Ma Liang wondered how it was possible.

"Yuqi, I won’t be like you now. You have to finish your studies well," Ma Liang promised.
"I hate you, but it’s not my parents. Why do you say this tone? You’re my boyfriend. You want to help me think about something, and it feels great. Even if my own hands feel like different people are going to melt away with yours," she said. Ma Liang couldn’t help but recall that her heart itched, but then she was relieved when she was surprised and looked around.
Chapter 36 I miss that
"Ma Liang, I miss you so much," Su Yuqi said.
"I miss you, too. It won’t be long before your sister goes home. I’ll see if I can send her back then we can see her." Ma Liang’s novel also misses her.
"That’s great." Su Yuqi was quite excited. "Why don’t you spend the night? I’ll sneak out and you take me to the hotel room."
"Yuqi, we can’t do that now." Ma Liang is too big.
"Who said anything about doing that? Your mind is full of bad water. People just want to sleep with you. What do you want to do with so much?" She said in a teaching tone instead
"But it depends on your performance to do something bad." Her tone changed.
"Shit, mom’s back. I’ll hang up first. You must come to Maliang. I love you." She finally kissed and hung up in a hurry.
Ma Liangsong is relieved. Let’s talk about it. Now it seems that I really want to send it. I also want to go around the city and see how the dishes are.
After thinking about it, I called Huang again. He said that it was nothing for the time being, and that Lao Tan, the police station, had talked to him and said that he would try his best to ensure safety. Moreover, the restaurant owner asked if mushrooms could be sold separately, even if it was 200 yuan a catty. The demand was too great, so ten kilograms a day would not be swept away.
Ma Liang couldn’t help feeling the charm of that dish. It’s really sky-high when you think about it, but there is still a price increase. Take your time. You should slowly send out all the functions of the small pot yourself
Honey, God, Red Wine, Healing Medicine, Beautiful Herbs, These are all good things waiting to be excavated.
And this time Su Yuyao has to make full preparations when he goes back. Honey and red wine must be available. It seems that he has to ask around.
Now, when it’s more time to charge, Ma Liang asked around. It’s easy to handle affairs if you want money. Soon, you bought five pounds of honey and red wine, and you can also let the big bald head in.
When it was getting dark, Ma Liang was packed and returned home with things, while Xia Xue was still washing clothes at this time.
Ma Liang quickly stopped the motorcycle.
"Sister Xia Xue, I’ll wash you and go to rest." Ma Liang squatted and said.
Xia Xue’s heart is sweet and funny. The novel says, "Husband doesn’t matter. I have given birth to Mengmeng and know what to do and what not to do."
Ma Liang wanted to think that he was really a little frightened because he didn’t want Xia Xue to be too tired.
However, he squatted down to help wash the clothes, which contained four people.
"You go to play with Yu Yao. I think she is chatting alone in a daze." Xia Xue pushed Ma Liang’s hand.
Ma Liang saw that four people kissed eloquence in Xia Xue’s delicate face and went in with something.
"Ma Liang, you’re back." When Su Yuyao saw him, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. He really talked about going moldy and couldn’t move the magazine. She also finished reading the couple’s night life guidance article three times.
"How do you feel?" Ma Liang sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her.
"How else can it hurt?" Su Yuyao held his hand.
"Then wait for me to take a shower to accompany you." Ma Liang went out and then moved quietly to the summer snow house, where there was a gap in the door and secretly looked at Mengmeng, who was fascinated and lying on the bed watching.
This girl seems to have such a great charm. Ma Liang deliberately made some noise and saw that Mengmeng was very flustered and hid in the bed and then pretended to rest and sleep in bed.
After waiting for a while, she looked at the door and no one came in. She was relieved and carefully took it out. She continued to look at it now. It was dark and the natural light was dim. She was going to gather together.
Ma Liangneng pushed through the door and Mengmeng forgot to hide for a while.
Looking at her, Ma Liang didn’t know what to say. She had already told her before. Nai shook his head and pulled the door back to talk to her when he wanted to find a time.
"Teacher Teacher" Mengmeng chased him out and took his hand.
"I-I know I’m wrong, so don’t be angry," she said piteously, tears were coming out.
"You know it’s wrong, but why is it always like this? Especially at this time, it’s the easiest to become nearsighted. Don’t you take care of your eyes at all?" Ma Liang also said seriously
"I know, but I can’t help it, teacher." Her tears came out, and she rarely saw Ma Liang’s serious expression on herself, so she was naturally afraid.
"I don’t watch it anymore," she murmured, looking back at Ma Liang with her face full of pleading.
Ma Liang had the heart to see her poor pear flower with rain, and her hand wiped the tears from her eyes.
"Did I tell you not to watch properly when there is no light and not to be too addicted to white?" Ma Liang said.
Mengmeng nodded. "Teacher, please wait for me."
After that, she went into the room, took it out, and then went to the stove with a lighter and lit it and stuffed it into the stove. Her eyes were still firm.

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