The Celtics’ personal meeting of the Big Three ended, and then they joined Rivers to discuss it. In the end, they discussed that a game must be won and you must never fight against the pacers again. Are you crazy to fight against a group of crazy people?
Boston has set the tone for a game, but the first game of the Pacers Celtics has caused an uproar.
It is not surprising that Celtic will lose, but what is surprising is the course of the game.
The pacers’ completely different tactics of running and blasting have actually achieved such results in this game.
The Big Three did their best in this game, as can be seen from their data.
Ray made 4 of 6 3-pointers and scored 26 points in his game.
Pierce and Gatt jointly contributed 59 points, and Gatt also contributed 14 rebounds. They definitely tried their best in this data, but even as the Big Three tried their best, they still lost the game.
At one time, Li Cheng and his walkers were stronger than everyone else, and they were the team that was good at creating miracles to be continued
Chapter DiYiQi A plan
A match between Pacers and Celtics will be held on May 21st.
Li Cheng stayed in the hotel all day on the 19th. Last night, he was really overdrawn.
Even with the super plug-in "Basketball Top System", Li Cheng slept until noon.
After waking up at noon, Li Cheng entered the "top basketball system" at the first time. He remembered that the Celtics would get a reward every time they won a game.
"Congratulations to your team for winning the first game of Boston Celtics, which will increase the consumption by one day and increase the gold medal award by one level."
After receiving this award, Li Cheng’s gold coin has increased to 379, and his gold coin storage is relatively rich.
And what is even more gratifying is that he rose to level 27 this time and got 3 attribute points, and at the same time he took a step further from the third row of skills.
These three attribute points were assigned to the agility attribute. In dealing with Celtic, the team agility attribute increased a little, which enabled him to get more opportunities in the game, so his agility attribute was raised to 53 points, and other attributes remained unchanged.
On this day, the walkers didn’t arrange training. Many people went out to play, and Li Cheng stayed in his room to rest alone.
Li Cheng’s day was easier, but O ‘Brien and Hart discussed it in the room for a day. What they discussed was naturally what the team would do.
"Do we have to continue to play a game?" O’ Brien a little confused to himself.
"In fact, there should be no big problem in continuing this tactic, but I think we should change it for Li Chengshi," Hart said
O ‘Brien looked at the messy tactical map in front of him and thought, "There is no team like Celtic when he is attacking with the ball. Their 2 nd and 3 rd positions are star players with strong defense, which has a great influence on Li Cheng’s attacking with the ball."
"He doesn’t have much chance to attack with the ball in a game. He relies more on his own running and fighting. Maybe we can finish running his ball."
"Does the ball run?" O’ Brien muttered, conveniently digging out a messy tactical road map.
"Li Licheng runs and disorganizes the opponent’s defense and then relies on our pitching group to hit them," O ‘Brien said.
Hart thought for a moment, "There should be no problem with this tactic, but I think we should stop fighting for a game."
O’ Brien nodded and said, "So that’s what you think. It’s good that we can win a game at someone else’s home. We will continue to follow a tactic."
Rivers will definitely change his style of play in a game, and he will definitely defend to stop us from attacking. All we have to do is to sound out their tactics and then target them in the third game.
"in the third game, we will go back to home and add that we have this foundation and a victory can still be expected."
Hattie nodded. "In this way, we can also modify this tactic to make up for some loopholes and shortcomings."
"Let’s do it!" O ‘Brien Road
In this game, O ‘Brien has decided to give up. They are inferior to their opponents in strength. They can think about some other factors, otherwise the victory will be extremely far away for the pacers.
Compared with O ‘Brien and Hart, Li Cheng is relaxed, but the outside media is more and more interested in the series of Pacers and Celtics.
Mark Winter, who said earlier that the Pacers would be swept by their opponents, continued to be shameless this time, saying
"An unexpected victory, but I think it’s more because the Celtics didn’t contribute. After all, they are not good at attacking to the Pacers’ court. They can’t be wronged in this game, but I think it’s because Rivers is testing his team’s offensive ability and the Pacers’ victory will stop here."
"The walkers who can win a game without letting their opponents shave their heads can burn incense. After all, they are too far from their opponents."
The Pacers beat the Celtics, but the news is hard to reach China, because now the people of China are mourning for three days in Wenchuan earthquake, and this country can’t entertain themselves.
However, there are still many very enthusiastic pacers fans who will jump over the wall to pay attention to the result of this game on foreign networks.
For those fans who saw the result of the game, they were very excited.
Pacers continue to create miracles, and the core figure of their miracles is Li Cheng, which means that Li Cheng’s strength is close to some top stars in the league.
After the madness of the regular season and then the baptism of the playoffs, Li Cheng’s five-long playoff career has turned out to be the winner. Li Cheng’s strength has been completely recognized. There is indeed a top defender in China who can make the league tremble.
The game between the Pacers and the Celtics was a surprise in this round of playoffs, but another game ended yesterday. Orlando Magic ended up beating Detroit Pistons Eastern Conference semifinals in two games.
I wonder what will happen in the two western games tonight?
At 10: 30 pm, Li Cheng sat in his hotel room and watched the Los Angeles Lakers Utah Jazz game.
This is the first time since he became a professional player to sit in front of the TV and watch the Lakers game.
Before, he liked Lakers games very much. Li Cheng watched every game on TV, but after he became a professional, he watched videos of some star players every day, and their skills were replayed in slow motion.
It is also a very good feeling to watch a live game once in a while after watching the video for half a year.
This time, Li Cheng had many different feelings before watching the Lakers game.
First of all, he has a different perspective. He will pay more attention to the tactical level of the two teams. This is a tactical loophole in the occupational disease competition team, and he often substitutes himself into it. These things have been integrated into his blood and cannot be changed.
It is only after paying attention to the team’s tactics that he watches Kobe’s favorite performance.
Perhaps many fans now think that Li Cheng’s style is very beautiful, but in Li Cheng’s eyes, Kobe Bryant is his favorite player, and his back jump shot is also very attractive.
In the half game, the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz tied 55, which surprised many people. After all, the Lakers are stronger than Utah Jazz now.
However, in the half-court game, the rhythm slowly returned to the fans’ expectations.
As soon as the half-court game started, Kobe Bryant made a series of points, which triggered a storm of attacks by the Lakers.
The Lakers established a 12-point lead with a wave of 19-7.
Then the Lakers continued to expand their lead, but when their lead reached 19 points, they habitually "released water"
That’s the way the Lakers are. They will relax after leading by too many points. This has become a common practice. Many people think that the Lakers will have such problems. They have certain aristocratic feelings.
Always keep a kind of extravagance, and let them relax after leading by too many points because they subconsciously think that their opponents should have given up.
But this time, the Lakers met the Jazz, which was commanded by Jerry Si Long and Utah called the most resilient team in the league. They simply didn’t know what giving up was, and they wouldn’t give up the game in trouble.
It’s been exploding since the ninth minute of the third quarter, and the jazz actually fought back.
By the end of the third quarter, they had narrowed the difference to 11 points, and then in the last quarter, the Jazz continued their counterattack.
After hitting back at the Lakers 7-2, the score difference reached 6. At this time, Phil Jackson got up from the coach’s seat for the first time. He came to the sidelines and blew a whistle to wake up the Lakers players. Hold on tight and don’t relax any more.
From this moment, the lake talents slowly returned to the pre-rhythm.
In the eleventh minute of the last game, the jazz narrowed the difference to two points, and there was a renewed suspense in this game, and there were many suspense.
Fortunately, Kobe Bryant made a big three-pointer and turned the difference into five points. Finally, after the Jazz made a series of fouls, the Lakers managed to keep their home court 115-111.
The Lakers relaxed and scared the Lakers fans into a cold sweat, but Li Cheng was rather excited. Wouldn’t it be boring if the game went into garbage early?

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