Su Yu Yao continued to lie behind him with his eyes closed.

Chong just made a message to Huang Wu to get another load of vegetables out. According to the agreement between the two people, Huang will bring a scale and can bring money directly, but Ma Liang also plans to go out and see what he can buy. In addition, the problem of Pepe has not been tested and solved.
I want to feel that my head is a little big and I have to come home at noon. I also want to call Su Yuqi. Since Su Yuyao has been behind him, forget it. Then I gave the family some money, said something and rode away directly.
When we got to school, President Zhang was ready to ring the bell. Fortunately, they were not late. They hurried into the office. Pepe and Qinshan had gone to the teacher’s class.
"Rain Yao, why are you so depressed today?" Ma Liang asked.
"I don’t know, I feel a little uncomfortable." Su Yuyao really feels something is wrong, especially when the motorcycle blows, it feels a little heavy.
"Don’t move" Ma Liang grabbed her and touched her forehead first and then touched her. She was a little hot.
"Why do you have a fever? You go to the office first and I’ll arrange a student." Ma Liang said quickly.
"It’s okay. Maybe I have a cold. Sometimes I can’t be covered with a quilt without someone to hold me." She said that she was used to having Ma Liang around, and she felt that when she was a child, it was the meaning of two sisters sleeping together. Two people are always greater than one person.
"Go to the office first" Ma Liang felt a little heavy in his heart, and he was even less confident when he finished handling things, so that she could not bear to part with what she could not stand, and then told her the things under this excuse.
This is definitely not a good way, but there is no better way now
Ma Liang went to the classroom to arrange self-study for students. When he returned to the office, he found a thermometer. The school would have this simple medical instrument because there was no special school clinic.
I measured Su Yuyao and she really had a fever, and she felt more and more cold. Ma Liang quickly took off her coat and gave it to her.
"What’s the matter?" asked President Zhang when he came in. He just walked around each classroom and found that no one in both classrooms looked strange. Come to the office directly and have a look.
"Miss Su is a little sick with a fever," Ma Liang said. "I’ll send her back first and then get her some medicine and come back to class then."
"You take good care of Mr. Su’s other things. No matter what the class is, I will arrange a medical treatment." President Zhang quickly said that Su Yuyao was a big benefactor of the school who was willing to teach and sponsored.
"Don’t dawdle, Pony. Go to school. We’ll just be busy. We’ll have a good rest. If we don’t come, it’s okay. Health is revolutionary money. Take care of it." President Zhang is a top priority
"Then we’ll go back first." Ma Liang nodded and didn’t say much. Although Su Yuyao could still walk, she still picked up her back and walked home, let her lie in bed and rest. Then she boiled hot water in the pot and went back to school to ride a motorcycle to find doctor Liu’s medicine.
Unexpectedly, it was Dr. Liu who went out to see a doctor and waited anxiously for almost an hour before he came back slowly in a white coat and a box.
"How did Teacher Ma have the luxury to wander around today? Is there anything wrong with your woman?" Dr. Liu laughed and was full of lewdness and ponder.
"It’s not Dr. Liu. She has a cold and a fever. Get some medicine," Ma Liang said
Dr. Liu walked slowly to the door. "How can I know if you don’t bring someone with you when you have a cold and a fever? Rest assured that I am a woman and I won’t have wild thoughts about you."
Ma Liang also ignored his strange words and directly said, "It’s easy to aggravate the illness after a long journey back and forth, and then the motorcycle blew a little cold air."
"So that’s it. It’s getting colder. It’s much more important to pay attention to the key. It’s necessary to strengthen the resistance on weekdays and be kind to women. A good woman will naturally be reluctant to leave you. Even if you have several women, you can live in peace with each of them." Dr. Liu also gave him a secret book
"And bed exercise can effectively increase the epidemic force"
Ma Liang is about to cry. "I’ve been waiting for you for more than an hour, Dr. Liu."
"I don’t have any good medicine here. It’s just that she has to take a shower and change clothes when she sweats. Don’t blow cold air and drink raw water and drink more water." Dr. Liu didn’t say much and wrote a single package of pills
Ma Liang took the medicine and left the house in a hurry, pushing the door and pushing the door without considering the little black dog wagging its tail. Welcome to the room directly.
Su Yu Yao has fallen asleep, and the situation is much better than in his eyes.
"What happened to Yu Yao?" Ma Liang touched her forehead and asked.
"I’m thirsty and cold," she said, barely opening her eyes and feeling a little weak
"Ma takes medicine" Ma Liang poured a cup of hot water and lifted her up. She felt that her body was hot, and Su Yuyao felt very uncomfortable. She ate medicine and drank water slowly.
When Ma Liang touched her body, it was sweet sweat.
The most careful thing to deal with a cold patient is sweating. Ma Liang brought almost all the clean towels and made hot water. He has rich experience in caring for patients and has been practicing since he was a child.
"Rain Yao, I’m going to undress you," Ma Liang said, so as to wipe the sweat conveniently.
Su Yu Yao turned his head and looked at him. He nodded and then cooperated.
Ma Liang got busy and untied her buttons, but he had to get rid of them in the quilt. He stuck his head in the quilt like a pheasant, touched the black and slowly relieved himself, and he didn’t have much impulse because he was very anxious and didn’t have the heart to think about it.
"Ma Liang took off my lying down and relaxed." Su Yuyao added that Ma Liang went on to solve her clothes and pants, but it was natural that they had already paid for it.
He wiped her body with a hot towel first, then put a dry towel on her back and covered her body tightly for fear of air leakage.
"Ma Liang, I feel terrible," Su Yuyao said with his eyes open.
"It’s okay. I’ll just sleep here and sweat." Ma Liang took her hand.

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