"Sister Tong, I have to go." Ma Liang looked at himself and stayed here for almost an hour, but said that he was somewhat sorry.

Although Zhou Ruotong nodded, he really wanted a man to hold himself and experience these aftertaste.
Ma Liang leaned over and kissed her gently, and Zhou Ruotong’s hand hooked his neck and gave a warm response. Both of them looked at each other and expressed their feelings.
After a while, Ma Liang left and listened to the noise outside. Zhou Ruotong was so comfortable lying naked, but it was estimated that she had to wash the sheets. But even if she washed them a hundred times and a thousand times, she was willing to regain her feelings of liking men, but she also knew that she was not only helping Ma Liang understand women, but she was also full of desire.
Ma Liang is riding a bike and carrying things along the country road. He can’t wait to try it in Su Yu Yao’s body and get her permission, so both Zhou Ruotong of Xia Xue and Su Yuqi have a better mentality.
And far away, I saw a tall and charming figure on the road in front of my house. Who else but Su Yuyao could it be? Ma Liang was so happy that she accelerated her speed, but she actually went in.
The car stopped firmly in front of the house, and Su Yuyao went straight back to his room and returned the door.
"Teacher, you’re back." Mengmeng’s heart came to me. It’s already noon after school.
"Mengmeng lovely bought you new clothes to try later" Ma Liang pinched her pretty face pink and tender.
She took Ma Liang. "Has Sister Yuqi gone back? Teacher, why did you come back at this time?"
"I sent her to the county seat and then repaired the motorcycle and bought something. It was too late to come back." Ma Liang said that Mengmeng actually knew about Zhou Ruotong’s affairs, but that kind of thing would eventually affect her pure heart
In fact, Su Yuyao secretly listened behind the door in the room at this time, and Ma Liang said that she couldn’t help pie pie.
"Teacher, what’s the smell of your good smell?" Mengmeng suddenly said.
And Su Yu Yao picked up his fist and was angry. He didn’t want to have a woman, Zhou Re Tong.
"Seems to be the rain qi elder sister taste what did you do" Mengmeng actually also could not smell a specific but in this let Su Yu yao relieved.
"Sister Yu Qi must be reluctant to part with you" Mengmeng is actually a little reluctant to part with Su Yuqi.
"Mengmeng, take the things in" Ma Liang explained the clothes behind the motorcycle and so on.
Such as set up in the table Ma Liang wanted to think, holding the words pushed Su Yu Yao door, she sat in a chair and put her legs on another chair.
"Rain Yao, I bought this thing and you try it." Ma Liang sat down on Su Yu Yao’s jade foot and moved it on his leg.
"Send someone to send a day," she kicked Ma Liang a little angrily.
"I don’t trust her. She met a few bad guys in the car," Ma Liang said, and Su Yuyao certainly knew about it.
"I don’t know if I’ll come back early if I send it. I’m so busy taking two classes alone," she said, but she didn’t mean to complain
Ma Liang spoke and stared at the screen for a long time. Sure enough, there was a signal and I was relieved.
"Rain Yao can make a conversation and you try" Ma Liang handed her the phone.
"Line talk" Su Yuyao certainly knew that this kind of thing was tied up, then thought about it, dialed a number and pressed it.
"Hello, who is Ma Liang?" Su Yuqi sounded and said at the first time.
Su Yu Yao gave Ma Liang a beautiful stare and then kicked him and said, "It’s me, your sister."
"Sister, why are you willing to hit me? Is Ma Liang not here?" She asked.
"I’m here," Ma Liang said
Su Yu Yao is jade enough to gently light Ma Liang’s lower abdomen, which is quite provocative, and then said, "I’ve only been here for a few days and I know that Ma Liang is not as important as him."
Su Yuqi giggled. "Sister is of course important, but we are all so familiar."
Ma Liang has a very happy feeling in his heart, as if he saw Su Yuqi holding the words.
"It’s nothing for me. It’s just that Ma Liangxin bought a line. I’ll try the effect and hang up first." Su Yuyao was relieved to prove that his sister was fine
But she didn’t know that Su Yuqi’s cheeks were swollen and her face was still covered with tears. She was beaten by her mother and was alone on the sofa in the big room, even though it was dark in the evening.
"Sister Ma Liang, I miss you so much." Suddenly, she wrote that this rich but busy home has long been inadequate, and the luxury decoration of expensive apartments looks very hole.
Because there is no one, many rich people like to indulge and alcohol to anesthetize their deficiency.
"Are you alone at home?" Su Yuyao asked.
"Mom went out for a meeting and probably won’t come back tonight. Dad also went on a business trip," she replied.
"Well, don’t disturb your romantic time, Ma Liang. I will always wait for you if you want to refuel." Su Yuqi kissed the words and hung up.
"What did you promise her? Come on!" Su Yuyao immediately warned:
Chapter 243 Special place
Ma Liang stammered and lied. If you don’t lie, you can’t say that I will fix you and let you accept Su Yuqi.
"This is a secret." Ma Liang scratched his head so that he finally didn’t lie. It’s really a secret
"I’m too lazy to ask you. Give me a pinch. I’m so tired today." Su Yuyao didn’t ask.
Ma Liang held her jade is sufficient, holding Su Yuyao slowly and enjoying her eyes closed.
It’s probably because she’s really tired. As soon as she gets home, she washes her feet and puts on clean slippers, while Ma Liang looks at her delicate feet, white and tender, and she can faintly see some glittering and translucent feeling, plus she often wipes them with herbs, which is quite beautiful.

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