.
For Shen Hero, there is a growing suspicion in their eyes that Jiang Xiaoyi is not ignorant, but there is no way that he must do so now and can’t explain it.
Half a year ago, three drops of Taiyi Zhenshui Chiyou forced him to the end of his concentration, but his strength left a great disaster instead of a sharp increase.
Although his body force has soared, his control over these forces has never increased by half. Even after a long-term deliberate exercise in this respect, such a huge qi is still far beyond his control.
In the initial period, he started to fight with people by following the rules.
The sudden change from the initial stage of cultivation to the final stage of cultivation is equivalent to an increase of several times, and the most gratifying thing is that he soon officially stepped into a higher level of human strength.
At that time, the situation was like a three-year-old child holding a heavy hammer with a handle of more than ten kilograms. It was always a question whether he could lift it. Even if he could, he was afraid that he would accidentally hit himself instead of hurting people, and even now the situation is not much better.
In the past, no one ever made a full leap after the repair of the elixir. Even those who loved to borrow the power of the elixir ten thousand years ago, after the completion of the elixir, they honestly practiced their control over the Taoist power step by step, and their control increased synchronously with the repair.
First, it is because it is difficult to find good medicine and the intensity of psychological robbery in the back of the elixir is too strong. Secondly, every slight progress after the elixir is a massive increase in Taoist power. If you lose control of these Taoist powers, it will be not beautiful. Since ancient times, no one has ever been like Jiang Xiaoyi, which can be said to be a step into the sky.
Jiang Xiaoyi also lost a lot when he got it. If he followed the common sense before the fix-true boundary, his physical condition was almost ruined now. Fortunately, he also came out with his own water polo plastic surgery and his soul source was integrated. On this basis, he finally gradually explored a way to gradually control his true qi.
Throw the broken armor in your hand into the devil’s refining pot and let the fairy in the pot repair it. Jiang Xiaoyi took a deep breath and closed his eyes and struggled to control part of the force to pour into the brain.
Although the soul source has been combined with the body elixir after the reality, it is only a part of it. Most of them are still in the spirit-opening place, and then a considerable part of them are cultivated. The purpose is to let Yuan Ying continue to grow and absorb more soul sources-or that Yuan Shen finally combined the two, which is the so-called true environment.
The filar silk Dao force is absorbed by the semi-transparent white disc floating at the core of the soul source. As the psychic figure shows that the luster is getting brighter and brighter, the absorption force is also getting stronger and stronger. It seems that when it is never satisfied, it will flow like a liquid in other bodies, and the true qi will rush to the spirit.
Suddenly, the rotation of the mind map suddenly stopped, and a strong awn was scattered like the sun. Behind Jiang Xiaoyi’s head, there was a round virtual shadow the size of a fruit bowl. The color and picturesque rune were just like Jiang Xiaoyi’s mind map, and when he opened his eyes again, the world was completely different.
The world has become so simple, whether it is his body or soul source, or the exclusive training ground where he is now, and the building are all the most basic components. In this world, how beautiful and complex things are, they are all composed of the most basic points layer by layer, and they are never understood and do not stop.
The so-called Tao gives birth to one life, two lives, three lives and three lives! When matter is split from the most chaotic source into the original mark, when yin and yang are derived into four images, eight diagrams and nine palaces, everything becomes the simplest and most complicated when the five elements are evolved into the world.
"Tao" is born naturally, and it is the creator of heaven and earth. Although it looks trance, there are images, objects, spirits and spirituality in the trance, and the so-called "Tao" of this kind of practitioner is what is commonly called the law of heaven and earth.
Jiang Xiaoyi can vaguely see in those "
"Points" also vaguely have "lines". When they are connected, they also fix these "points". This is the law of heaven and earth or "Tao".
Some "lines" Jiang Xiaoyi can’t see, some can be vaguely seen, and only a few can be clearly seen. These clearer "lines" are the laws. Jiang Xiaoyi can distort these lines and make some small changes, but it will consume incalculable force every time.
After the transformation of the psychic map, Daoli gently pulled a line in front of him. Although it seems that there is no big change in front of him, Jiang Xiaoyi knows that the front is really’ near the end of the world’ now, but this small step distance has dozens of miles.
In half a year, he has already understood the reason why the "failure" of this artifact is not suitable for him.
The former other abilities, including folding and dimensional blade, are all driven by Tao power, and they can also have these magical powers after the rules allow other practitioners to practice to a certain extent.
However, his solidification is changing the rules. Things outside the rules are not as abnormal as his current telepathy. Under normal circumstances, no matter how strong the Taoist force and the yuan force are, it is not allowed to solidify.
Ginger smile is not white. What is this? It is the same when you want to come to Xibai. It is also changing the law. In addition to the energy of the three gods, the blood ability or Tao of this world is in the law of heaven and earth.

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