"This can be discussed later. It’s okay. I want to ask you what I did to you last night. I can’t remember in a daze. Please tell me," Ma Liang asked, holding her sweet shoulder.

Pepe dried her tears, as if all the problems had become very simple when it came to Ma Liang. She was relieved a lot, but she remembered that she was too shy to look at Ma Liang last night with her head buried.
"Pepe, you say"
"Teacher Ma has nothing like that. I don’t blame you. I am willing," Pepe said, enduring the shy novel.
"Pepe, don’t do this. If you feel uncomfortable, tell me not to deliberately endure it for other reasons. Don’t I want it to be so white?" Ma Liang said anxiously.
Pepe looked up and saw Ma Liang’s eyes full of bosom, which made her somewhat lost:
Chapter 256 Village officials are coming
"Teacher Ma is really fine. I don’t feel bad. You are very kind. I won’t feel bad about what I do." She bowed her head and said such a difficult love story for the first time. "I am worried about my brother."
"True" Ma Liang confirmed
"Mr. Real Horse, I swear I really didn’t feel bad, or I would," she said, biting her lip.
"Don’t swear, I believe you." Ma Liang is afraid of this thing, but she can seriously say that it is true.
Ma Liang looked outside and then asked, "What have I done? Can you tell me more specifically? Don’t deliberately hide it from me."
"Coco" Pepe’s face is like a ripe red apple
"First you touched me, then you reached into my clothes, then into my pants and took off my pants."
Ma Liang listened nervously. Is it a big mistake to say that he really gave Pepe that?
However, Pepe really doesn’t seem to dislike it, which makes him worry a little slower.
"Then you took off your pants yourself." She almost wanted to find a crack in the ground. It was too embarrassing to say that.
"That thing propped me up, and then"
"Then what happened to me?" Ma Liang asked.
Pepe shook his head and he was relieved.
"Without going in, you were grinding outside, and then I relaxed and you were there."
Ma Liang was nervous again, waiting for the answer.
"Moving back and forth, then you touched my chest and found that I was not Miss Su, so I stopped and turned around and fell asleep." She finished with a sigh of relief.
"Teacher Ma, I won’t blame you. You misunderstood me as Teacher Su didn’t really treat me like that on purpose." Pepe looked up and her eyes were as shy as Wang Chunshui because she recalled that wonderful feeling, the first taboo experience in life.
Ma Liang sighed after listening. "Pepe, why don’t you stop me? If something really happens, I won’t be at ease for a generation."
"I’m afraid that my aunt will hear and I know in my heart that you are a good person, even if you really did something to me, it was an accident, not intentional, not to hurt me," Pepe said with courage.
"Actually, I’m afraid that it’s not like this. I’m not afraid of you." She bowed her head and explained that being a shy girl has completely opened her heart to Ma Liang and no longer has any scruples.
"Pepe, don’t worry, I will definitely help you with your affairs. I will take good care of you as my own sister. Don’t cry when you encounter your family affairs, will you?" Ma Liang took a deep breath and took responsibility for Pepe from another angle.
"Even if you don’t want to get married later, I will be responsible for raising your generation." Ma Liang solemnly said that he really can’t bear to see a kind-hearted person like Pepe tortured by reality and shed so many tears. Now he has the ability to let her worry about her life alone.
Pepe froze and looked at Ma Liang’s heart occupied by a strange thing, so full that she seemed to be unable to hold it, and she felt more impulsive than her heart, which she had never experienced before.
This is that kind of feeling called happiness.
"Good" Ma Liang asked her.
"Is that true? Am I dreaming?" She asked dully.
"It’s not a dream, but I’ll take it as a promise." Ma Liangxiao squeezed her face a little harder and had a slight pain to tell her that this is reality.
"After that, you will be my sister." Ma Liang made this decision without any regret.
Pepe nodded again, which is almost the luckiest thing that has happened in her life. Many things come without thinking, but that feeling makes her think too much.
"By the way, did you wake up with Yu Yao at that time this morning?" Ma Liang asked again.
"Wake up," Pepe answered truthfully
"Then don’t tell Yu Yao that you don’t know anything. You wake up and find that we are gone." Ma Liang told me.
"What" Pepe strange way
"Rain Yao always thinks about you. When she hears it, she feels that she has a bad impression in your heart. Let me inquire about it." Ma Liang laughed.
"I know, brother, I will keep your secret." She almost instantly adapted to this new blurting out, perhaps because she had been expecting a real brother for too long.

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