Zhen Fu is a bit tough. "What are you afraid of? The three of us are afraid of him."

Liu Ying asked again, "Sister Liu, I haven’t eaten anything all day today, hungry oh!"
Liu Er trembled a little and said, "Will etiquette Mier hurt for the first time?"
Zhen Fu said weakly, "My memories are blurred and seem to hurt."
Liu Er is even more nervous! I’m about to cry and say, "I’m so scared. My stomach is good, hungry oh."
JiFan furtively hugged Zhong Liuer, and suddenly she was full of soft fragrance and gentle jade, and her mouth was blocked and she licked "I am JiFan".
Liu Er’s voice sank.
Liu Ying asked, "Sister Liu, what happened to you?"
Liu eryin didn’t know whether it was because of stimulation or excitement or because she was hungry, and she trembled and said "nothing"
JiFan bolder stick your head into the red skull mercilessly common a willow son temptation red lips.
Liu Er’s breathing became rapid, and she blushed at Shuangxia to protest "Every brother doesn’t want it"
As soon as Zhen Fu’s ear tip heard the brush, he lifted the red skull to meet him. It was a double-peak sneak attack with no passion and a hard grasp
Ji Fan just smiled, "Come and eat!" Zhen Fu gave him a hard white.
There are three small dishes on the table, a plate of vegetables, a plate of light mutton, a plate of cakes and a pot of spirits.
Four people around the table in high spirits to eat.
The nervousness of the three girls has been eliminated a lot.
Ji Fan drank some wine and quietly waited for them to finish eating.
Thinking, what about eating that first? Liu Ying? Liuer? Or Zhen Fu?
JiFan got up and picked up Liu Er and walked to the bed.
Liu Er just calmed down and reappeared for help, looking to Liu Ying and Zhen Fu.
The two women sold her directly and continued to eat the food with their heads down. Obviously, they were nervous and their minds were absent.
JiFan will willow son gently flat on the bed with a tip of the tongue was pale smile holding waist to help her undress.
Liu Er said weakly, "I will do it myself."
JiFan gently nodded and glanced at Liu Ying walked over and carried her to the bed again and slapped her ass hard and said, "Let you seduce me today!"! Put it in the kitchen and tell her "take it off yourself or me"
Liu Ying gently groaned and blushed and said, "I’ll do it myself."
JiFan up to no good saw Zhen Fu hey hey smile walked up to her and picked up her waist and said, "aren’t you courageous? What’s wrong? "
Put her in the innermost part. At this moment, Liu Er left a Chinese-style chest covering and sat there wriggling.
Ji Fan, a tiger pounced on food!
—————————— Brain tonic by yourself! Forgive me for not continuing! Will the river crab! Do not kick me! ———————
The next morning, Ji Fan was confused and opened his eyes and thought of last night’s things. He took out Zhen Fu’s little girl’s feet from his nose and moved his chest Liu Er Sandy’s jade finger. Finally, he moved his lower abdomen and Liu Ying’s white jade arm and easily vomited a sigh. He looked at the outside, rubbed his sour waist, brushed his teeth (Wang Qiang made salt water), washed his face and changed into a thick white cotton-padded jacket, and went out.
It’s a little bright outside, but JiFan knows that Xun Yu, Lu Xun and others have already got up, and patrols with neat steps, and teams of foot soldiers run across the town to Lu Xun to shout sternly.
"You didn’t eat breakfast? What has no strength! "
Wang Qiang’s thoughts roared, "Sir, we really didn’t eat breakfast!"
Ji Fan sprayed it! This little one will definitely be severely beaten. I don’t know how much this small force is worth. Ji Fan wanted to think and ran over. He picked up a 2 kg armor cover and took a look at the outside configuration. After changing it to a 30 kg one, he wore a helmet and followed the tail of the team with his head down. He ran around the town for a month or two without practice. Suddenly he was very hard and was severely smoked by Lu Xun whip several times.

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