Master Li Jiu nodded, "There are and there are about four or five heads at one end."

Su Chen turned to the distant place again. "Ha Tiger is not satisfied when he hears you say this."
"Who is not satisfied?" Chen Kexin sound wafted over and people came out like fairies in the fog.
It is suitable for bathing in the early morning. Su Chen Chen Erxin has gone far away, but she has not walked in the dust, but she has not touched a trace of dust. Her body and mind are always in a bathing state.
The three of them are going to bathe for three days. Although they don’t have a definite timetable, Su Chen and Chen Kexin are not completely free people like Yuan Yuan, so they can bathe for one day and keep their mouths shut and gradually melt into this mountain forest.
Chen’s old medicine visited the mountain several times before, which was always thrilling. Although it was not visited in the end, it came back safely, which benefited from bathing for three days and praying for one day before entering the mountain.
Li Jiu’s younger brother is already awake, and there is no danger. Li Jiu’s father just needs Sun to take care of his younger brother. He is reading and reciting an ancient Miao text with three people in his room.
Both Yuan Suchen and Chen Kexin read it devoutly, which shows their respect for the mountain gods, but these lessons are necessary to enter the mountains to find the mountain gods.
Six volumes are biased towards Hushan.
Chapter XIII Field Operations
Chen Kexin, the most pious of the three people, made a bow-down ceremony and vowed to save the day. The patient hoped that his heart would be clean immediately after he bowed down in the sacred mountain and brought medicine to Chen Kexin. Even a little bit of thoughts appeared far away, as if he had been blessed by a special spiritual power.
Waiting for the three of them to dance in Dongjiang Village on the second day.
Generally speaking, the villagers exorcise ghosts and worship gods through Nuo dancing, hoping for a good weather and a good harvest in a year.
Far away, they want mountain gods and villagers to express their wishes in their own way, hoping that the gods will not blame them.
I saw Nuo dancing when I was far away from the car. At that time, teenagers were most fond of such things. Nuo dancing ranged from four or five to more than a dozen people, each with a ferocious face. There were gods, kings and evil spirits. They were often dressed in red and green, or hides, holding hands and holding shields, singing and dancing. Some of them were also linked with Taoist rules and regulations and assisted with corresponding spells to perform some fairy stories, which naturally attracted the most attention.
The Nuo dance in Dongjiangzhai is obviously a sacrifice, and Su Chen and Chen Kexin naturally respect each other. It is no longer a thought. In the past, when Confucius met villagers, the Nuo dance was also respectful and respectful, because the Nuo dance delivered cultural information from ancient times, which made people respect.
As Li Jiu plays the role of Nuo God, Su Chen and Chen Kexin all feel that they have entered a strange world. It seems that there is a subtle tremor, and the melody of gongs and drums is simple and melodious.
People are getting better and better, and the gongs and drums are suddenly knocked, and one person plays the role of representing the mountain god, the white tiger Nuo, the persistent tiger fork and swaggering.
People prostrated themselves at the feet of the white tiger god and prayed to him during the lively rest.
This is a very complicated ceremony, and people know that the more complicated it is, the more they can show their respect and sincerity before they can meet ghosts and gods.
The White Tiger God roared, and everyone was even more pious in planting strange syllables in winter. At that time, the strange syllables were mixed and mysterious. At this time, the "bang" came and immediately cut through the forest. The villagers were performing Nuo dances, and they were shocked. Playing the White Tiger God was even more furious.
The stall dance ended, and the villagers took off their masks and clothes one after another.
Far, Su Chen Chen Kexin three people are also surprised to come over.
Su Chen’s face changed. "Gun!" After saying this, Master Li Jiu strode over and said to Yuan and others, "We are going to the mountains for poaching!" Li Jiu ye eyebrows have stood up a face of ShaQi.
Far nodded and said, "We are all ready. We can go immediately."
Li Jiu Ye nodded and started to run home. Suchen and Chen Kexin followed closely at one another.
When three people came to the door of Li Jiu’s house, they saw that Li Jiu had been carrying a basket and a shotgun. Suchen and Chen Kexin went into the hall without saying much and picked up their bags in succession.
A line of four people quickly pulled to Daqingshan after the village.
Master Li Jiu walked to the front and said, "I have to stop the poaching first!"
Master Li Jiu said this sentence without saying a word, but far away they all know what it means, that is, if we don’t do this first, we can’t find the mountain. The villagers in Dongjiangzhai rely on mountains to eat mountains. In addition to the hunting of special herbs in the mountains, it is also an important business. However, since the end of the last century, the closing of mountains to facilitate afforestation, the villagers have rarely hunted. On the contrary, many villagers have joined the ranks of protecting mountain animals, so they will act immediately after hearing this gunshot.
Chen Kexin said at the back, "No problem, Li Jiu. Let’s go find them first!"
Master Li Jiu said, "We must find them before they offend the mountain gods!" Said Li Jiu ye soles of the feet to speed up Suchen a look at the feet to follow up naturally this Chen Kexin will show the difference to Chen Kexin to fight endurance may not be in Suchen, but a degree will not work.
When Su Chen crossed Chen Kexin, he turned back and said, "It’s nice to be far away!" Suchen is eager to see these poachers. Maybe there will be a fight if the other party doesn’t listen. Suchen is eager for this. As soon as the speed is accelerated, Chen Kexin will definitely fall behind, but this vast forest can’t do anything.
Go to the front of Chen Kexin and squat down. "It’s nice to let them know what a degree is!"
Chen Kexin heart way this trip out are all Jianghu children who stayed in Hangzhou for one night. Mind what wriggle can make Suchen joke. Two jade arms come lightly as soon as they are around. This back-up Chen Erxin will feel that this scene is familiar, but it is also the same with the island. Suchen came back later and had an accident!
Far heart, this trip should not have an accident. Why is there a Suchen in front?
As soon as Chen Kexin reached the far "body", he saw the left and right scenery retrogressing rapidly, and Chen Kexin "ah" a whole one fell on the far back.
Far from this time, there is no snake to stop. I just learned from that rhubarb bull that I can move forward like a rumbling express train
Move a quick speed "Sou Sou" Suchen heard before him that nature was striding and jumping, and she recently realized that "Tiger Leap" was repeatedly applied. Suchen, a radical leader, Li Jiu also ran at once.
Fortunately, these three people are in the middle of this vast forest. If the street runs so fast, it will definitely attract traffic jams and passers-by to stop and watch.
Just as Li Jiu and Yuan quickly approached the poachers, the so-called poachers, four men and two women, stopped.
Four men and two women are the same color camouflage tights and hard-soled hiking boots. Three men are burly and look muscular. The man carrying a big bag is very relaxed. They are surrounded by a man carrying a small bag. The camouflage style is more casual. He takes back a bright shotgun and blows smoke at the muzzle.
"Duke Zhou, that gun you fired just now was really good," said Ah Ching, the bodyguard.
"Really? !” The revered duke of Zhou proudly said
This Duke of Zhou is from the provincial capital, and Zhou’s family started in the provincial capital. Many people know that the top ten richest people in the country’s rich list are Duke of Zhou, who ranks third. This time, it’s Dad’s 60th birthday to go to Taobao Bay. Because I heard that there is a tiger and a white tiger master’s birthday gift, the price ratio is not new. This Wednesday, Lao San felt that taking a group of people into the mountain to get a tiger skin for the master was bound to win Dad’s favor.
Zhou Laosan will have some fists and feet, claiming to be a master of arts and daring, and even worse, these three are powerful characters. It’s no problem to have them fighting a tiger in this jungle like fish in the water.
Just put a gun because suddenly a wild boar stupid fork stupid brain ran into the field of vision, although it didn’t hit Zhou Laosan. Seeing that stupid pig was scared and desperate, the corners of the mouth showed a smile. At this time, the hand flattered the heart and looked at the beauty around him. "Dongdong, let’s move?" !”
Another long-legged beauty, Shi Shi, immediately stamped her foot and said, "What about me?" This record is really charming to the bone, and it has the meaning of water margin and pan Jinlian.
Zhou Lao three fingers wide face base laughed "how can you be less giving? Dongdong just gave it. "
Bodyguard leader Ashong eyebrows a wrinkly but didn’t endure three people in three positions to let Zhou Laosan act with two beautiful women in a soft grass. Soon men and women struggled to strip and slutty sounds followed!
After a while, Ashong groaned and went further. At this moment, his ears suddenly moved and waved to two companions. The shotgun in his hand was slowly lifted.
Sou is getting closer and closer. A Miao old man suddenly appeared in the tall grass. He came to spend a lot of time. Ashong’s pupil was miniature. At this moment, the Miao old man stopped drinking. "Who fired just now? !”
Ye Li Jiu’s record is like a drought in the ground. The two bodyguards were so nervous that they pulled the bolt on Ye Li Jiu.
"Shit!" Zhou Laosan screamed with two hands in the chamber, but he retreated from the chamber and stumbled up his pants and swore, "Which broken ye …" Zhou Laosan leaned out of the grass and saw Su Chen’s mouth behind Li Jiu Ye stop swearing and didn’t come out.
Zhou Laosan stared blankly for two seconds and immediately kicked something lying on the ground.
Stay behind. Let Chen Kexin go.
Zhou Laosan felt his nose bleeding when he saw Chen Kexin again. At present, two beautiful women just felt beautiful and charming, and now they obviously can’t get into the eyes.
When Ashong saw this, he quickly motioned for the next two to let go and asked, "Who are you?"
Li Jiu said, "I’m a Miao in Dongjiang Village. Hunting is not allowed here!"
Ashong looked at Zhou Laosan and saw that he looked demented. He knew that he saw two beautiful women in front of him, and some souls left him.
Ashong smiled and said, "Misunderstanding was an accident just now."

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