Maybe if Li Cheng hadn’t achieved his goal of averaging 3 points in the court, maybe everyone wouldn’t do this to him. Granger thought it would be good for them to show one.

But even if everyone is looking at the value of Li Chengshen, Li Chengren is very moved.
The original Li Cheng had a sense of belonging to the Pacers, but this time Li Cheng’s loyalty to the team was even worse.
However, what moved Li Cheng is not over yet.
Li Cheng came home after a day’s training, but he heard an unexpected news from Zhao Xinglin.
Indianapolis fans’ donations to the earthquake-stricken areas in China have reached 50,000, and the amount is still rising.
However, in the words, Zhao Xinglin alluded to the tunnel that "the money had better be sent directly to the disaster area"
"What do you mean?" There was a silence over there, and Li Cheng instantly turned white. "It may be more troublesome for us to send it directly to the disaster area here!"
You should set up a foundation in your name.
"In my name?"
"Yes! I don’t have an agent now. Who will handle this? "
"I have a few people who can introduce you to this-I can also help you."
Li Cheng knows that Zhao Xinglin’s background is not simple, and this background will choose to come to the United States to be a sports reporter. Generally speaking, people who have made unremitting efforts in their dreams are worthy of respect and trust. Li Cheng hesitated for a while and agreed to Zhao Xinglin’s proposal. "Well, I’ll leave it to you. You make the accounts clear. After the end of this season, I think I will find a broker as soon as possible, and then we will settle the accounts."
"Even if the motherland does this, it should be settled." Zhao Xinglin laughed.
"Well, I’ll trouble you during this period. It won’t affect your work, will it?"
"I hugged your thigh. What union was affected?"
Li Cheng and Zhao Xinglin laughed at the same time, and then they made an appointment at the "Wan Li Yuan" Chinese restaurant to discuss some details together. Anyway, Li Cheng decided to leave this matter to Zhao Xinglin to do. He is now busy in the playoffs, waiting for the Pacers to make time to deal with some things after this season.
Zhao Xinglin and Li went to work directly after the composition, and Li Cheng returned home and watched the news of the disaster area
Looking at Li Cheng, I suddenly remembered one thing. He logged in with his brain. He hasn’t logged in the game for a long time-World of Warcraft.
He used to be the main force of the guild, M, and he had a specific treatment. His id was "Fate". naiqi was a Sichuanese.
Just line Li Chenglai didn’t reply to everyone’s greeting. He directly pressed the "O" key (shortcut key of friends bar).
Seeing the dim name, Li Cheng felt a sense of foreboding, and then thought that it was only after 6 o’clock in China, and it was normal that he was not online, but Li Cheng still wanted to confirm the news of that guy.
The other knight, who has always been his backup knight, has taken his place since his afk, and the person who was treated by fate has become a "fire brick"
Li Chengma talked privately about "fire bricks". "There is nothing unexpected about the goods!"
Firebrick didn’t reply for a long time. Li Cheng kept brushing the screen to urge him to reply with a paragraph that seemed very difficult. "Yesterday afternoon, we were playing Illidan in bg group (Deputy Golden Group of Dark Temple), and that guy suddenly dropped the line, and then …"
"Then what happened?" Li Cheng instantly replied to the message in seconds.
This time, the fire brick replied quickly. "Then he never heard it again."
"By the way, who is his family?"
Seeing those three words, Li Cheng’s heart is unknown, which has occupied his heart. The degree of Dujiangyan’s disaster is not small. Li Chengnai sighed. A lot of "fate" images appeared in his mind in yy, which made him funny and scolded him.
"You hammer you didn’t’ blessed’ isn’t it? Mom, if you can’t force a dish to fail, will you lose money? "
"What are you doing?"
"Your sister! American network card, right The food forces you to be blind in your outfit. "
"wow! Three wars, Lesaye! Blue sky, why did you go to America? Your face is still so dark. Do you want me to send you a bottle of facial cleanser? "
When the group is destroyed, the goods will yell "Hey! Give me interference and do it quickly. I don’t want to run. It’s expensive for me to interfere with repairing equipment! "
Another time in the group, this guy proudly shouted in yy, "Blue Sky, you idiot, now my milk is left in your blood!"
Think of that guy in yy with a strong Sichuan accent roar before Li Cheng will always spray back in the past. Later, when he was afk, he remembered the roar with a strong Sichuan accent more than once in his dream, but later … I couldn’t hear it anymore.
"alas!" With a sigh, Li Cheng sent a message to Firebrick, "Note that I will come and see that guy when I have nothing to do."
"hmm!" Firebrick doesn’t seem to want to type more, but Li Cheng feels a little strange when he sees that the place where Firebrick is located is a dark temple.
"What are you doing in B?"
"I … want to wait for him here."
"Have you been waiting since yesterday?"
"well! Yesterday, too many people suddenly dropped the line, and there were only three in our group, a hunter and a mage. They dropped them and never came again. "
"Have you never been here since you dropped the line?" Li cheng murmured these words, and he felt that he was stuffy in his heart
"I’ll go and see if you join the group," Li Cheng typed.
Soon the fire brick put Li Cheng into the team, and Li Cheng rode his phoenix mount and flew in the direction of the Dark Temple.
While chatting with the firebrick, he expected the three dim names in the team to light up, but he never waited.
"I should go to work."
"You go! I’ll wait. "
The fire brick line was broken, but Li Cheng looked at the fallen character next to the body after the death of "fate", and his heart was mixed.

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