Night slowly enveloped the whole city of Tongding. When the Chinese lights in the city died down, a dense forest gas suddenly shook and twisted thousands of meters away from the Tianquemen office, like something was squeezing them outward, and a black figure appeared suddenly in a second. It seems that the figure is still young, dressed in a black armor, and the material is specific, even if there is light shining on it, it does not reflect at all.

As soon as the figure appeared, it quickly shuttled through the forest to the south suburb of the city. The protective qi of Zhou took up a beautiful pale orange trail in the dark, and the orange light came to the southern suburb warehouse area in a moment.
A year ago, a fire almost burned this place to the ground, but now it has been rebuilt, but the scale is much smaller than before.
The figure didn’t stay in shape. A blink once again crossed the kilometer distance and came to a remote person outside the warehouse in the middle of the warehouse area. In terms of sneaking out of the office or entering this warehouse area, almost no one could feel his figure at this moment.
When the figure walked to the front of the warehouse door, a dazzling purple face and its breathtaking beauty were suddenly exposed to the light from the warehouse.
This warehouse is still a year ago, Jiang Xiao became famous in accordance with Chong Yuan Dan. However, this nearby area has now been bought by him as a whole. A logistics company prepares the warehouse, but it is actually the usual meeting place with his two demon hands.
This warehouse is sparsely populated except for the security guards distributed around it. However, due to the incident six months ago, this newly-built warehouse has not yet entered the sight of all parties, so it is considered safe.
"Ying Shunchen has seen adults!"
The purple boy had just stepped into the warehouse door and was already waiting for the mirror charm, so he leaned respectfully at the door with a gift, and beside him was a tall young man in his twenties, handsome and not in the purple boy’s eyes, but with a blood-red luster. When he saw Jiang Xiaoyi coming in, he turned his head and said nothing as if he had not seen anything.
Jiang Xiaoyi smiled and nodded at Ying Shunchen, and then his eyes were attracted by what was placed in the corner of the warehouse. He was too lazy to pay attention to the bad attitude of full moon, and he didn’t care at all.
It’s impossible to force these demon families to work with their souls, even if they are the most respectful to him on the surface, Ying Shunchen hates him in his heart.
If you can do the things he told you well, no matter how bad your attitude towards him is, he can tolerate Jiang Xiaoyi, and he is happy to let these always be "loyal" to him.
This way to relax his chest without causing him any real harm.
Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes are marked by four monster beasts with different images. From its huge size, it can be seen that the four monster beasts with less grades are also Grade A. Together, they almost occupy most of the area of this warehouse. The demon power seems to be blocked by something, and the surface is a little demon power and vitality fluctuation. Both eyes are closed and in a coma, and the body and limbs are also surrounded by a thin golden chain.
"Ha ha! Looking at the moon is doing well! These goods you sent this time are the best quality in the past six months! " Personally, the gods have detected the demon power of the four monster beast bodies. Ginger smiled with satisfaction and nodded appreciatively toward the arc full moon.
Full moon in the heart is uncomfortable and almost bleeding hoarse voice way "don’t and this is the last batch! Don’t forget that you promised me that there would be cannibals in the demon league of Chudong! " Words to the back of the arc full moon tone but unconsciously soft to faint with a hint of pleading.
Ginger smiles at the corners of her mouth and smiles coldly. This kind of self-selling kindred thing has to be done for the first time, so it won’t be too resistant for the second time. It is necessary to make some means to spend some time to make the other party submit.
However, this fox should be glad that he didn’t force the other party to continue to do this kind of thing. His thoughts and pity are simply because this fox is an important player in the demon family. If the demon family disappears too much, it will arouse suspicion after all. This is the last thing he wants to see, and he doesn’t want to let him and himself be separated from Germany because of excessive persecution. If it is possible, it is best to let the other party be willing to work for himself.
"Don’t worry!" Strolling to the front of these four monster beasts, Jiang Xiao smiled with a smile on his face. He absorbed these four monster beasts into the devil’s pot and said faintly, "Since I promised you, I will never break my word and ask you to have no misdeeds, so I won’t send them to me any more. You just listen to Shun Chen and say that now you are about to be pulled out as one of the three deacons in the bright moon and the land?"
Looking at the moon, he snorted. Although he still had a cold face, everyone could see his relieved mood.
Jiang Xiaoyi shook his head and turned his head to look at the mirror charm. "How did Shun Chen tell you how things were going?"
Ying Shunchen didn’t dare to look at the moon like an arc. First, he didn’t have the strength and money. Second, he knew that this young man was terrible. I’ve ruled out most of the caves you listed, including one in Yan State and one in Yue State, which were born recently, and both of them were preserved in good condition by scattered practice, but some of them were lost. I’m trying to track down these two caves now, but it will take some time-"
When it comes to this, Ying Shunchen stole a look at Jiang Xiaoyi and continued, "In terms of intelligence network, I have initially completed the layout of this part of Chu’s territory. Although the time and financial law have penetrated into the top forces of all parties, I can still detect the movement a little bit bigger."
"Not bad!" Jiang Xiaoyi praised, "You can achieve this level in such a short time, but your grades are not perfect, but they have greatly exceeded my expectations. Shun Chen, I now see that you are really talented in this respect."
"My Lord, I’m flattered!" Ying Shunchen bowed his head and smiled slightly. "I heard that adults will play chess with Gongye Zhongmou in ten days, but want to fight with Gongye family?"
"well! I really want to call you here this time. "
Jiang Xiaoyi nodded his head, but Ying Shunchen’s complexion changed, but he didn’t look like Gong Yezhong and Mi Luan. Those people can generally guess that Jiang Xiaoyi is in charge of the table strength. He is the clearest person who has secretly laid out those chess and layouts for the specific strength of Purple Youth in the past six months.
Although the strength of young people hiding in the dark is really not weak, it is an idiotic dream to shake the Gongyeguyi by this, and they choose to start work so early before the upgrade of the circle in Langshan, fearing that most of those arrangements in the dark will not take effect. If there are no other cards, the chances of winning are almost nil.
Ying Shunchen is not worried that Jiang Xiaoyi is related to life and death because of the soul imprint. They may have no image of Jiang Xiaoyi when they die, but if something happens to Jiang Xiaoyi, most of them will not live. Once they don’t feel that Jiang Xiaoyi is in the soul imprint, the instructions will make them disappear completely in this world.
"Why? Don’t believe me? It’s strange for me to decide, isn’t it? " Imitation seems to see through what Ying Shunchen is thinking. Ginger smiles and smiles clearly on her face.
"Ha ha! In fact, there is another meaning of calling you here this time, that is, I want you to meet your other companion. I think you should not have this idea after meeting him. "
The palm of his right hand is outward. First, a golden dot spits out from his palm. As the distance between the dot and the spout is getting farther and farther, a giant golden bird appears in their field of vision.
As soon as he left the devil’s pot to control the giant bird’s body, he narrowed it down again. Once again, in front of the three people, he was a man who looked just grown up, dressed in a golden suit, with a closed crack in his forehead and his eyes staring at the world blankly.
The 290th memory
Yun Heshan Tang Qianjue? "
Indecision may look at this scene. At this time, I should be surprised that words are accurate in Shun Chen’s heart.
In terms of life span, he is several times older than the man in front of him, but in terms of strength, the two sides are far apart, and it is difficult for him to kiss up.
Ying Shunchen has heard the name of this demon family’s descendant more than once in the past thousand years, and katoey phyle, the first demon king, is the most promising genius to break through the realm of demon generals in the past thousand years. His image has already spread all over China, and his name is even better than that of Ying Shunchen’s former master.
But how could such a genius fall into Jiang Xiaoyi’s hands?
At present, this man’s appearance is quite different from usual, but the precipitous temperament, clear and sharp eyes on the cliff are definitely his right, and he knows that refining the demon pot can change people’s appearance.
Compared with Ying Shunchen, he was more shocked than surprised. Although he was trapped in the town demon tower for 900 years, he had never heard of Tang Qianjue, but his strength was one hundred times better than that of the mirror charm. Ying Shunchen failed to detect the arc and looked at the moon, but he could clearly feel that the surface of this young golden man was vast. If the siren force still appeared, he would have a destructive power to protect himself from fear at that moment.
Unlike the demon king who has been sealed off with him for many years in Tianquedao Law School, this young man feels that he is not only intimidated by a person, but also shocked by his soul, whether it is strength or bloodline. This young man is far from him.
"Yes, it’s Tang Qian, but don’t call it after this name," Jiang Xiaoyi corrected. "Like Hu Yue, Tang Qian is dead, and now there is a demon king in this world!"
"Does the demon king shed feathers?" Arc full moon mouth murmured, eyes also looked deeply at the golden youth. Some of them were in the same boat. However, the body demon king had to order this Tang Qianjue from a human in the future. His fate was much more tragic than his. He still had hope for freedom, and it was impossible for the other party to let him go freely according to Jiang Xiao and his nature.
"Who are you calling Liu Yu?"
Half kneeling on the ground, Tang Qian’s mind has gradually regained consciousness. At that moment, a strong sense of lore filled the whole warehouse, and Ying Shunchen was forced to retreat to the corner by this murderous look, as pale as paper.
Both of them consciously want to compete with the demon force. However, it is only at this time that the demon Dan has been unable to move, as if he were afraid of something, as if he were motionless in his spiritual orifices. Even if two people urge him, the law will be brought back into control.
In front of Tang Qian unique ginger smile in accordance with the suspicion is in the center of this murder impact fact Tang Qian unique this murderous look is really directed at him, but the purple boy’s face has never changed, even if Tang Qian unique demon force has been released to form absolute coercion in the warehouse, his face is still with a little smile.
Tang Qian never wanted to kill Jiang Xiaoyi in the center of the earth. However, the refined demon tripod was engraved on his soul, but it made him unconsciously avoid Jiang Xiaoyi’s real position when he attacked the purple boy.
The warehouse is getting hotter and hotter, and the temperature is rising sharply. The steel doors and window frames around it are gradually showing signs of melting. Whether it’s an arc looking at the moon or a shun minister, they are kneeling on the ground and panting at this time, so the coercion has already exceeded the limit they can bear.
Smiling and smiling, Jiang Xiaoyi’s eyes are talking about him at this time.
"Ha ha! Liu Yu, I don’t think you know the situation now, do you? "
At the same time, the purple teenager’s voice fell and a spiritual ability was whipped through spiritual connection. It was not that there was no resistance in the depths of Tang Qian’s soul. It was that Tang Qian’s soul force gathered together. When it met Jiang Xiao’s soul force, it quickly melted its resistance as snow met Chu Yang.
Severe pain is instantly jammed with Tang Qian’s mind scattered around, and the demon force is out of control in this instant, and the temperature of the dissipation shape is restored to its original state, while Tang Qian’s unique person is kneeling in front of Jiang Xiaoyi again with his hands on his head.
As every inch and every minute in the soul source is like being bitten by ants, the feeling gradually fades, and the purple juvenile sound rings again in his ear.
"I said that you are a feather, and you are a feather?"
At this time, in Tang Qian’s eyes, Jiang Xiaoyi’s figure is as high as a god, which makes people feel awe, and the juvenile voice is full of majesty, which implies a kind of power that makes people afraid to disobey.
Just when Tang Qian was in a daze and wanted to hide in his bones, he was arrogant, but once again he took control of his own thinking and bit his tongue with pain.
Get out of the illusion
Tang Qian absolutely giggled and struggled to look up and look at Jiang Xiao again. The third eye was already open.
"Remember! My name is Tang Qianjue and I am nobody! "
The warehouse was full of deep and remote blue light, full of full moon, and Ying Shunchen was swept by the light. The soul was just a violent tremor, and a strong suction was attracting the source of his soul to leave in vitro. Both of them were cold sweat, knowing that if this suction really succeeded, it would never be possible to live a life in this green light.
What the hell is this light? The pupil in Liu Yu’s eyes seems to be a blue mirror, but what will scatter this light?
Ying Shunchen has more knowledge than looking at the moon in the end, and in the past six months, he has personally set up the Jiang Xiaoyi Hui information network, which can be said to know the great things that have happened in the field of repairing the truth in recent years, and he will soon realize something.
Is that mirror actually that thing? Down and out, nine Yin Jian didn’t come from nothing, but fell into Jiang Xiao’s hands?
Spiritual power once again lashed at Tang Qian’s Jedi soul. This time, Jiang Xiaoyi had no mercy. Tang Qian was shocked by an inexplicable impact and flew backwards for several meters. When he struggled to lift himself up from the ground, his head was also a burst of ignorance except that the soul was in severe pain. A little blood flowed from his mouth, nose and ears.
"I said you didn’t understand the situation! Can you-can you still resist my will now? It’ s true that I gave you this kind of thing. It’ s a different attack, but do you think I will be unprepared? "
Smiling at Tang Qian’s unique sight, the other person’s eyes are still full of fear. Looking at him, Jiang Xiao sighed and didn’t pay attention to this man’s strong will. He had already experienced it for half a year and never stopped resisting the demon king’s heart. Zhijian is really strong to the extreme, even if it were him, he might not be able to do it.

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