One turned around and dribbled Granger with his left hand. Then Yao suddenly appeared beside McGrady and blocked Granger completely. Then McGrady faked hibbert’s low basket and sent the ball to the basket.

T-Mac’s series of attacks are flowing, which shows some shadows of his peak. Although many people still think that T-Mac is still at the peak, he is actually driving fast on the ramp.
Coming back, Li Cheng directly controlled the ball and walked through the half court. Li Cheng’s competitive spirit has always been a bit outrageous. Today, his competitive spirit was also completely inspired.
Although for Li Cheng, he thinks the most important game is the Lakers’ game on December 3, which will be his first time in the regular season when Kobe Bryant is competing against each other, this game is equally important to him because the word McGrady is also very heavy in the whole league.
"Li Cheng and McGrady are soaring at each other as soon as they come! This game looks good. "
"Yes! This game McGrady is in good shape. "
"McGrady has been in very good shape in recent games."
"If it is the heyday of McGrady, this game will be very interesting."
"What a pity! Time and injury are the biggest enemies of every player … "
"Let’s continue to watch the game! The scene of mutual arrogance between McGrady and Li Cheng will not appear too many times in the nba. Let’s enjoy it this time! "
"Chinese Derby! Li mai war! This is exciting enough to listen to the game. "
"See li cheng how to deal with this ball! Artest is very tight on his defense. "
Ibaka gave Li Cheng a slight change of direction to pick and roll Li Cheng, passed by Ibaka directly, and then faced Scola Li Cheng, showing the advantage of nimble footwork. He swayed from side to side directly, but then McGrady made up for it and let Li Cheng lose the direct shot.
The rockets have done their homework on Li cheng’s defense, and the rockets’ defense in the front line is their strongest place
Artest and Battier are the best defenders in the league, and McGrady’s defense is actually not bad. If he has a defensive attitude, McGrady’s attitude is very good today
However, McGrady’s defense doesn’t mean that Lee has no choice but to turn around and throw the ball to Granger at the same time.
Then Granger caught the ball and threw it forward. Li Cheng made a hidden move with his left hand to stop McGrady, and then he got out of Scola and McGrady’s double-team.
When Li Cheng drilled out, the Granger ball arrived in an instant. Li Cheng caught the ball and shot directly. His body leaned forward a little and his shot speed was very fast.
Li Cheng’s shooting moves are changeable now, and he can master almost all shooting methods skillfully.
Whether it’s a quick shot with a low shot point or a parabolic shot with a high shot point, Li Cheng can accurately grasp the essentials and choose the best shot method because of the opportunity in the game.
Li Cheng made a quick shot to let McGrady block the ball behind him and return. The basketball flew into the basket in a flat parabola.
"A wonderful goal, which is the perfect embodiment of Li Cheng’s personal ability."
"Accurately speaking, it should be the perfect embodiment of Li Cheng’s personal ability and Li Cheng Granger’s tacit understanding."
"The tacit understanding between Li Cheng and Granger is really sighing. If you look at their tacit understanding without looking at their looks, you will doubt that they are brothers!"
The fans at the scene burst into exclamations, and the audience was even more excited by watching the game, especially the China audience.
Now I will pay attention to this game in front of the camera. China fans are the common fans of Pacers and Rockets. They love Yao, Li Cheng and McGrady.
In fact, these fans are reluctant to win or lose this game. It is best to never win or lose this game, and always go to overtime until the day when they don’t want to watch the ball again.
Chapter III Chapter I
Li Cheng and McGrady struggled until the seventh minute of the first quarter, and an official timeout interrupted their rhythm against the tiger. They both sent out 11 points and 13 points respectively.
Although McGrady made nine shots, he scored 13 points on 6 of 9 shots, and his efficiency was still the peak of his season, while Li Cheng continued to play his efficient role, scoring 11 points on 5 of 7 shots.
However, the Rockets and Pacers tied 21-21 in the first official timeout.
It seems that McGrady has recovered the feeling of his youth today, but he still can’t restrain Li Cheng from playing.
While people marveled at McGrady’s performance today, they also had to admire Li Cheng’s strength.
Li Cheng has only entered the league for the second year this year, but he has been able to perform so stably and efficiently, and McGrady’s almost perfect play today seems to set off Li Cheng’s strength.
A cliche topic, but it is a topic that everyone in this alliance has to face.
"When Li Cheng matures, can this alliance stop others?"
"I can’t think of that."

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