Mo Yuling took out a thunder fire from the waist dart bag, thunderball hung it on the arrow hook, aimed at one of the diverters and whistled it out to listen to the distant boom. One of the diverters and several soldiers who controlled it were blown to pieces, and then followed suit and killed the other one. Mo Yu Ling quickly followed the mark and others to the river.

At this time, Mo Xiaobei has been manipulating rosefinch beast and a thousand soldiers rushed out of the city to fight. Although there are many people in the other side, Mo Xiaobei and others are, after all, rosefinch beast’s advantage in the game. There are still some people who bow and shoot arrows at Fang Mochen and others. In a short time, two Mohist brothers have been shot in the arrow, and their two ropes have also been lost because of the lack of rosefinch beast’s power to pull.
After Mark and others hurried down to the river, Song Zhiqian said to them, "Let’s help Xiaobei deal with those soldiers quickly."
Song Zhiqian voice down natural and unrestrained and others should be a good busy, and everyone will not come from both sides around the broken bridge, all of which are quickly boarded by the raised rocks on the cliffs of the broken bridge.
A thousand soldiers are trying to stop Mohist brothers from suddenly coming out of the square, and some of them are scared to throw away their bows and arrows, take out their waist swords and marks, and others fight together, but what is their martial arts?
These people are like entering the human environment. In a short time, they have killed the remaining thousands of soldiers alive and ran desperately towards the gate, but the gate was not opened because of their arrival. They were about to stop chasing the gate. Jin Jing’s gate has come to scream and live. Those people have died in Jin Jing’s claws. Seeing that the tower is throwing kerosene marks at Jin Jing, they quickly let Jin Jing withdraw to their side.
Mo Xiaobei saw that the enemy out of the city was wiped out, and then he flew to the top of the mark and said, "exemptions, I’ll give it to you here to help them."
Feng Xiao see mark and others have taken control of the bridge across the street and immediately ordered a warrant to cross the river.
As the magistrate gave the order, Feng Xiao’s soldiers slid along the rope towards the river. In less than half an hour, three or four thousand people had passed and Feng Xiao followed them to the other side.
Seeing that the number of soldiers was enough to keep the bridgehead territory, Mark said to several others, "Come with me, everyone."
Mo Yuling didn’t know where he was going and asked, "Where?"
Mark smiled and said "into the city"
Song Zhiqian also don’t know what medicine he gourd sell doubt asked "into the city? Aren’t we going to wait for them to attack the city together? "
Mark shook his head and said, "We want to be inside this time."
Song Zhiqian puzzled and asked, "How can we be inside and outside? Are there any of us in the city?"
Mark smiled and said, "You will know when you come with me."
With that, the mark turned to the side and slid to the river. Feng Xiao shouted, "General Feng will leave it to you and Xiaobei to see you in our city."
Feng Xiao knew the meaning of the mark and went back to "Don’t worry."
Mark turned around and said to Song Zhiqian and others, "All right, let’s go."
They looked at each other and saw the mark walking towards the distance, so they could follow in his footsteps.
Mark stop-and-go and occasionally squat down to have a look. Finally, he came to the place where Baidicheng is close to the back hill. Only then did he stop and look up at the gentle slope, then he pointed his hand and said, "That’s it."
When they looked up, they found that there were several sections of dilapidated city walls, and they didn’t know what would bring them here. There was no time to explain to them that they had quickly walked into the ruins, looked left and right for a long time, and then found a relatively flat big stone, and then turned around the stone and finally stopped.
Look at his strange behavior, I don’t know what he’s looking for. Fortunately, everyone watched the mark squat down with their hands. This flat big stone was pushed aside by him immediately, and then a cool breeze blew on my face.
Mark looked at the big stone and said with satisfaction, "Well, this is it. Let’s go."
They looked at the big stone face and miraculously appeared a stone step. They looked at each other and hurriedly followed the mark and went in.
Opaque hole mark will take out the night bead and grope for it.
After walking for about a wick of incense, Mo Yuling finally caught up with the trace in a few impatient steps and asked, "Eldest brother, how did you find this place? Is this the passage to Baidicheng?"
Without looking back, Trace said, "It is here that leads directly to Baidicheng and they don’t know this place at all."
Mo Yuling asked strangely, "Then how do you know?"
Mark said, "I didn’t know this until the Lord of Baidicheng told me."
Mo Yuling asked again, "Lord of Baidi City?"
Mark knew that she misunderstood and explained, "Oh, it’s not the Lord of Baidi City now, but the former one. They are twin brothers. I can’t tell you clearly for a while. I’ll talk to you slowly when I have a chance."
While walking, Song Zhiqian looked at some decorative stone carvings in the secret passages and said to himself, "It seems that these secret passages are not like things after the Song Dynasty, but rather like Tang Dynasty techniques. Why are there Tang Dynasty buildings in Baidicheng?"
Mark heard her puzzled and explained, "Yes, we are going to the secret passage in the Tang Dynasty, and we are now in the side of Baidi City. In fact, there are not only buildings in the Tang Dynasty but also a city in the earlier Han Dynasty, which shows that the location of Baidi City is important. If Zhuo Cheng did not discover this secret passage when he was young, I am afraid no one would know that there used to be three cities here."
Song Zhiqian suddenly realized, "No wonder you said we should be inside. The duke told you this secret passage, so why didn’t you tell us earlier?"
Mark said, "Because there are spies among us."
Everyone was shocked and said, "Is there a spy?"
Mark was about to explain when he heard a busy tone in front of him, and then gently walked to the front of a stone wall and listened to it for a while. After a while, the tail of Mark Ink gently knocked three times on the stone wall, and then three times from the other side of the stone wall, which was reassuring.
Mo Yuling was about to ask him who he was when suddenly a sprightly old man came out of the stone wall. This man was none other than Zhuo jiaqi, the real owner of Baidicheng.
Mark at the sight of Zhuo jiaqi hurriedly introduced to the people, "This is the real owner of Baidicheng, Zhuo Qiqi, an old hero."
They exchanged names with Zhuo jiaqi at the sight of Jianli. Zhuo jiaqi just said, "Little Xia, I’m afraid you won’t find it here."
Mark said, "It came earlier because they blew up the stone bridge, which made us waste a lot of trouble."
Zhuo jiaqi said, "No wonder I just heard a loud noise. It seems that if we don’t stop them, Baidicheng will really be destroyed. Then we’ll go out without delay."
They followed Zhuo jiaqi and walked a maze-like passage and finally stopped. Zhuo jiaqi looked at a raised stone on the top of her head and said, "This is my original bedroom. If I didn’t find this secret passage, I’m afraid I can’t help you today."
Mark said, "This is the so-called providence. Maybe it is their fate."
Zhuo jiaqi said, "Yes, this is God’s will, but Shaoxia promised me to spare my brother and his wife."
Mark primly said, "Don’t worry, Lord, I will honor my promise."
Zhuo jiaqi nods, "That’s good. Let’s go."
Listen carefully to the surface and nothing happened. Zhuo jiaqi just pushed the stone and a light came from the surface. A jump mark and others followed Zhuo jiaqi and jumped out of the hole.
Chapter 42 Sword refers to the attendance of Baidicheng (3)
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When we met, we discovered that it was really a bedroom. Although it didn’t look luxurious, it was also clean. Presumably, it was the residence of Zhuo Lin and his wife.
Zhuo jiaqi looked familiar with everything and was silent for a long time. This just said to Mark, "Young Xia, I can send you here, and everything can be on your own. After all, he is my own brother. If he knows that I let you in, I’m afraid …"
Trace white his concerns and said, "Zhuo Lord can do this enough to say that you have a deep sense of honor, so leave it to us."
Just as mark finished this sentence, suddenly the door rang and a man Mo Yuling came in from the outside. Before the bearer shouted out, he grabbed the other person and covered his mouth.
Zhuo jiaqi hurriedly said "don’t hurt her" when she saw the person coming in.
Mo Yuling is busy, holding each other’s hands aside.

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