"Dead girl, are you talking nonsense?" Yunna stretched out her jade hand and went to twist ChuYuJuan ChuYuJuan giggled and flashed.

Rick Fang looked at the two girls laughing and flashed a smile. It was 3: 15 in the wall clock of a living room. Rick Fang gave ChuYuJuan a hand and said, "Thank you, Miss, for helping me another day. It’s too late to bother you. I think I’d better be leaving now."
"Are you leaving?" Chu Yujuan stopped fighting and thought disappointedly. "It’s very late now, and the police are imposing martial law at this time. It’s easy to find you out."
Rick Fang smile across the two people naturally can’t see the way "I have my own way to make the police can’t find it".
Chu Yujuan’s eyes are more adoring, and her big eyes are going round and round, and she smiles. "There is still a long time before dawn, so you don’t have to hurry to say it at the moment. We both worship you very much. It is estimated that we may not meet again later. Will you stay and talk to me for a while?" In the end, it turned into a soft language and looked lovely.
Rick Fang nai nodded. "Well, speaking of which, you have helped me a lot tonight, and I will bother you for a while." Rick Fang stayed for a while. First, ChuYuJuan asked for inconvenience, and secondly, he was curious that Yunna stopped staying at school and ran to ChuYuJuan’s home.
"Yes!" Chuyujuan jumped up with joy, and Yunna was also very happy to talk face to face with this wonderful master, which was her dream.
Rick Fang sat on the sofa and looked at Chu Yujuan with joy. It was very strange that this girl first gave him a feeling of being a unruly and arrogant lady, but today she impressed him as a lovely and lively girl.’ Is it because this girl is temperamental or because law enforcers are more attractive than Rick Fang?’ Rick Fang thought.
At this time, ChuYuJuan and YunNa were sitting opposite Rick Fang, and two pairs of beautiful eyes stared at Rick Fang to see Rick Fang’s nerves.
"Do you want to ask me?" Rick Fang laughed that he was really a bit "star answering reporters’ questions" at this time.
"Well," Chu Yujuan nodded desperately, "I ask a question that may involve your privacy. Can you answer it or not …"
Rick Fang took it and said, "But everything you say will be used in court."
ChuYuJuan one leng giggle charming smile YunNaQiao face also had a smile, I didn’t think this law enforcer is quite humorous to detain the living room atmosphere is harmonious.
Chu Yujuan stopped laughing. "I didn’t expect you to really tease me. Now I have a little doubt whether you are the cold-blooded law enforcer."
"Cold-blooded?" Rick Fang is rather naive about who is said to be so uncomfortable. "Is that what people outside say about me?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"Not all of them," said Chu Yujuan. "Many of my classmates appreciate you saying that you are a real hero of a chivalrous man."
Yunna also nodded and said, "There are also many people in our school who appreciate your line. In fact, those who disagree are not disgusted with your line, mostly because your means are too bloody."
Rick Fang pondered for a moment and said, "I always think that punishing a bad person severely is to save a group of good people. Is this wrong?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"From a legal point of view, what you said is right, and the result is also right." Chu Yujuan paused for a moment to think. "For example, how do you persuade a person to take medicine? Is it intimidating him, or is it soft-spoken request or emotional advice and warning? This is a matter of means. When this process is done, everyone will praise it more than belittle it. If it is not handled properly, it may be criticized. "
"process?" Rick Fang murmured, remembering Lin Xueqiong’s words tonight that "it would produce virtue and go with the weather", thinking about the confusion in the star’s eyes, "I have always regarded the law as something. Is it really wrong for me to do things by my own moral standards?" Or is it more right and less wrong?’ Rick Fang tossed his head and stopped thinking about it for a while. He also made up his mind to think about it and figure it out when he got back.
Chu Yujuan saw that Rick Fang was confused and quickly said, "Whether the means are cold or not is relative. If those who disagree are put in the position of being bullied by the wicked, maybe they will immediately ask you to severely punish these wicked people. In fact, no one can say clearly about this issue, so we will not discuss it."
Rick Fang nodded ChuYuJuan look is a loose and then said, "how old are you law enforcers?"
Rick Fang laughed. "I don’t want to lie to you, but I’m sorry for not revealing my age."
Two women face show disappointment YunNa suddenly asked, "are you China kung fu? Was that magical martial art you just exercise to heal your wounds cal Qi? " Chu Yujuan also stared at Rick Fang and listened to him carefully. It is so important for martial arts lovers and two women to answer this question.
Rick Fang said, "I am China Kung Fu, and I also have your work." Rick Fang said and looked at the two women’s expecting eyes and smiled. He reached out and placed the pillow on the ground five meters away. A recruit pillow flew to Rick Fang’s hand like being pulled by a line.
Two women cried dumbfounded. Looking at this scene, Rick Fang smiled slightly. "This is a kind of force."
"Can we learn?" Wrong novel network does not jump word ChuYuJuan asked eagerly.
"Ordinary people will block the meridians after they are ten years old, which makes it impossible to practice successfully," Rick Fang said.
"Oh," the two women’s faces showed disappointment.
"Are you two in the same school?" Rick Fang asked if the wrong novel network doesn’t jump words.
"It’s not Xiao Na, it’s Z University. I’m Z Art School."
"Then how do you live together?" Rick Fang asked that he was not very clear that he was so worried. Yunna subconsciously wanted to make this matter clear. If it were someone else, he would be too lazy to ask,’ Maybe it’s because the teacher elder sister is kind to me and I am more concerned about the teacher elder sister.’
"Oh, well, I was almost kidnapped the other day. Somehow, my grandmother found out that her old man was worried about the old disease and went to the hospital. When I went to see her, she insisted that I move back to live. I didn’t want to go back and didn’t want her old man’s house to be unhappy, so I invited Xiao Na to stay with me for a while. My grandmother knew that Xiao Na was good at kung fu. Tonight, I went to the hospital to accompany her. It was less than two o’clock in the morning. My grandmother woke up and forced me to come back and rest. She said that she didn’t want to see me
Rick Fang suddenly realized and then asked, "Does your grandmother’s illness matter?"
"It’s stabilized. The doctor said it would be discharged in a few days."
"That’s good."
Then three people chatted for a while, mostly ChuYuJuan Rick Fang chatted YunNa beside listening carefully. Later, Rick Fang looked up at the wall clock and got up at four o’clock to leave. Two women were stopped by Rick Fang.

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