Li Cheng pulled Granger and shook his head to signal him to stop talking. Granger opened his mouth and swallowed the words in his throat.

Deng Liwei Jr. snorted and didn’t speak, and no one else spoke. Li Cheng felt a little strange atmosphere. His popularity in the team was not very good. Jiang Xinghan’s speech in front of the media seemed to have really had some bad effects on him. He realized what he should do. After all, basketball with his teammates is a five-person sport. If he is isolated in the locker room, it will be more difficult to do something in the game, not to mention that he is still a pitcher who needs teammates to cooperate very much.
O’ Brien returned to the locker room and didn’t notice the difference in the locker room. He simply repeated the tactics before the game. Today, Daniels and Dina returned to make others have more choices, but in his heart, Li Cheng’s tactical position has not wavered at all.
Before, he had talked about Li Cheng. In Li Cheng’s sincere words, he heard a sunny and sincere young man. He chose to trust Li Cheng. He believed that Li Cheng would not turn against the starting position and the money team. Now Li Cheng has not made a name for himself. He also believes that Li Cheng will not be the kind of short-sighted person. In addition, Li Cheng’s training attitude is very good these days, and Li Cheng is also very serious during the warm-up before the game today, which has deepened O ‘Brien’s good impression of Li Cheng.
The workers came to the locker room to wake them up and let them go out to prepare for the game.
Today is the first game of the Pacers after the Star Game, and all the teams have made the final sprint after the Star Game. O ‘Brien really wants to win today’s game.
"Boys, we have to win today’s game," O ‘Brien shouted. O ‘Brien was rarely so excited. When the pacers were in shape, they felt a little pressure, which also aroused their morale.
The players formed a circle in front of the locker room door. Granger was surrounded. Granger raised his right hand and shouted, "Who will win, brothers?"
"Victory belongs to Indiana!" Everyone responded.
Today, O ‘Neill didn’t come to Cleveland with the team, and there have been many seasons when the Pacers will rebuild their homes. Granger has gradually replaced O ‘Neill in the Pacers’ position.
The players walked out of the locker room and lined up in front of the players’ aisle. With the introduction of the live dj, the players appeared on the scene, and the two teams filed out, and the game was soon.
Li Cheng sat on the sidelines watching the game, but his mentality has changed dramatically at this time. Now he is not worried about his appearance. First of all, he has proved his ability through his performance in previous games. Secondly, he has confidence in his ability, and it is hard to imagine the impact on a person.
Soon Li Chengcheng waited for his chance to play. In the fourth minute of the first quarter, Deng Liwei made two fouls and ended his first quarter.
O’ Brien has become increasingly dissatisfied with Deng Liwei’s performance. He was also fouled twice in the face of a defensive expert like Larry Hughes. Larry Hughes is a guy who will break through on the offensive end, but it is this guy who broke through and caused Deng Liwei to make two fouls.
Li Cheng’s appearance made the Cleveland commentator feel puzzled. "Indiana has changed a China player, a China player. I have never heard that Daniels has returned from injury. Why didn’t O ‘Brien change Daniels?" Let me check the information of this China player. "Many fans have such doubts in their hearts, but the commentator will look up the information soon and give an answer. They just need to hold back their doubts a little."
Then the commentator looked up the information, and soon he said, "This player named Li China has never been impressed in the last three games for a long time. He scored 6 points, 19 points and 1 point respectively, and contributed to the winning game against the Trailblazers to avoid the Pacers’ ten-game losing streak."
However, when the commentator said this, the fans no longer felt that O ‘Brien’s exchange for Li Cheng was a puzzling move.
Li Cheng took a very active position after he was present. He ran out of the block through Foster’s cover. Granger held the ball on the other side and attracted the center of defense. When he saw Li Cheng’s position, he did not hesitate to throw the ball at Li Cheng.
After Li Cheng caught the ball, he shot without delay, which made the fans of the fast loan arena see his strength. When the commentator told him his information, the fans at the scene had put away their previous contempt and regarded Li Cheng as another rival outside Granger.
There was a flash of surprise in O ‘Brien’s eyes on the sidelines. "I heard that this little weekend training was crazy. It seems that this is his training achievement."
Chapter 23 Conflict
Since the game, Li Chenggu has had a particularly strange feeling, which is a particularly exciting feeling. After many days of training, he really wants to show himself. It is self-evident that his desire for expression has been released.
Li Cheng was a little rusty at the beginning of the game, but after two attacks, he found that he liked that kind of running very much. It seems that this way of running was designed by him naturally.
"Old man, you can’t prevent me." Li Cheng slowly moved his mouth and didn’t stop. Suddenly, he accelerated and ran to a high position to bypass Murphy, who had just finished picking and rolling Granger.
Granger jumped in directly after Murphy picked and picked him. His sudden position was deeply immersed in the opponent’s encirclement, but he didn’t choose to attack forcibly. He found that Li Cheng had dumped Hughes’ defensive arm and threw the ball to Li Cheng at the first time.
Sung Jae Lee was ready to shoot as soon as the ball flew out. He pulled up the shot in the shortest time after receiving the ball.
Although Larry Hughes jumped at the fastest speed, it still made up for Li Cheng’s clean shot.
Li Cheng looked at Hughes with disdain and said, "I told you you couldn’t prevent me."
Hughes’ teeth itch bitterly. Li Cheng has hit three shots in his head in five minutes.
Li Cheng scored 6 points on 3-for-4 shooting, which helped the Pacers hit a wave of 2-for-2 attacks and laid a 17-14 lead in one fell swoop.
At this time, the most exciting person is Hart, who is the most familiar Reggie Miller of this walker. Today, he saw the sharpshooter in Li Chengshen. "I don’t know how good Reggie is in his three points." Hart whispered in his heart.
The little emperor who was repeatedly scored by an unknown rookie in China failed in the finals last year was hit with anger.
Although defending Li Chengren is not him, how can James, who is aiming to win the championship this year, allow a rookie to score points when facing his team? And ahead of your own team?
Gibson just delivered the ball to James half-court, and the little emperor bent down before the three-point line to carry the ball. He dribbled the ball quickly and with great strength as if to smash the floor. His right foot suddenly leaned out to the left and tried to break through, but the whole person suddenly stopped and rushed to the right.
This is James’ classic move. After he cheated Granger into the advantage in the first step, he scored two points with his strong body and a simple basket.
It’s the Pacers’ turn to attack the Cavaliers. The defensive formation is a little messy. They don’t know whether the team’s defense focus should be to score 6 points in a row or to arrange Granger before the game.
Granger seized the opportunity to shoot two points quickly while taking advantage of the loopholes in the opponent’s defensive formation.
James saw that the Pacers scored two points so easily and woke up his teammates to "watch people and don’t mess up."
In this attack, James turned his back and took the ball. Granger chiseled James’ handball before harassing Tinsley behind him.
Pacers counter-attacked Tinsley and found Li Cheng. Although James desperately chased after Li Cheng, Li Cheng didn’t choose to attack the basket. He ignored James in the three-second zone and prepared to defend him. Instead, he stopped the jumper before the free throw line and hit the shot.
Mike Brown (the head coach of the Cavaliers) called a timeout when he saw that his team was disrupted by a China native.
After the game was suspended and adjusted, Ilgoskas, the second high school striker among nba active players, hit a hook again.
The Pacers once again threw themselves into the attack. This time, the Cavaliers significantly strengthened their defense against Li Cheng. Hughes focused on Li Cheng with smooth eyes. He knew that the China man was as slippery as a loach, and the China man could almost form a cover by himself and look for opportunities to hit the shot.
Li Cheng strictly abides by the rules that Miller told him-keep moving and never stay in the same place for more than two seconds, but this time Hughes stuck to him like candy.

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