When I think of the poisonous officer, I can’t help but think of that terrible man. At the beginning, his official was considered to be the best in Wulin. hidden weapons Kung Fu is almost the enemy of people. As the saying goes,’ A gun is easier to hide than an arrow is harder to defend’. People in Wulin are always afraid of poisoning people and hidden weapons, because both of them are hard to guard against, and they often die without knowing how to die.

Besides, this official is hidden weapons * * who has made great achievements. When the official ancestors assassinated Yingzong, they went into seclusion and stopped walking in Jianghu. People in Jianghu didn’t know that there was such a master of concealed weapons. Later, the Yuan Dynasty was beaten back by the army to Mobei butler, and it was slowly known to the world that the official was more ambitious than his ancestors and wanted to make a name in Jianghu. When he debuted, he wanted to make a name for himself.
He heard that there was a martial arts master in the Jianghu who was vicious and killed a lot of people. Both the government and Wulin people were after this man. Many people failed to get rid of him, but he became the ghost of his sword. So the official decided to kill this man to make himself famous, so he tracked him down day and night and finally met him in a narrow way by chance. Both of them used their guard.
No one in the Wulin knew about the fighting process between two people until the official was covered in scars and threw his head in front of the official residence. Since then, the official has been known by Jianghu people overnight. Later, Jianghu people gave him the title of "Nezha of the Arm" according to his technique of playing hidden weapons.
As soon as I entered the Jianghu, I gradually realized that Jianghu is not as easy as I thought. This is a world where I don’t kill you, but you may kill me. Slowly, he has become more evil than cold-blooded, and more and more people are dying in his hands. This back arm, Nezha Guan, has also become a code name in Wulin, but his original intention is far from the original. In fact, he is the only one. Jianghu is a big dye vat, and how many people can get out of the mud without being stained?
If this man hadn’t appeared, the official would still be so carefree, enjoying the pleasure brought by fame and fortune in the Jianghu. Three years ago, he looked at the man wearing a black robe and a mask in front of him, and looked at the man with a black robe and a mask opposite him. Otherwise, some enemy came to avenge himself and even dared not show his face.
So he asked impatiently, "Who are you? If you want revenge, you must hurry up and hide it."
The man in black mask looked at him arrogantly and said slowly, "I’m not here to seek revenge. It’s said that your kung fu in hidden weapons is one of the best, and I need people like you to help me accomplish my great cause now."
Officer immediately laughed "with you also deserve to let me obey you, I think you’d better live from my hidden weapons to say again first."
The man in the black robe and mask also sneered and said, "I know you won’t have a heart without showing a few hands, so I’ll pick you up."
After saying his word, the triangular darts in the hands of the official have been fired into the black mask. After so many years of fighting in the Jianghu, the official has already become no longer aboveboard. Life is the ultimate goal. The official can live until now. He took advantage of the black mask to speak kung fu. hidden weapons has already sold out. Who knows that the mask man does not dodge and gently stretched out two fingers to pick up the triangular darts.
The officer caught his own dart when he saw the other side so easily, until he met the master. He pulled out the hands of "Money Pushing Ghost" and "Death Ring" from his waist and threw the dark energy at the masked man.
The masked man seems to know all about him. Seeing that the money-pushing ghost went straight to the other side and the death ring wound around behind him, he was in no hurry to dodge until the money-pushing ghost changed into three pieces and flew to the front. He quickly turned over his body, kicked all three hidden weapons into his hands, clamped the death ring in his hands, and then jumped to half and caught three hidden weapons.
Hidden weapons, a beautiful general, took it in his hand and followed it with his hands. Three’ Money Pushing Ghosts’ were fired at the front of the officer with lightning speed. When he was about to retreat, he heard that the’ Death Ring’ had also flown to the back of the officer. At that time, he was surrounded by his own hidden weapons. Unexpectedly, the three’ Money Pushing Ghosts’ and the’ Death Ring’ came to the side, changed direction, fired at the roof and immediately penetrated the house and disappeared.
The official was suddenly surprised when he saw hidden weapons Kung Fu. Most people practice unique skills, and few people pick up others. hidden weapons is still so good. It seems that this person must know himself like the back of his hand and have specially studied himself in order to deal with himself. hidden weapons is a master of both martial arts and scheming. Now he can play a unique butler. hidden weapons can be so comfortable. He can’t help but be careful.
The officer reached into the dart bag and took out his hand. He rarely threw the poisonous smoke ball out of the bag of cutting, and he saw that the poisonous smoke ball flew slowly to the masked man in black. When the officer saw that the time had come, he was just about to launch the cufflinks to penetrate the poisonous smoke ball, only to find that the masked man in black flew over with a shot of his right hand and a stone. When he didn’t dodge, he was hit by the acupuncture point and couldn’t move. Then a little red dot hit himself, and then he felt that a foul-smelling abnormal thing flew into his mouth and immediately melted. However, the poisonous smoke ball had already fallen to the roof in the distance and
I saw that there was another bullet in the hand of the man in black mask. Only then did he regain his freedom. After he regained his freedom, the official looked frightened and asked, "What did you give me?"
The masked man said coldly, "Don’t have you * * This is my only way * * If you don’t do as I say, you won’t want to know how miserable you are when you die. * * It’s not for me to keep it for others."
At this time, the official didn’t understand what it meant that someone outside the world was about to make a fuss, or he resisted years of Jianghu experience and told him that this person must not be provoked.
Now lying in bed, the officer can’t help shivering at the thought of the man in black mask at that time, that is, the master now. Fortunately, at that time, he didn’t resist and followed the master. In recent years, he has seen many people who didn’t know how to live or die and refused to obey orders, and he was killed in the palm of his hand.
When the officer was in a daze and was about to fall asleep, he heard hidden weapons break and then the window paper issued a "pa". When it was broken, something fell to the ground and the officer was alert. He climbed up and rushed to the door and knocked on the door to look out, but it was dark outside. He went back to the house and lit a candle. Looking at the ground, it turned out to be a stone wrapped in a note. The typing officer suddenly surprised out in a cold sweat and met with the words "Borrowing pure Junjian for the time being"
The officer couldn’t help but be surprised when he saw this note. This pure Jun Jian is very hard to get, but it has been looked down upon by Di Hua Imperial Secretary since the defeat of the treasure. If you lose the pure Jun Jian now, you will die.
In my heart, I secretly regret that I shouldn’t discuss putting this sword in the Tibetan Jiange, causing myself trouble. I thought that this official did not care about his disheveled horse and ran to the Tibetan Jiange. It turned out that there was a secret in hide the sword Villa, where many rare swords were hidden in hide the sword, but it was secret and needed to know where the machine was to fight.
Officer anxiously came to a garden in hide the sword Villa and walked to the back of the rockery against the wall in the garden. Hand gently pressed the rockery bump machine, and the rockery should be slowly moved to one side. As the rockery moved, a small door handle was buckled in a groove of the door, and the door was gently lifted, and the officer immediately bowed his head and got in.
Seeing this hidden sword pavilion is really worthy of the name. Many precious swords and gems shine brightly through the candlelight in the officer’s hand. The officer went straight to the middle table to see something else. The officer quickly hit the table and put the box on it. Looking carefully, he saw that the pure Jun sword was lying in the box intact and damaged, and it was shining green through the carved scabbard. He found that the root of the pure Jun sword had not been stolen. Only then did the officer feel at ease that a stone was there.
However, since this hide the sword Villa is here, the enemy has to find this man quickly, so he quickly returned to his bedroom to get dressed and prepared to discuss countermeasures with several younger brothers of Dihua Palace.
Suddenly, the officer felt an inexplicable chill behind him and turned around, so that he almost exclaimed. At this time, the masked man, that is, his master, did not know when he was sitting in the chair, and his eyes were sharp at himself.
When the officer saw it, he quickly bowed down and asked, "When the master has failed, he welcomes him and hopes that the master will forgive me."
The masked man still said in that cold voice, "Look at your flurry, where do you look like the top ten French kings?"
The officer quickly replied, "The little scar sword came to the villa."
The masked man said coldly, "I already know, so don’t be so flustered. You can put away the pure sword. If there is any mistake, I will only ask you."
The official replied, "Please rest assured that the young man lied to me just now that he had taken the sword. I went to see that the sword was still there."
When the masked man heard the horse, he said, "What did you say? He lied to you and said he took it? Then you went to see it? "
When the officer answered’ Yes’, he felt something was wrong. When he looked up, he saw the sharp eyes of the masked man and immediately turned white. Why did he forget to throw stones and ask for directions after so many years? This is because people don’t know where things are, deliberately trapping themselves, and it is because this pure Jun Jian is so important that they lost their heart when they heard the sword stolen.
Thinking of this officer without talking to the masked man, he ran to the door of Zang Jian Ge and saw that the rockery had been hit by someone. The door was also open, so he hurried into Zang Jian Ge and saw that the box containing pure Jun Jian was already like this.
Seeing this situation, the officer almost sat down to be silly. In that moment, the kung fu mask man and several younger brothers of the Dihua Palace also caught up.
The masked man looked at the official maliciously and said, "I can’t believe that you are such a waste. If you don’t get the sword back, you will come to see it." The official knew that it was time for him to die and rushed out of the Tibetan Sword Pavilion to gather with hide the sword Villa brothers to search for the sword thief.
Looking at the officer in a panic and leaving the mask, the man turned to several younger brothers in the Dihua Palace and said, "You also go and help him get the sword back. This waste has screwed up things again. You can get the pure Jun sword once. Here is the antidote for the Dihua Palace. You should go back to the Dihua Palace whether you get it back or not." Then she threw a bottle of antidote in her hand at the leading woman.
Several younger brothers in the Dihua Palace answered "Yes" and immediately went to search for marks. The masked man was silent for a while in the Tibetan Jiange and said to himself, "I didn’t expect this kind of trick to be good."
Speaking of this mask, a layer of blue light suddenly appeared on the palm of the hand, and then a good red wooden table was suddenly shattered into a pile of fragments. After a burst of laughter, the mask turned and disappeared into the night.
The fifth chapter orphan girl eventually distress hide the sword Zhuang (3)
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That night, Mark and Yang Mu jumped into the wall of hide the sword Villa and observed the situation around. It was almost the same as expected at home. There was no big change in the building foundation, followed by the largest main house in hide the sword Villa, and some brothers rested and practiced in front and left and right.
The scale of hide the sword Villa is not small. Looking for a sword in this villa is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Yang Mu also knows that hide the sword Villa has a special collection of swords and hidden Jiange, but he doesn’t know where it is. Maybe such an important treasure as pure Jun Jian won’t be placed there. Two people have planned for a long time and decided to go separately and go straight to the first room of hide the sword Villa to find a person to explore where the hidden Jiange is. After seeing the villa, it is roughly the same as expected. After two people looked at each other, they immediately went separately to the biggest first room of the villa and escaped two patrol teams.
Mark came to the front of the first room and listened to the conversation between two women. One of them said, "This time, we got this pure Jun Jian and earned a lot of noodles for our palace master. The master should have given us the antidote before, so as not to worry about it. If the antidote is late for a while, it will suffer."
Another woman with a crisp voice said, "Yes, I’ve seen the poison, but it’s terrible. I wish I were dead."
Previously, the woman may have trembled at the thought of that horrible situation and said, "It’s a good thing that the official didn’t succeed this time, so we have a chance to get this pure Jun Jian. It is said that the owner searched around for the treasure in this pure Jun Jian. I heard that if these treasures were dug up, they would be as rich as an enemy."
The fine girl said, "Then again, this official and our palace master are also the top ten French kings. It’s a little strange how martial arts are so different from our palace master’s that even half of our supervisors can’t catch up with him."
Just as the two men were talking, they heard another female voice say, "It’s that our hard-earned sword actually let us put it in his hidden Jiange to say what it is, so it’s safe, but it’s also better to save sleeping around."
Originally, the woman said, "I heard that the master just asked him to listen for information in this villa, saying that it was the top ten French kings-just giving him a false name to make him work harder. After all, this hide the sword Villa is looking for a sword to lead the people in the Jianghu to be able to compete with other French kings, who will manage this hide the sword Villa sometimes?"
Suddenly, an older woman said, "It’s raining, ice, snow, food, and sleeping. How can you forget all the rules when you leave the palace?" The room suddenly fell into silence.
Mark heard this secretly surprised heart, "there is a master behind this Dihua Palace and hide the sword Villa. What a role this person should be."
At this time, the mark didn’t want to leave the first room quietly. Although I heard that the sword was placed in the Tibetan Jiange, I don’t know where it is. This is like finding a way.
Mark is looking for it while thinking about it. Suddenly I saw a figure in front who was very familiar. The man turned around and entered a room mark. I quickly followed the past and saw from the window that it was the arm Nezha officer.
It turns out that this official came to live in the first house, but how dare those several Di Hua Gong Di come to their own place to neglect it so as to let themselves live in the big house out? But this official has a problem that he can’t sleep as soon as he changes his bed, and he is upset and goes outside to look around. This official is also full of resentment. How can he say that he is one of the top ten French kings? But he also knows that he is half a catty. Fortunately, they will leave in a few days. Just bear it for a few days.

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