Officer beside also secretly surprised this recruit’ death ring’ is his own hair marks and Yang Mu two people appeared, he also recognized as nine rings gold swordsman Yang Mu institute, but never expected to be this young man.

Mark then said to the arm Nezha, "I still need you to kill this man." Tang Bufan was secretly angry and thought that even you, a wet behind the ears, treated me like a bag. I’ll see how you died in this arm, Nezha and hidden weapons.
After listening to it, the officer laughed back without anger. "What’s wrong with you young players today? You don’t know how little you are. It’s a wet behind the ears. Let the old man teach you a lesson."
Yang Mugang wanted to talk about the mark, but waved his hand and said, "Brother, cut aside and watch me watch this arm Nezha for a while."
Mark slowly pulled out his sword and said to the officer, "Come on, let me pick you up first."
Nezha, the official in the arm, thought, "This little doll is more arrogant than me. I haven’t said that I should let him do a few tricks. If I don’t teach you a lesson, you don’t know how many eyes my official has."
The official said, "Good little doll, I will let you know that my arm Nezha is amazing."
When both hands reach into the dart bag and turn around in situ, three triangular darts of cutting will be sent out. Seeing that these three darts are running for the mark head, chest and abdomen successively, these three darts seem simple, but they actually imply skillful efforts to go to the mark head. Who knows that the third dart suddenly speeds up when it is close to the mark? Whoosh ~ One exceeds the first two as the mark belly.
Mark was also surprised to see this situation. I didn’t expect hidden weapons to have many tricks to hide from the waist when he got to this officer. He wanted to meet hidden weapons first. To say that this mark is also a newborn calf who is not afraid of the danger seen by the tiger, but also gives the officer a horse power.
See his sword use one of the double swordsmanship’ rely on’ body to fall to the left foot, but don’t do it in place. The sword makes the’ pick the words’ shoot straight at the lower abdomen darts. When this dart tip changes direction, the second dart shoots at the chest and hits the ground. Then the one that shoots at the top of the head hits one side, and then the strength is exhausted and rolls down to the river mark. At this time, the left hand holds a slight leap and stands firm in place.
The third chapter: Double swords fighting for the front and burning Feilong Hall (3)
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At this time, all the people on the boat were stunned. After a while, they heard a rich voice and shouted "good". All of them just came to their senses and couldn’t help secretly thinking that these three darts were not simple. If they were themselves, they would never have thought that hidden weapons could send it like this. Don’t say that it is a problem to save lives.
This little guy not only didn’t dodge, but also struck off all the darts with one hand. It’s really courageous and knowledgeable. When the black man saw the mark coming out, he saved Tang Bufan and knew that this was what he saved his own heart. He had long been hiding from the mark on this side, so he quickly applauded the mark and knew that it was the black man who applauded himself. He nodded back at the black man and was ready to pick up the arm again. Nezha hidden weapons.
At this time, the officer was equally dumbfounded. Although he just made a move and didn’t make efforts, this little courage is something that ordinary people can do. It seems that he can’t look down on this doll.
Thinking of this official, he said, "The little doll really has courage, so you can come and pick me up for this second move." Speaking, the official jumped up with his feet and jumped up for a full ten feet. In the middle, he put his hands into the dart bag and moved his hands. At the moment, all kinds of hidden weapons poured out two darts, two migratory locust stones, three steel cones and a’ money-pushing ghost’. He hit the mark with his head and shouted, "The little doll is crazy. Come and try my tight encirclement array."
See the officer this recruit wonderful hidden weapons technique in the hearts of all people can’t help but feel glad that they are all glad that these hidden weapons are not running for themselves or they will die.
Mark is also secretly surprised. Heart way, this officer was not a hollow reputation, but he could hit so many hidden weapons darts at the same time. Seeing these hidden weapons darts hitting his eyes and the locusts hitting the clavicles on both sides, the three steel cones were also hit in three directions to mark the big holes in the abdomen, such as Wan, Tian Shu and Qihai, but the’ money pushes the ghost’ ran with the mark’s legs to kill him, and the ring drifted around to sneak attack behind the mark.
Thanks to the trace, he followed Dong Fangshuo to practice martial arts since he was a child. He is indeed a martial arts wizard. At an early age, he had already learned the martial arts taught by Dong Fangshuo, and 90% of the double swordsmanship had already reached the point of aplomb. Otherwise, meeting this arm Nezha would surely suffer.
Mark see tight encirclement array is overwhelming rush to hit immediately made a recruit’ edge’ is the so-called waves surging marginal, sword boundless edge, see him use’ swing word tactic’ in his chest, a sword in his hand, a sword rolled like waves, all kinds of hidden weapons rolled to the body disappeared, and then his feet point to use flying’ soaring’ to hide money to push the ghost.
At this time, I heard the black man shout in panic, "Watch your back, little brother."
Mark had already known that the death ring jumped up badly, and he had already considered it. The death ring would surely hit behind him with himself, so he made a move to "climb to the top". When his left foot stepped on his right foot, the horse rose more than three feet, and the death ring roared and flew next to the sole. Mark twisted himself in the middle and turned over to the ground gently.
At this moment, the boatman even gaped at the Nezha officer’s arm. The black man forgot to applaud for a moment, and even the Yang Mu thought to himself, "I didn’t expect his martial arts to be so high. It seems that I don’t have to worry about him."
Think of this Yang Mu shouted a "good".
At this time, the black man, regardless of whether the mark is his own enemy, followed him and shouted happily, as if he had won by himself. This man seems to be really enough. Nezha, the official, didn’t return to his mind for a long time. Few people in tight encirclement can hide from this trick, and he can force himself to make this trick less. Today, he was actually hidden by a little doll, and his heart was also somewhat admired.
At this time, the mark said to the official, "There is still one move left."
The official thought to himself, "Although there is a puppet master in hide the sword Villa, in fact, hide the sword Villa has long been his own and he is one of the top ten French kings. Now, if he is defeated in the hands of this younger generation, not only can he not get the pure sword, but he can also explain it to his master! It’s more than enough to deal with those water bandits by yourself. Now that we’re halfway through, this little guy really messed up his own good thing. "
Think of this officer’s heart immediately hate this mark, and immediately don’t take a conversation. From the bosom, take out one and a half fists, and the big ball floats and hits the mark. Everyone looks at the heart and thinks it’s strange what the officer is doing. Most of hidden weapons are pointed and bladed, and in a simpler way, they are also migratory locust stones. Now, what can this light ball do?
Mark looked at it and felt a little strange, but he knew that the officer wouldn’t be so simple to make this third move, so God was on the alert, and when all the people were focusing on the ball, suddenly the officer raised his hands and two black shadows flew out of his sleeve.
Eagle-eyed people see that this is a two-sleeved arrow, but it is different from hitting hidden weapons by hand. It is hidden in the extremely fast firing speed of the sleeve machine. There is nothing special about this sleeve arrow except that it is very fast. It is flicker to avoid hitting the second one, only to find that it goes straight to the ball and hits the ear. I heard’ poof’ and the sleeve arrow has passed through the ball. A burst of white smoke immediately surrounded the mark.
Everyone shouted that there was a butler’s bone-eating poison hidden in this small ball. The butler quenched the poison. hidden weapons quenched the poison. The wounds of the recruiters kept festering until there was no good meat in the body. It was this poisonous poison that was put in this small ball that made the special method refined into smoke. If you smell this smoke, it would be extremely painful to poison and die.
When Yang Mu saw the smoke with rich experience, he knew it was poisonous and was about to save it, only to find that the trace had already disappeared.
They are surprised to hear Mr. and Mrs. Khodorkovsky exclaim, "Watch your back!"
The officer is also surprised that the trace is still suspicious of death, but the trace is gone when the smoke dissipates. A long sword has been forced to his neck when Mr. and Mrs. Huo give a warning and just want to turn back.
The original mark escaped this one-cuff arrow and found that the other one ran for the ball to hit the heart white. There must be something in this ball. I was thinking about it. I saw that the ball had snapped and a white smoke covered myself in its nose and smelled a faint fishy smell. I immediately white this arm Nezha.
It turns out that the cufflinks that hit you are just to attract your attention. This small ball and the cufflinks that break it are the key officials. Actually, they want to plot against poison, and they are still worried about whether they will be poisoned. Although Master once said that she has never been poisoned, she has never met a real poison master since she debuted, and she has no confidence in her heart. But when she found out that she was just dizzy, she knew with clear eyes that she was really not afraid of this poison, so she took advantage of the smoke and didn’t scatter a trick. In the double swordsmanship, the’ shadow’ drifted to the arm, and Nezha
Mark although not afraid of this poisonous other dozen men in black are out of luck, but they are catching a breeze across this stream of white smoke, and they are sucking it red-handed. They all fall down on the deck for a moment, struggling painfully, and they all have black blood clots flowing out of their nostrils. It turns out that their brains have been corroded and left out along their nostrils.
Mark at this time to see that many people suddenly died in anger at the officer to drink and asked, "You and I have resentments, but the martial arts competition will be so diabolical that many people’s lives are harmed. I think you are too diabolical to keep you."
I was about to start work when I heard that Yang Mu suddenly shouted a stop and came to the mark and said, "The official can’t kill you and I both don’t want to make trouble. I have lived in seclusion and you have your own things to do. The resentment is too deep. Besides, I think this arm Nezha is just a pawn. If we kill him, wouldn’t we get ourselves into trouble? At present, it’s mainly important to find the pure Junjian first. Let the people in hide the sword Villa go with them."
Mark listened to it very much, otherwise, I am afraid of this hide the sword Villa, but on second thought, my father’s revenge has not been reported, so it really shouldn’t be complicated.
I saw Mark slapping the officer on the shoulder with the tip of a sword and said, "Officer, I will spare you this time. I advise you to do less evil deeds and go to that nose hell after you die."
Officer at this time already a white and bloodless complexion couldn’t wait to find a crack in his heart. He hated the mark already, but he was no match for the other side. Seeing that this pure Jun Jian could not be obtained, now he planned to get out of here quickly, so the three of them rushed to the path towards the front of the island with a wink at the Mr. and Mrs. Huo. Seeing that several people disappeared in the center of sight, they all breathed a sigh of relief. This made the poisonous person the most impossible to prevent in the Jianghu, even if your martial arts were high, there was no tiger and there was still a nap.
The third chapter double swords (4) burning Feilong Hall
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Mark looked at the three men walking away and suddenly turned around and said to Tang Bufan, "Now it’s time to solve our problem, but I’m different from the official. I want to borrow your pure Jun sword and return it to you later, or you can have a competition with me if you don’t want to borrow words. I’ll also let you do three tricks. If you can win me, you naturally don’t have to borrow it."
When the black man saw that he was busy, he said, "Second brother, this little brother said he wanted to borrow you, so lend him one. It seems that he doesn’t keep his word."
Bai Yunlong glared at his silly brother hard, and the black man immediately shut up.
Tang Bufan sneered, "You little brother are really afraid of the wind and flash your tongue. This pure junjian is a treasure that Wulin people dream of. Did you say you lent it to you? What’s the difference between this and extortion? Forget those high-sounding words. If you want to get a pure Jun sword, you can beat me first. "He said, jumping onto the deck and preparing to compete with the mark.
Mark knew that the sword was ready to fight, and there was a sharp whistle in the ear, and then a group of officers and men suddenly came out of the hole path. When they saw it, they were all surprised that the officers and men’s department was destroyed in the Juyi Hall ahead. How did these many officers and men come out again?
I stayed for everyone to take a closer look, but I felt that these were not like ordinary state officers and soldiers. They were not wearing ordinary official clothes. They looked like military clothes, thinking about how the army came to drip this muddy water mark and did not consider fighting with that soup. Everyone was on alert.
The gang of officers and men soon surrounded the big ship. These officers and men were divided into three ranks: high school, high school and low school. Each of them had a musket in his hand, followed by five tigers squatting behind him.
I saw an official-looking man come out of these people and shouted at them, "Which one is Tang Bufan?"
Tang Bufan is really squealing at the sound of it. "It’s not a day since I got this pure Jun Jian. Zivulin middleman and government people came after themselves, and now even the army people are looking for doors."
Looking back at Baiyun Dragon, Baiyun Dragon has no expression. Looking at those officers and men, Nai crustily skin of head came to the ship’s rail and shouted at the man, "I am Tang Bufan. What can I do for you? It’s not that easy to catch me."
Listen to the official saying, "We are a magic camp. Your former crimes are under the control of the local government and I didn’t. I want you to hand over the pure Jun sword to you. I can guarantee that you will not die now. If you don’t hand it over, I will make you and your friends become targets."
All of them wondered why the army had mixed with the pure Junjian, and they even wondered why so many people wanted to rob this pure Junjian. If it was said that the Jianghu middleman was fighting for it, it would be a strange thing for the government to hunt down this soup and kill the official, but what about this army? And it was still the three camps of the Imperial City Guards and a magical camp.
Shenji camp is responsible for "defending the capital and preparing for the battle outside". The officers and men of the escort cavalry are directly commanded by the imperial court. The garrison of Shenji camp is different from its highest level. This is a special force in charge of firearms in the military.
Soldiers used guns and ware as weapons, and later added matchsticks. At that time, the five battalions and the three thousand battalions of the Magic Battalion were collectively referred to as the three battalions. The five battalions were a mixture of cavalry and infantry. This unit was transferred from various places to take on the main attack.
3,000 Battalion is mainly composed of surrendered Mongolian cavalry, that is to say, 3,000 Battalion is actually the backbone of 3,000 Mongolian cavalry when the mercenary owner formed 3,000 Battalion. Of course, with the development of the army, the actual number of people became more than 3,000, and different departments of 3,000 Battalion and 5 Barracks are cavalry. Although the number of this cavalry unit is small, it is the most powerful cavalry force in the army. They mainly play an assault role in the war.
Supposedly, this magical camp should not appear here. It seems that there are hundreds of people. Should it be a special execution? Is this pure sword? Everyone’s heart is not much a few minutes worried.
Before Mark debuted, Dong Fangshuo told him about some martial arts experts in the Jianghu today, and gave him a general idea about what the mark would poison, make hidden weapons and be sinister. Some people knew something about these three camps, but Dong Fangshuo didn’t know that because these three camps were established by Zhu Di himself, there were no three camps when Dong Fangshuo lived in seclusion. These are all traces of wandering around the Jianghu, but now they are competing for pure Junjian, and they are secretly worried that it will not end well.
Although Tang Bufan knows the magic camp is fierce, he has never seen the power of firearms, but where is the treasure willing to give up easily? "You want grandpa’s treasure with your broken muskets and don’t look at where you are. This is not your palace. This is the Feilong Hall on Jiaolong Island."

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