"All right, let’s not talk about it. Have any of you ever been in that city?" Haikui stretched out his hand and interrupted the old man complaining and asked

The old man nodded "yes! I’ve also been to the city where I was sold as a slave and beaten by monsters who didn’t give me enough food every day. I can’t stop working for a moment. Finally, I killed a monster and escaped. It’s also my fate. Four people escaped that year, and I managed to escape. Everyone else died! "
"Can you go to town?" Haikui asked himself what he wanted to know.
The old man nodded
Hai kui mu Lu mused and said to them, "Go away. I want to talk about it another day!" With that, Haikui disappeared!
"Fairy, you just left us?" The old man roared with grief, far away from Haikui’s ear, and then the old man died and fainted.
Haikui didn’t look back this time. He flew to the wall surrounded by bluestone bricks and looked at him from a distance. He wondered if there were ordinary people who could enter and leave here normally. If so, it is really necessary to cooperate with ordinary people.
Haikui can’t get in, so fat can’t get in as well as raw.
Haikui suddenly wants to know where Fat and Sheng are. He is a little unsure. If three people compete for a site, that’s his previous idea. If three people each compete for a site, it will take some effort.
Haikui glanced at the bluestone brick wall and continued to hide his body and turned to go.
He went to look for fat and life because he didn’t dare to scatter his knowledge, for fear of being discovered by fat and life, and he kept flying carefully.
Haikui kept a low profile in the opposite direction of Heze and went all the way to observe carefully and slowly bypass the city. Otherwise, it would not touch the defensive barrier and would not be discovered by the people inside.
Slowly flying farther and farther, Haikui realized that due to the terrain, all the way to the earth is a huge gentle slope. It is strange that the city is in the mud and the old people live in Heze.
Is it because of the high mountains and long eyes? But even children on the earth know that water flows east. What is this because the east is low and the west is high? The water flows east.
With such a simple truth, people in Heze should be able to think about it and live there.
If you continue to fly forward, there will be towering giant trees. These trees are hundreds of meters high, which is absolutely difficult to see on earth. If you reach tens of meters, it will be considered as towering giant trees.
Haikui felt that the elders probably had their reasons for not moving here, and there must be something unusual here.
After the first day of flight, the blue sky looks like a fake because there is no cloud in the blue sky, but Haikui knows it is a fake, but the fake blue sky looks so beautiful.
Haikui finally dumped the city far away. He estimated that the area of the city is several hundred thousand square meters, which is quite large. Moreover, it is quite a waste of manpower and material resources to build bluestone bricks around the city into a cylinder, which is a great thing in this era of cold weapons.
Continue to fly to the depths of the towering trees, and the branches and leaves cover the sky, which is like changing from day to night.
* * Eye root can’t see how far this towering giant forest is, and there is no way for Haikui to release his knowledge and go to the depths.
Only then did I know that there were many wild animals in this forest, no wonder people didn’t come here.
Haikui kept moving forward quickly and finally came to the end of the forest. Over the end, he saw the towering peaks.
A continuous mountain peak
Living on the mountain peak, human beings still look like they are stuck in the Stone Age. The tools are all made of stones, and they are all animals and trees!
Haikui found life on a mountain peak, so he was sent here.
Haikui’s gods suddenly looked up at Haikui when he saw the birth, and Haikui cut off the gods.
From Haikui now to the birth position, there are dozens of gods, and it takes at least half a minute to get here, but Haikui is far away.
He no longer turned forward and went to the right!
After flying for a while, Haikui is still a god’s knowledge. At the end of the forest on the right side, it is a barren desert. There are also human beings there. It seems that they are barbarians. Look at them. They ride mounts and kill animals with swords or have * * * * * * * fighting. There are small battlefields everywhere.
Haikui soon found fat!
Now that Haikui has found the person he wants, there is no need for him to stay. Maybe it will be a fierce battle if they find him.
Haikui can’t figure out what this heaven and earth is now.
If Haikui leads them to win the territory according to the old man’s wishes, even if it is completed, Suzaku said that one person in heaven and earth can live, and the other two are dead!
If Haikui Xiu is the strongest, he will never find lang and Sheng directly and kill them both, then this is his victory!
How the hell is this going to be done?
Haikui was a little scratching his head. He walked slowly through the dark forest and suddenly thought of Sen Yao stopping to take something out of the bag in the high branch.
He took out the broken map in Tongta!
At that time, Fat gave the map to Haikui Haikui, and he didn’t come to see it. Now he looks carefully and wants to find some clues from the surface.
Hai Kui found the Tongta on the broken map, and then he saw four elephants representing Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qinglong and White Tiger, and then he saw a cylindrical ring.
If the guess is correct, this cylindrical ring should be a city wall!
Haikui looked at it carefully and looked at it again. It was indeed a square city.
He looked at the map carefully, and suddenly there was a palm-sized place on the map to depict the city. In the city, there was a box with the words "Heaven" written on it!
Haikui looked for a long time and didn’t find the land and people.
Suzaku once said that they would get the title of heaven and earth. Is there a title of heaven in that city?
Haikui smoothed her thoughts for a long time and finally thought that it should be like this. In the city, they can only get the title of that day if they grab the city.
However, the city’s defense barrier does not allow practitioners to enter. Even if you have stepped into the distraction period, there is nothing you can do. You have to help those who want to attack the city, so that they can find the title of Tianzi when the time comes.
Haikui analyzed it and felt that he thought this thing should be like this. Only with this explanation can we reasonably understand the cause and effect of all this.
Fat and life should have thought of everything, and they will also rob the city to find the title of heaven, and then the remaining two will stay here forever, and one will die and go to reincarnation!
Suzaku said, "Three people will win the title of" Heaven and Earth Man "and sink into this man’s reincarnation in heaven and earth!"
If you follow Suzaku’s advice, then you really don’t have time. lang has to grab the title of "Heaven in the City" as soon as possible, thus giving birth.
And there is no way to negotiate with the people in the city, and it is also possible that the city dwellers will not give Haikui the title of that day without saying anything.
After Haikui cleared up these things, he knew that he could benefit the old man and them!
They came to attack the city by Li Haikui, and they went to the city to find what he wanted.
Haikui patted a giant tree on the right, clicked a giant tree and whispered, "It seems that we must make a strategic plan quickly. We must find a way to break the defense barrier!"
He is thinking about things to himself, because he doesn’t want to lose, and he can’t lose, so he is dead.
Haikui knew that he and Pang and Sheng Xiu could not be compared with the owner of the fairy tomb. The root method was reversed and the established rules could be followed according to the owner’s rules.
Unless Haikui has a better way, if they get the title of Heaven, then the rules will be implemented and the fate of the remaining two will be decided.
Bet or not, you have no choice, but it turns out to be a good choice-die or live!
Chapter 3 War Plan
Now it seems that Haikui is the weakest person here.
Fat is in the desert, where the folk customs are tough and very fighting. Although the place where the students live looks like the Stone Age, it seems that all of them are stronger than each other, especially their blunt instruments must be effective and poor.
This comparison shows that Haikui is the weakest in terms of combat effectiveness, and it is not optimistic that others are weak and self-repairing is not as good as being fat and healthy.
Haikui dares to say that Fat and Sheng will definitely find him, and he can find them and they can find him.

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