"Rain Yao, you scared me." Ma Liangsong was relieved.

"You didn’t do anything to scare the toilet. Don’t you know it’s too casual to walk a few steps?" She looked down at Ma Liang by moonlight. Although it was soft, it was still quite big.
"Bad thing" She suddenly caught Ma Liang’s thing and rubbed it gently. Soon Ma Liang had a reaction and hardened it directly, crowded with her jade hands.
"Rain Yao here" Ma Liang embarrassed way
"I’m not interested in getting it for you here." She provoked Ma Liang’s desire but let go. Except for her forehead, she was just like a female demon.
"I’m afraid of pulling my pants to accompany me to the toilet," she said.
She has such a request. Ma Liang, of course, accompanied her to wear pants and took her hand. She walked over and waited outside.
After a while, she came out. There was a clean bucket outside. She washed her hands.
"I can’t sleep," she said
"I’ll accompany you for a while," Ma Liang said. In fact, I really want to hold Xia Xue’s fragrance. There is Mengmeng in both of them. I’m afraid there is pressure in my heart.
"I talked to Pepe and it didn’t work." Su Yuyao walked two people to the yard.
Ma Liang went to get an armchair, and now the sky is full of stars and the moon is bright. After sitting down, Su Yuyao naturally sat in his arms and leaned together. Both of them looked at the sky in unison.
This kind of quiet feeling Su Yuyao felt very comfortable. Maybe she had a similar experience when she was a child, and her parents were not so busy at that time.
Su Yuyao suddenly had an impulse to tell Ma Liang all his secrets, but then he hesitated like a deflated balloon. Forget it. When Ma Liang became more accustomed to the life of the rich, he should not be so disgusted.
"It’s just the two of us at home," Ma Liang said.
"What Xia Xue and Mengmeng are going back?" Su Yuyao wondered.
"They’re going out for a trip to Xia Xue’s sister’s family. Someone has a birthday." Ma Liangwen smelled her hair fragrance and got up in spirit.
"Then what do you want to do?" Su Yu Yao also felt a little different in his heart. Two people were alone late and no one bothered him.
"Don’t want to do" Ma Liang guilty way
"Really, then I really don’t do anything." Su Yuyao smiled and deliberately shook the beautiful buttocks to make Ma Liang’s little brother valiant
"Do you want to make it as good as your birthday?" Ma Liang said, "I’ll take a trip to the village."
"No, I’m not so picky about women. I’m very happy if I’m simple and warm." Su Yuyao continued to look at the stars.
Although he said that, Ma Liang remembered Mengmeng’s romance novel and studied how to spend the first time with his beloved woman.
Not for a while Su Yuyao felt sleepy in Ma Liang’s arms.
"I’m sleepy," she yawned, closed her eyes and became lazy. After a while, Ma Liang slowly picked up the light and walked towards the room, where Pepe had fallen asleep.
Quietly put Su Yu Yao away and watched the quilt for a while. Su Yu Yao was breathing evenly. Ma Liang also went out of the door and went back to bed. It was very warm. Xia Xue fell asleep beside him.
Ma Liang directly hugged her and clung to her but didn’t move on. That feeling still lingered. Xia Xue was relieved. She really couldn’t accept knowing the situation in Mengmeng like Ma Liang, but she wouldn’t refuse Ma Liang’s request.
"I’m sorry," she said softly.
"Sister Xia Xue, I’ll wait for you to come back." Ma Liang also whispered in her ear that her face was blushing and she still nodded her head in the dark to close her eyes.
The next day, Xia Xue got up early with Mengmeng and Ma Liang naturally got up and sent them to the intersection. Mengmeng reluctantly kissed Ma Liang and Xia Xuelai was embarrassed that Ma Liang took the initiative to kiss her lips for a long time.
Ma Liang kept looking at Xia Xue and Mengmeng and often looked back at him until his back disappeared completely. Ma Liangcai sighed and went home to prepare for breakfast.
Pepe got up early, and when she saw Ma Liang busy, she came directly to help, just like washing rice and vegetables at home.
"Elder brother, there are so many dishes. What do you want to eat?" Pepe looked at six or seven kinds of dishes in front of her and said that it was natural for her to call Ma Liangxin.
"Just fry three things casually." Ma Liang saw that it was still early, and put away yesterday’s clothes and prepared to wash them and dry them.
"Elder brother, you woke up when you let me wash you." Pepe said quickly when she saw Ma Liang.
For this intimate sister, Ma Liangting likes "nothing I can do"
With that, she went out with her clothes on, and Pepe was busy frying the dishes alone, and then she came out and squatted down beside Ma Liang to help wash the clothes together. Now there is some fog everywhere, and the sun is completely exposed and the orange shines on the ground.
"Brother, I have a question for you." Pepe bowed her head and skillfully rubbed the clothes in her hand. It was Su Yuyao, but she was a clean woman.
"Ask" Ma Liang is holding Su Yuyao’s panties, which are quite beautiful in style. I have seen her wearing attractive blood spray.
"Is it that night?" Pepe’s neck is red. "I really don’t understand why I asked you.":
Chapter 262 Women those things
"If you have nothing to ask, I will tell you if I know it. Pepe, you are so innocent. There are many things you should know, or you will make a joke." Ma Liang smiled.
Pepe nodded and couldn’t help but look at Ma Liang. "I also know that I dare not ask others, so I will ask you."
"Pepe, there is a button on your collar." Ma Liang glanced at it and found that some old white clothes were exposed. The style was quite old.

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