Xi Fangping was overjoyed and quickly got up and took the bag and said, "Thank you for your kindness."

After that, I walked out of the house and took a bag to give it to Yingyue Palace. Ten monsters flew out and filled a huge square. Looking at these monsters, the cathode eyes were about to fall. He kept giving them to himself as one-horned cattle monsters, but I didn’t expect that Xi Fangping had never seen monsters in the monster beast army before.
Xi Fangping ha ha smiled. "Brother, I promised to leave ten monster beasts to Yingyue Palace. Among them, there are thirty-one order and seventy order. Please ask Brother to accept them."
Say that finish from the cathode to bag just now took out a pair of magic weapon and threw it to the red-faced snow chess that has been grinning at the cathode and others. Han Daxi took the magic weapon and quickly wore armor and waved a broadsword to jump next to his wings. Tianma flew in the middle, waving and slashing in the middle, and almost cut the clouds in half.
Xi Fangping ha ha smiled. "This is the only magic weapon in the monster beast. I want those standard magic weapons to be prepared for them. The red face and snow blows are extremely effective, but the brain is particularly good, but the degree is not fast. If the wings and horses are powerful enough to cope with a half-year-old baby, the friar can see that hexapod tortoise is usually lazy and has amazing defense ability. The snake is good at hiding its whereabouts. Sneak attack is a specialty. It really needs to be hidden, brother. Your gods may not be able to show them that the elephant is called the three-toothed elephant. There is another sharp tooth at the tip of its nose. Its nose can be long or short, and its long-range attack power is amazing. The centipede with no feet and wings is called the winged centipede. It is amazing at flying. It is good at ice avatar, and the phoenix-tailed eagle with phoenix-tailed wings and the bald eagle are all bullies. In particular, the blood-sucking butterfly is good at confusing the enemy’s spiritual intelligence to do auxiliary attacks, which will be unexpected. It is estimated that there will be no problem with these ten monster beasts reflecting on the moon. "
It took a long time to open your eyes at the edge of the book before saying, "This, these things look so familiar."
Xi Fangping ha ha a smile "Brother Bian said that you didn’t give me a batch of monster beast cubs three hundred years ago. These ten monster beasts were selected from them and they were returned to their owners. Because I’m not in Yingyue Island, these ten monster beasts won’t listen to people’s instructions, so please ask my brother to find a place in Yingyue Island to let these ten monster beasts settle down. I’ll order them to stick to Yingyue Island and not leave the island one step, which means they won’t make moves unless Yingyue Island is attacked. Even if they make moves, they will be limited to Yingyue III .."
Cathode even said, "No, No," and he knew very well that Xi Fangping had done his best. The fighting capacity of these ten monster beasts is amazing, and it’s beyond anyone’s care. If they don’t do this, they can escape at any time. And if they really have their own powers, God knows how many troops they have to move to annihilate them. At the very least, it’s better to have an Anji in Yingyue Island. Imagine that with the Kowloon Array and these ten monster beasts with their own powers, who will go to Yingyue Island with a full stomach to show off?
Cathode took another bag from the waist and handed it to Xifangping, saying, "Brother, these things are our gifts for you. Please accept them as a little token."
Xi Fangping’s face changed through the knowledge of gods. It turned out that there were 10,000 pieces of Lingshi, which was equivalent to 100 million pieces of Lingshi. This gift is a little too expensive. Xi Fangping repeatedly waved his hand and said, "No, there are too many gifts. I dare not accept it."
Cathode sincerely said, "Teacher Xi, you can accept it. Compared with what you have done to Yingyue, this thing is really out of hand. If you don’t accept it, we don’t know where to put it."
Looking at the sincere expression of the cathode, Xifang Pingnai accepted this heavy gift and arranged the monster beast. After that, Xifang Ping rode a unicorn and left Yingyue Island step by step in the farewell of the cathode and others, until Xifang Ping left the scope of his own knowledge, the cathode sighed a long time. "It’s a pity that such talents can’t stay in our Yingyue Palace for a long time, otherwise our Yingyue Palace is already the largest sect in the field of repairing the truth."
Yin Ya didn’t think so much. She said with a frown and a puzzle, "Teacher Xi, how many high-order monsters are there? One-horned cows are riding differently, and this time they took out ten different high-order monsters. God knows how he did it."
Cathode nodded. "How many high-order monsters does he have? I have hundreds of thousands of cubs in my heart. We gave him ten thousand cubs three hundred years ago. There must be at least a thousand high-order monsters in the hands of Brother Xi, plus monsters such as red bees, ice scorpions and green-winged snakes, which have performed quite well in previous battles. It’s a pity that if Brother Xi is ambitious, our whole fix-the-true world will not be his opponent."
Yin Ya nodded his head. "I admire him the most. He is much better than those hypocritical guys. At that time, we specially refined more than a dozen bottles of rejuvenation water to give our other disciples a bottle of Xifangping and gave it to Cihang Temple Huiqing.
It’s really rare for such a valuable thing to be sent out without thinking. "
Nodding his head, the cathode looked at the distance and said, "I hope Teacher Xi will come back before I sit down."
Xi Fangping didn’t hear these 12-order unicorns flying fast. It took him three hours to get to the array. He first called out the red-faced Xuehan and the winged Tianma one by one to choose their companions and let the red-faced XueLao change their equipment. Then he took out ten lingshi and put them into the array to be ready. After that, Xi Fangping went down to the platform and walked to the side of the seven array flags. He called out the thunder tortoise shell from the body and then transported enough reiki to protect himself. Only then did he hit a white light towards the ball in the middle.
As soon as the white light disappeared into the ball, the ball buzzed, and then the surrounding columns appeared different shapes. Every column revealed golden characters, and runes floated out of the column and revolved around the array. Then a golden light fell from the sky and covered Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping felt that a huge force was holding him down. He couldn’t even move a finger after the initial repair of Dan, and Xi Fangping hurriedly resisted him. Now it is finally white. It has been repeatedly stated in the ancient books of Hunyuan Sect that you can’t take the array unless you reach the final repair of Dan. If you don’t repair enough, this pressure alone will be enough.
The pressure continued to increase, and then there was a rumbling sound in his ear. Xi Fangping closed his eyes and transported his skill to the extreme. After a few breaths, the pressure suddenly disappeared, and the rumbling sound disappeared. Xi Fangping hurriedly opened his eyes. Now he is in a cave. This hole is not much different from the cave when he came, and there are 50 or 60 feet square. There are traces of knives and axes around him. It is estimated that it is specially chopped out and sent to the array.
Xi Fangping hurriedly pranayama. Everything is normal now. Then he went to the low platform safely. He looked around and soon found the secret door recorded in the ancient books. Those ancient immortals are really lazy. Setting the door is the same, but the spells are different. These spells are recorded in detail in the ancient books, which is hard to beat Xi Fangping …
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Early in your territory
Fang Ping made a secret door in accordance with the law, and he always talked about a wing winding tent hole. The light behind him suddenly disappeared. Xi Fangping consciously turned around and saw that the secret door had been integrated into the whole stone wall as if nothing was there.
Xi Fangping smiled, then he turned around and looked at a cave with his eyes full. This is a cave about thirty feet long in Fiona Fang. The traces of knives and axes around the cave are quite obvious. It should be an abandoned Lingshi mine. At the corner of the cave, Xi Fangping showed an iron axe. He went over and wanted to pick up the iron axe. I didn’t expect the seemingly complete iron axe handle to be smashed into powder, and the iron axe was also smashed into powder. It is quite dry here, even the moss is not long, but the iron axe is still rotten like this. It is said that Lingshi Mine has been abandoned for a long time, and it is possible to
Looking around, Xi Fangping found a small hole. He hurriedly drilled into it. This is a corridor. One person is more than three feet high and wide. One person can pass through it with tools. It should be the passage of miners in ancient times. It is too long, and some holes appear on both sides from time to time, which makes Xi Fangping dizzy. He drilled in it for three hours, but he couldn’t find an exit. Xi Fangping had to release dozens of clouds and let these amazing little guys find a way out for himself. Half an hour later, there was a cloud. The colorful bird flew back towards Xi Fangping, constantly flapping its wings. Xi Fangping was overjoyed and hurriedly called back other clouds. The bird followed the little guy left and right for an hour before it was out of the cave.
The mouth of the cave was blocked by a pile of rocks, leaving a few gaps. The light came in through these gaps and barely lit up a small place. Xi Fangping took out a thunder stick and smashed it. Soon, he stabbed a person to get in and out of the passage. A breath of fresh air came to his face and he took a few breaths beautifully. He was surprised that the aura here is much richer than that of Destroyer. At least it is about twice that of Destroyer. There are not many places where Destroyer has twice the aura, and it has become the main sects’ gates, but it is sparsely populated. It can be said that it is quite normal to have a large-scale monk’s action trail, which is twice as much as the magic star’s aura on this planet. Even the smallest sect or scattered practice does not belong to choosing here to practice. Then how rich is the aura at the entrance of the major sects here? Xi Fangping can’t imagine that his only certainty is that the power of fixing the true world here is much greater than that of destroying the magic star.
Outside the mouth of the cave is a small valley, where giant trees and giant vines cover the cave tightly everywhere. Xi Fangping reveals the knowledge of God. He is surprised that there are more than 20 different kinds of monster beasts in Xuxiaoshan Valley now, which is about 200 in total. The highest repair is equivalent to about 10 floors of air-entraining, and the lowest repair is about 3 floors of air-entraining. In such a small place, the monster beasts live together to destroy the magic star. This shows how abundant the planet is. The number of monster beasts here must be quite amazing.
Xi Fangping jumped halfway towards the distance and flew all the way to the green mountains and green hills. It was quite beautiful, but the more Xi Fangping flew over, the more he was frightened. Just a few hundred miles away, he actually found thousands of monster beasts, including thirty or forty monster beasts with seven orders and ten monster beasts with ten orders. This monster beast seemed to be indifferent to Xi Fangping.
In this thousand monster beast, I don’t know if there is a fairy beast. Is it that the fairy beast lies in destroying the magic star? Xi Fangping wanted to think that it is possible to destroy the magic star, but the three immortals in the final battle of the Fairy-Magic War also stayed to destroy the magic star after destroying the ancient demon king. Therefore, Hunyuan immortals should stay in the activities of destroying the magic star, and it is difficult for the celestial beasts to be brought to other planets by sending them to the array. Therefore, other planets should have no celestial beasts. Xi Fangping was disappointed when he thought of this. He came to think of dialing for a while on other planets to find all the 100 single celestial beasts. It seems that the possibility is possible but not great.
After flying a thousand miles, Xi Fangping found a small town with people’s activities. After observing it through the gods, Xi Fangping was surprised that there are thousands of people in the small town, at least 1,500 of whom are monks. Although most of them are air-entraining repairs, the proportion is amazing. Is this the location of a sect gate? But Xi Fangping flew thousands of miles and there was no sign of the existing mountain gate. It seems best to go in and explore one.
Xi Fangping took it out of his arms for more than 300 years and didn’t wear a mask before he swaggered into the town street. Many pedestrians, many of them monks, saw Xi Fangping. Some people also noticed Xi Fangping’s repair, but it was not the same. Xi Fangping walked by himself, left and right, and finally saw a fairly large hotel in the center of the street and swaggered in.
Just go in, there is a guy who fart Dian fart to delete Sichuan and go away, please smile and say hello! "Master Dao, please sit down … What?"
"Tao ye? XiFangPing strangely raised his head. He saw that this guy was a guy with ten layers of air bleeding and shouldn’t call me that. "I said, man, you should call me elder instead of Dao Ye, right?
Dude leng a light said "tao ye is from there? It seems that you are not a local person. Is this your first time in town? "
Xi Fangping nodded. "When I was a child, I was taken to the mountains by the master to practice. It took me five hundred years to realize my success. That’s right. It’s my first time in the mountains and your town."
That guy suddenly realized and said, "No wonder I didn’t know there was a condensation period here before I could call myself a monk." Only then can I be praised for cleaning up the air-entraining period like a villain, but I’m just a mortal. Not only that, but the whole Feixianmen site is like this. "
"Fei Xianmen? This place is Feixianmen territory? " Xi Anping even asked to worship.
"Yes," the man said with a smile. "I heard that Fiona Fang and Wan Li are all Feixianmen sites. Wan Li, my farthest place is only a few hundred miles away. How big is the Wan Li site in Fiona Fang?
Xi Fangping nodded his head, which is almost equivalent to destroying the magic star’s national territory. After thinking about it, Xi Fangping asked, "So which country does Feixianmen territory belong to?"
"country? What is the country? " Dude asked incredulously.
XiFangPing one leng this guy doesn’t even know what a country is, which is a bit exaggerated. He gesticulated and said, "What is a country? It’s really hard to explain why I asked you who is collecting taxes and who is managing it in your town? "
"Oh, Lord Tao asked if it was this." The man laughed. "It’s a monk in Feixianmen who is responsible for tax collection and management. He has several monks in condensate period. It’s amazing that this uncle is almost practicing. We haven’t seen him at ordinary times.
It’s incredible that a monk is in charge of management. Xi Fangyang nodded slightly. It seems that this star oak has no country and no sect, and each sect has its own territory. Everything, including mortals, belongs to that sect. Here, the secular world has become a whole, which makes Xi Pingping’s mind a little awkward.
It was a long time before Xi Fangping asked, "So, man, what other sects are there here besides Feixianmen?"
The guy shook his head. "I don’t know. I’m just a guy. The farthest I can go is to buy things hundreds of miles away. Everything I just said was heard from you."
Xi Fangping nodded his head and estimated that he could not ask anything in this guy’s mouth. When he ordered a few dishes and asked for a pot of wine and raised his glass, Xi Fangping couldn’t help but feel dejected. He rarely drinks at ordinary times, and he only drinks heavily when he is in the escort agency of his brothers or with some brothers in Yunmenjian. This is the first time that Xi Fangping has drunk since the brothers in Yunmenjian sat down.
The wine is still the same, but now Xi Fangping can drink it by himself. The fragrant wine here is not as attractive as before.
In fact, Xi Fangping doesn’t need to eat anything now after drinking a pot of wine. At most, it is enough to eat a valley-piercing pill in two or three years. Now there are thousands of valley-piercing pills in his bag to prevent it from being too long when going out. However, the phenomenon of food to satisfy hunger appears. Eating in this restaurant today is just asking for information. Xi Fangping is surprised that there are many monks who eat here, including five or six monks in the condensation period. There are still three people who are eating and drinking not far from him. They have actually reached the end of Dan’s cultivation. In the middle of Dan’s cultivation, the monks almost never eat. At most, they just drink some tea or eat some fruit to solve the problem. It seems that one Pigu Dan can last for five or six years. How troublesome it is to eat.
Xi Fangping took out a piece of stone from the bag and threw it on the table and shouted, "Dude, settle accounts!"
In order to find things on this planet smoothly, Xi Fangping has put most things in his belt, and put ten pieces of lingshi and one thousand pieces of lingshi in his bag. A small amount of flowers, pills and so on, which are of little value, have to be seen when they are not ready. Now there is no lingshi in his bag to pay the bill.
That guy came over and looked at a table. His face changed greatly and he exclaimed, "Zhonglingshi?"
XiFangPing smiled "what’s the matter? Can’t you find it? I thought it was impossible. The monks in this place walked all over the street, and they could treat the management of a broken town as mortals, and they would also send monks in the Jiedan period. It is said that the practice here is very common, so there should be more lingshi, right? Even if they can’t find it, they can change it.
The man woke up from the shock with a wry smile on his face. "Tao Ye, aren’t you in trouble? A lingshi is worth fifty-two thousand silver. This lingshi is worth five million and two thousand silver. Even if you tear down my shop, you won’t get one thousand and two silver. "
XiFangPing slightly one leng a lingshi is worth fifty-two thousand silver. What did this say? There are two possibilities: first, monks are particularly demanding spiritual stones; Second, the output of lingshi is scarce, and things are scarce and expensive. Anyway, the result of that possibility is the same. It really doesn’t make sense for a small shop that doesn’t add up to 1,200 silver to find a piece of lingshi. Ten such shops are also worth a piece of lingshi. Xi Fangping thought about it and took out a red flower from the bag and threw it on the table and said, "Why don’t you take this flower and change it?"

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