When Xi Fangping’s eyes are bright, he comes to whatever he really wants. This time, he is ready to go back to Hunyuan Sect to practice. When he comes, he plans to find some kinds to beautify the desolate Hunyuan Sect again, so it will take more than ten years to plant the herbs needed by the cultivation world. Therefore, it is quite normal to sell the seeds without customers.

See XiFangPing stopped to a face of frustration, the young monk face a glimmer of hope gently asked "Taoist friends want to plant? Buy some and go home. Find a place to plant them. Even if you can’t protect yourself, your disciples or future generations will get them. "
Xi Fangping almost laughed when he heard this. There is such a business there. This is not a pose to tell the other party to buy other species. The problem is that most of the scattered practitioners are not in married with children, and no one wants to do this today.
Xi Fangping’s knowledge of all kinds of exotic flowers, exotic plants and rare materials and monster beasts in the fix-up world is considered to be a master, but they are all things. Xi Fangping’s roots have never seen real things, and these kinds are nothing to do with the roots of things. Xi Fangping didn’t see why for a long time.
Xi Fangping asked with a smile, "Daoyou, where did these seeds come from? Why do you want to come to Taolin to sell them?"
The young man said with a sad face, "I bought this kind from the gate of Yunmenjian Mountain thousands of miles away. At that time, I was wandering around there to see if I could touch a high-ranking monk or ask them some practice questions. But the high-ranking monk didn’t touch it, but he touched an old man with five layers of air. He sold me these kinds and told me that there was a great demand for them. If you want to get some workshops, you can get a good price. As soon as I heard it, I was moved and took out only three lingshi. I thought that I might be able to earn one or two lingshi here when I was cheated.
Xi Fangping couldn’t help but want to laugh. It’s a young fish who just started out. Even so, it’s not too bad. Isn’t this a big help to him? I was just thinking about asking what this is. Suddenly, Xi Fangping moved in his heart and asked, "Daoyou said that the entrance of Yunmenjian Mountain is thousands of miles away?"
"Yes," the little monk asked strangely, "It’s about a thousand miles to the east from Taolin. It’s quite easy to find it here. The monks all know that there is also a big repair shop that specializes in all kinds of repairs, but it’s much more than TaoGui Lin. A minimum-order bag costs fifteen pieces of lingshi, which is 50% more expensive."
"Oh," Xi Fangping’s look remained the same, but his heart was overjoyed. Well, he finally knew a sect’s mountain gate, and at least he wouldn’t get lost when he came out after five years. He picked up one species and asked, "Daoyou, can you tell me what kind it is?"
The little monk smiled bitterly at one leng. "To tell you the truth, I didn’t know that I was too happy at that time, so I didn’t think of asking. I know that there are at least thousands of fennel seeds in this big bottle."
"Anise?" Xi Fangping nodded slightly. Xi Fangping knows that this thing is not a valuable thing, but many vegetarian monsters like to eat it. There are at least a dozen or twenty kinds of animals left in the celestial world, but this food grows so fast that it will be a large area in a few years. It is a good choice to beautify Hunyuan’s family. It has a good temper and can live well with other exotic flowers and plants even at the roots.
XiFangPing want to also don’t want to directly took out ten pieces of LingShi into the hands of the little monk said "Taoist friends these I want ten pieces of LingShi should be enough?"
The little monk looked at the Lingshi in his hand with a face of surprise, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. It took him a long time to put ten Lingshi into the bag, respectfully saluted Xi Fangping and said, "Thank you, Daoyou."
Xi Fangping ha ha a smile. "Don’t thank me. This is what you deserve. Don’t be fooled again."
I saw a bottle filled with fennel seeds. Xi Fangping suddenly remembered that there were a few drops of jade bee pulp in the belt. Xi Fangping hurriedly came to the room and looked for it. Finally, he saw a jade bottle that could be used to hold all kinds of Dan medicine and potions on a shelf. It was not very expensive to ask for a lingshi. Xi Fangping simply took out twenty lingshi and bought twenty jade bottles. God knows how much jade bee pulp he would get. It was always right.
Look at it. It’s almost dark. Xi Fangping found Yang Baiye and others to say goodbye to them. Yang Baiye and others didn’t care about Xi Fangping’s departure. It was just a chance meeting, and the Taolin Fair was going to be held for ten days. Now it’s only the first day, and many monks will come. They haven’t found what they want, and they haven’t communicated with other monks. They won’t leave.
As soon as I got out of the dense fog, Xi Fangping took out the little black flying sword and got a little aura. Then I threw it gently and it rose to about five feet in the wind. I stopped firmly at a place about one foot above the ground. Xi Fangping stepped on it carefully, and then the little flying sword flew out at the bottom of my foot, which almost caused Xi Fangping to fall down.
For a whole quarter of an hour, Xi Fangping finally mastered the skill of flying sword. He flew excitedly to the north to Qinglang Town, which is about two thousand miles north of Tianchi City. It was not so easy to get there. No wonder Xi Fangping didn’t want to mix in Taolin and hurried back anxiously.
Xi Fangping, this little flying sword, really loves it. Although it’s a little expensive, the goods are good. It’s not only safe when flying, but also the aura is not leaked. No one can fly at night like those two damn monks ten years ago. When the flying sword is dozens of feet away from them, you can hear shrill screams. Everyone knows that they are coming. This shows that this little flying sword must be from a famous hand. No wonder it is so expensive.
It’s only been about half an hour since Xi Fangping walked, and now something is wrong. As far as he knows, the flying degree of a four-story friar driving a flying sword should be about 20 miles an hour, almost as fast as a mortal trot, but he flew 20 miles in half an hour, which is exactly twice as fast, not to mention the mental energy consumed, which should be achieved by a seven-story friar.
Is it that the quality of the flying sword is too good? Xi Fangping shook his head and denied this statement. As far as he knows, the completion of flying swords depends on the master’s repair of flying swords. No matter how good the quality is, it can increase the master’s degree by about 10%. It is absolutely impossible to double it. There is also a possibility that his aura is almost the same as that of a friar with seven layers of air bleeding. But if so, he should be advanced to the seventh floor. How can he still stay in the realm of four floors?
Xi Fangping just has this kind of thing that he can’t figure out. He just ignores it. Anyway, he wants to know that his degree is almost the same as that of a seven-story monk, and he can reach 40 miles in an hour. That’s enough. Who cares?
Chapter 21 Huizong ()
In order not to attract others’ attention, Xi Fangping hurried on when it was dark. When it was dawn, he quickly found a secret place to meditate and practice. He could walk about 200 miles in one night. Xi Fangping also stayed in a city for a day. He bought enough dry food for 1,200 silver. Now he is just a four-story monk who has not reached the level of breaking the valley, and he has nothing to eat. He can’t go out to buy food every once in a while without dry food. That’s quite easy for other monks to put food in a bag for ten years. Anyway, his roots won’t be bad.
It took Xi Fangping eleven days to get to Qinglang Town. Instead of entering the town, he flew all the way along his own mountain route. In the past, Fiona Fang, where Hunyuanzong was located, was more than five or six thousand miles. Qinglang Mountain was just a small part of it. At that time, he took care of the boring walk all the way and knew that it was hard to hit a road in the wild forest. Fortunately, he still vaguely remembered the terrain he had passed. With that little impression, Xi Fangping finally wiped the pool two months later.
Xi Fangping was not in a hurry to get into the cave. To be on the safe side, he stayed by the pool for ten days until he was sure that no monk noticed him. Only then did he fly to the small cave where the mountain gate was located in the night. The small cave was exactly the same as it was 15 years ago, and even the rattan leaves hanging leisurely by the cave looked denser. Xi Fangping was sure that there were no high-order monks coming here at this time. It was quite simple. If there were high-order monks coming, he would have dug the rattan back to practice.
To be honest, Xi Fangping really has a little idea about this rattan. It’s an excellent material for refining magic weapons. But Xi Fangping now repairs it, and even if he digs the rattan, he doesn’t have the ability to refine it. It’s better to just leave it and wait for the strength to make plans.
When I first entered Hunyuan Sect, Xi Fangping almost couldn’t keep his eyes open. It was dark outside, but Hunyuan Sect was still bright. This is a world completely isolated and independent. The light has never been dark all the year round. It is a big problem for Xi Fangping to recognize Hunyuan Sect whether it is on this planet or not.
Xi Fangping once saw Hunyuan Immortal leave an ancient book on his face. Hunyuan Immortal proudly said that even if the whole planet exploded, Hunyuan Zong would still do research on this record. He thought it was enough to say that Hunyuan Zong’s mountain gate was not on this planet, but it looked like a stone gate, which was actually a remote array that could communicate with different planets. This statement has never been confirmed, and Xi Fangping did not care about it.
After entering the mountain gate, the first thing Xi Fangping did was to run to Hunyuan Cave and knock nine heads at the entrance of the cave. He knew that Hunyuan’s reality must be in closed practice at this time, and there was no way to know that he was back, but even Xi Fangping could forgive himself if he didn’t kowtow.
Then Xi Fangping found out more than 100 akayas from the waist bag and tried to crush them. Each akayas contained nearly 100 species. Xi Fangping carefully scattered these species in a big place about a mile away in Fiona Fang. He believed that it would not take long for these species to grow a large number of akayas. Didn’t Master say that Hunyuanzong’s aura is much purer than outside? It is the real meaning that fairy plants not only grow ten times faster here, but also grow flowers and fruits with much better quality than outside. Xi Fangping is convinced of this.
After planting the red flowers, Xi Fangping scattered the seeds he bought from the little monk to the ground at random. Only then did he come to Hunyuan Peak and find a good place to plant six red fruits to the red bees. Xi Fangping has not released them yet, and now Hunyuan Zongyi has released the red bees, and they will starve to death sooner or later. It is better to let them stay in the belt and not know the hunger.
After all this, Xi Fangping returned to Hunyuan Cave and found a flat place in that aisle to sit cross-legged and practice Hunyuan’s one-hearted method. The reason for looking for this place is quite simple. First, there is more fairy dust here than outside the cave, which is beneficial to practice. Secondly, it’s comfortable to stay closer to Master here, and it feels like being spoiled by Master again.
A year later, Xi Fangping came out of the Hunyuan Cave. He vaguely felt that he was about to advance to the fifth floor. It was really good to absorb the immortal spirit. Xi Fangping knew that if there was no panacea to support him, it would be impossible for him to advance from the fourth floor to the fifth floor for ten years. Now he feels that he is about to succeed after one year. It seems that he is still sure to advance to the sixth floor in four years.
What Xi Fangping wants to come out is that it is more likely to be advanced because of watching it. And secondly, he also wants to see what he planted now.
As soon as he came out of the hole, Xi Fangping was stunned by everything in front of him. More than 20 miles away, it was his own planting of red flowers and fennel grass. There were two large pieces of green, one red and one green. Don’t say that nature has always been a good place to stay. Fennel grass can flourish there. Red is probably the red flower. Did you say that it will take ten years for the red flowers to bloom, but now it’s only been a year?
Xi Fangping hurriedly stepped on a small flying sword and flew directly to the mountain gate. It turned out that the red sun flowers had not only been spent, but also grew quite well. More than 10,000 red sun flowers were sparsely distributed in a place in Fiona Fang. The size of the flower was five times larger than that of staying at the bottom of Tianchi Lake, and this was in the absence of honey gathering by red sun bees. Master said that fairy dust was extremely beneficial to plant growth, which could make the plant growth about ten times higher. Master was still wrong, not ten times or twenty times more.
Let’s take a look at a piece of green grass in Fiona Fang next to Chiyanghua. Xi Fangping remembers to write that Anemone grass is one foot tall, but now it is three feet tall and stands tall. I don’t know how good it is, especially Xi Fangping remembers that he was throwing Anemone grass seeds around at that time, as if the coverage was only a few tens of feet at most, but now there are Anemone grass everywhere in Fiona Fang, which means that the reproductive ability of this thing is really terrible. If he can find a vegetarian fairy beast, it is simply a paradise.
Xi Fangping walked in the grass of Anemone, carefully admiring that he threw away other species a year ago, and now they are all growing well, such as night orchids, red dragons, flowers and night grasses, and so on. There are more than 30 species in total, which are all precious things in the field of repair, and they grow very fast one by one. If those scattered practitioners know about it, they will come and pick it, crying and crying.
After watching the other exotic flowers and herbs in Anemone, Xi Fangping’s attention was attracted by three strange young trees. These three young trees stayed alone at a place about tens of feet away from the red sun flower array. The height of the trees was only about two inches. If you don’t look at them carefully, you won’t see the roots. Xi Fangping felt strange. He remembered that he had three guys as big as eggs in the acquisition. He didn’t know what it was, but he threw it at the side of the mountain gate without thinking.
Xi Fangping walked to the edge of three small trees and looked at them carefully for a while. After that, his face showed ecstasy. These three small trees turned out to be diamond wood, but it is rare to see the growth of refining materials in the field of repair. It takes a hundred years to grow a foot. This thing is quite heavy and hard. A diamond wood as high as one foot can weigh up to 10,000 kilograms. More importantly, the weapon refined from this thing can inject monks into their aura and get together to make a fatal blow. If it is done properly, it can make a monk twice as lethal.
Diamond wood has been planted in many sects with a long history, but it is impossible to make it truly mature without thousands of years. Even if it takes thousands of years, it can grow to a height of about ten feet at most, and there is no way to wield its true power. The higher the hardness and aura-gathering ability of diamond wood, the more powerful it can wield. I have never heard of diamond wood growing to a height of ten feet, and it is usually cut by monks to refine magic weapons. There are quite a few treasures in what that little monk got from deception.
After the excitement, Xi Fangping realized that it was time to release the red bees. More than 200 red bees emerged from the belt. As soon as these cute little guys came out, they kept dancing around Xi Fangping. It was quite exciting until they danced for about a quarter of an hour. They suddenly showed the large red flowers. More than 200 red bees couldn’t help flapping their wings together and flew straight towards the red flowers. They blinked and disappeared into the flowers.
Xi Fangping took out the beehive from the belt, first took out the royal bee pulp inside and put it into a jade bottle, then looked around and wanted to hang the beehive. However, there was no beehive tree in Hunyuan Sect in Fiona Fang, and the flowers, grass and roots could not hold the weight of the beehive.
Xi Fangping gave a wry smile and hit the rock wall near the mountain gate, but you can’t hang the beehive without a long guy at hand. You can’t take out the mace, but after he saved the guy, you have to leave it here and ignore it. Xi Fangping thought of the pile of scrap metal that was picked up from the ground in those years. Those magic weapons were destroyed by the big bang, but the materials were barely there, but there were several long guys just in it.
Xi Fangping found the pile of scrap metal and tossed it around for a long time. Finally, he found something that matched his hand. It was a long pike. The surface looked quite thin, but it was quite heavy in his hand. It was estimated that it was about 2,000 kilograms. It seems that the pike must be made of very rare materials, and I don’t know who the old owner of this pike was. But now he can hang a hive.
The pike and your gun were wrapped in a pool of mud. When Xi Fangping fished out the pike from the mud by the lake, he also fished out a lump of mud. Xi Fangping shook the pike hard to shake it out. Because it has been more than ten years since it was fished out, Hunyuanzong has never rained, and the lump of mud has long been dry and cracked into powder.
Xi Fangping noticed that it was not only mud powder that fell, but also a small square thing. Xi Fangping curiously picked it up and brushed away the dirt. Suddenly, his eyes widened. It turned out to be a lingshi, and it was still emitting aura lingshi.
There are four kinds of lingshi in the fix-the-true realm, the largest number of which is also the most frequently used. Lingshi colors are blue, red, blue, green and purple, which reflect each other very well, but it contains the least aura, followed by Lingshi, which is pure color, red, yellow and blue. Its aura is ten times as valuable as Lingshi, and then Lingshi is as white as frozen milk, and its aura is fifty times as valuable as that of 100 Lingshi.
In the fix-the-true world, the lingshi usually comes from the monks in the air-entraining period and the air-condensing period to absorb the aura, or the exchange merchants usually don’t pass a thousand lingshi in the hands of the monks in the air-entraining period and the air-condensing period, which makes the lingshi very convenient. The main reason is that the high-ranking monks, such as the Jiedan monks and the Yuanying monks, come to practice. The exchange merchants should know that the high-ranking monks usually have thousands of lingshi at first hand, which is not only troublesome to count but also troublesome.
Yu Lingshi is rare in the field of repair. Many monks in Jiedan period have never seen Lingshi. Even when monks in Yuanying period practiced, they were reluctant to give up Lingshi. Generally, Lingshi is a strategic preparation for major sects, and it is equivalent to 10,000 pieces of Lingshi. Just one bag can hold tens of billions of pieces of Lingshi. Under normal circumstances, such as Sanqingguan, the famous sects can’t find a few pieces of Lingshi. What’s more, what’s worse, other sects can?
Chapter 22 Huizong ()
However, no matter how expensive the lingshi is, compared with the extremely lingshi, it is simply one thing. The extremely lingshi is full of aura, which is five times that of lingshi, but its value is far from that of dozens of lingshi. The main reason is that a little lingshi has the ability to independently absorb the aura of heaven and earth, that is to say, even if all the aura in the extremely lingshi is absorbed, it will take decades and hundreds of years for that lingshi to be used again.
Extremely rare in the field of repair, usually only one or two pieces will appear in tens of thousands of years, and once they appear, they will be taken away by high-ranking monks. Therefore, no matter how much money you have, you can’t even think of buying an extremely spiritual stone. Now Xi Fangping has an extremely spiritual stone in his hand, and it is full of aura.
Who is this extremely spiritual stone? Xi Fangping thought about it and estimated that the ebony fool was entitled to have the ebony old ghost. At that time, the celestial Sect was more powerful than the Hunyuan real person, but its potential power was much greater than that of the Hunyuan real person. If a piece of extremely spiritual stone appeared in the fix-true world at that time, it would probably fall into the arms of the ebony old ghost, and these innate treasures were extremely hard, and the big bang in that year would not necessarily cause any damage to it.
Xi Fangping held the extremely spiritual stone in his hand and felt the qi coming from the palm of his hand. This spiritual stone has been in the mud of Hunyuan Lake for more than 17,000 years and absorbed a lot of immortal spirit. It is unbelievable that this spiritual stone is high in purity, but it is impossible to bring it out of Hunyuan Sect. Xi Fangping knows that once the extremely spiritual stone appears around for several miles, the aura will fluctuate, even if it is placed in the belt, it will not be noticed, but once it is taken out, it will probably cause high-ranking monks who are particularly sensitive to aura fluctuations. Note that Xi Fangping can’t keep such a natural treasure, but it’s not as good as Xi Fangping’s staying in Hunyuan Sect. When he goes out to practice, he can also put it in Hunyuan Cave to let it absorb more fairy spirits.
After carefully putting the extremely lingshi into the belt, Xi Fangping picked up the pike and found a suitable rock wall not far from the mountain gate. He worked hard to insert the pike into the ruler or so. God knows what Hunyuanzong rock wall is. Xi Fangping’s strength can actually insert the ruler. This shows that the rock wall is as hard as it is.
After doing everything, Xi Fangping returned to Hunyuan Cave and sat cross-legged from his belt. He took out the extremely spiritual stone and clung to his abdomen. He practiced again. With the help of the extremely spiritual stone, Xi Fangping was able to rush to the seventh floor in one fell swoop in just four years. Although it was a piece of cake for those monks who rushed from the fourth floor to the seventh floor in four years, it was simply a miracle that Xi Fangping’s five spiritual roots were qualified. Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for him to rush to the seventh floor without forty or fifty years.
Guess there is still a month or so before the apprentice meeting, Xi Fangping stopped practicing, carefully hid the extremely lingshi and walked out of Hunyuan Cave. He couldn’t wait to know what happened to those flowers, grass and red bees now.
The situation is so ideal that Xi Fangping can’t believe it. With the help of red bees, not only the flowers are about 30% larger than before, but also the number has increased from 20,000 to 40,000. The Fiona Fang Yili plantation is even more beautiful.
The growth of Illicium verum is even more eye-catching. Now Illicium verum has occupied almost half the shore of Hunyuan Lake. In Illicium verum, more than 30 kinds of flowers and plants are competing for beauty, which is pleasing to the eye. Besides, the diamond has grown to about one foot, and it will grow to about ten feet in forty or fifty years, which can meet the most basic requirements of the refiner. Xi Fangping also specially went to the place where he planted red fine fruit. At that time, there were six small trees with a length of about four feet, and there was no fruit near them.
What makes Xi Fangping most happy is the change of red bees. At this time, the number of red bees has reached more than 10,000, and its repair has also reached a great height. The queen bee has already had the air-entraining period, and the length of the nine-story repair is about four inches. You know, red bees have never had five layers of air-entraining outside. Not only that, but the original 200-odd red bees have reached six or seven layers of air-entraining repair, and the length of the nearly ten thousand red bees has also reached five layers. It seems that the fairy gas has just learned to fly.
More than ten thousand red bees are flying around in the red flowers, gathering the pollen on the red flowers. Seeing these scenes, Xi Fangping’s eyes are red. This is the Hunyuan Sect. This is what he wants. Although he has not reached the level of flowers everywhere and Lvmu’s shade in his memory, Xi Fangping believes that he will build Hunyuan Sect more beautiful when he gives it to him.
Xi Fangping’s appearance in the red lace attracted the attention of the red bees. Large groups of red bees flew to Xi Fangping’s side and surrounded him. They kept dancing with words to express their joy. Even the queen bee, who was so fat that she could hardly fly, stayed in the hive for most of the time to lay eggs, struggled to fly out of the hive and stopped at Xi Fangping’s flat head. Her tentacles kept touching Xi Fangping’s flat head to show affection.

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