These male and female students looked at each other, and finally a tall young man came out of the crowd and said, "Back to the headmaster, we wanted to come back to the captain to get back the crystal, but now it’s a strange thing. First, there was no response when we knocked on the door, and then now the door of the training room seems to have been blocked, and no matter how we attacked and destroyed it, we couldn’t break the roots."

"Law in? This is? " Rui Ye’s surprise in his heart suddenly added a few minutes. He turned to look at this white square building. Now there seems to be something wrong with the flow of force in this training room. He feels that he is responsible for the law school president’s coming. He usually practices in the training room of the college, and he is familiar with the fluctuation of force in the training room. Therefore, it is a spiritual sense to find out that the abnormal place of this training room, the original soil recovery array and the gas gathering array, seems to have been combined to form a new S-class array. This amazing handwriting can’t think of anyone else in the whole college except his student who has a constant talent in array.
Stacking method? Maybe the strong A-level monster beast was hiding in it at that time, and Ah Xiao’s inexplicable behavior was actually paralyzing the monster beast, but if this is the case, I’m afraid it’s not good. Ah Xiao’s meticulous thinking in that case would never risk provoking the strong A-level monster beast if he was not absolutely sure.
Ruiye’s pupil shrinks, and he no longer pays attention to those students who leap to the dome of the training room and close their eyes to find out the knowledge inside. Although there is a D-level anti-peeping array outside the training room to protect individuals, it can’t stop him. Soon, the real-life knowledge will reflect the magical power in the mirror, and the situation in the training room will be reflected in his mind.
Now the situation in the room is different from what he just guessed. Ruiye couldn’t help but smile bitterly and regret it. If I had known that Jiang Xiao could get this strong A-level monster beast with the help of law, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry to get back. This time, he tried his best to break through, but it was self-defeating
Thought of here, Ruiye’s eyes suddenly shot into the east, and his eyes were full of chill, where the four then-class killers followed in the direction.
Unlike Rui Ye, who was annoyed, Prissy’s heart was full of rejoicing. Just now, he also found that the fluctuation of force near the training room was abnormal, and because the soul source was stronger than Rui Ye, Prissy’s gods could explore further. Although the method reflected the room situation in the brain like Rui Ye, he was very clear about the general situation and was particularly shocked.
He never imagined that these so-called talented students in the college should have such strength as to force a powerful A-class beast with many tails and blue eyes to such a mess. This time, thanks to Ruiye’s successful breakthrough, it almost broke the event.
The other three people around Priscilla were all wrong only after him. They tried to probe the gods like Priscilla and looked at Priscilla as much as they could, waiting for him to probe the results.
"What’s going on in Xiao Xi?" Bailibin asked first. When he saw Priscilla’s lucky face, he knew that the monster beast was in a bad situation, but he still couldn’t help but be curious.
Prissy shook his head and sighed, "I didn’t want to have contact with that monster, but now it seems that I can’t do it without directly helping."
When the masked man in black heard the news, he suddenly looked surprised and said, "How can that strong class A monster be so bad?"
Prissy wry smile way "it’s not that monster beast, but that several students are too powerful. Just stacking the reply array and the gas gathering array into an S-class array is enough for people to point out. Don’t say that it’s you and I, even the master, who is in the same position, also managed to do it. Three months ago, when my brother and the Bank of China spoke, they met a talented teenager who could do the S-class array method. At that time, my master and I didn’t believe it, but I didn’t think that this person’s talent was three points stronger than what they described, and
"Purple boy? That should be what I call the disposal genius, Jiang Xiaoyi. "A cold awn suddenly shot out of the wall of the Bank of China." I told you that this genius is brilliant and deep-minded, and we should get rid of it early, or sooner or later our plan will be destroyed by him, but you have a lot of scruples. No action has been taken today! "
In the face of the wall of the Bank of China, Priscilla suddenly couldn’t speak. Priscilla looked at him and quickly cleared the way for his younger brother. "It’s no wonder that the head of the group and Xiaoxi, our first plan, had already hated him and wanted to get rid of him. Since three months ago, most of them have stayed in the middle of the third district, even if their travel whereabouts are not fixed, they have never found a suitable opportunity. If they are hard, the cost will be too high, and they will startle them when they come to the sophomore year."
Bank of China wall cold hum a was about to say something prissy complexion suddenly gloomy.
"After these complaints, let’s get ready to start work! The monster beast is dying. "
Chapter one hundred and twenty seconds kill 1
It’s only been less than ten minutes since it broke through the seal array. Why can’t it work so soon? What kind of monsters are those so-called gifted students? How can it be so strong? You know, that’s a strong class A monster beast!
The more shocking the three people are, the more unbelieving their eyes are, and the more they want to see with their own eyes. When Priscilla said those words, the three people also said that the monster beast was in the wind. It is not a strange thing to help those students to do it with the help of law. But from what Priscilla just said, it seems that the monster beast is not only in the wind, but it is already about to show signs of ruin!
It is a great thing that a group of teenagers who are only twenty years old can kill a class A monster in fifteen minutes! Even if it is called a miracle!
When they didn’t think much about it, the four of them adjusted their breath a little, and they jumped at the white square building led by prissy. Ruiye had expected this, and signaled that the students were far back and greeted with swords. This level of fighting is not that this group of students can intervene, and even watching is extremely dangerous.
The five men became a group again in the middle of the war, but at this time, the positions and intentions of both sides have been exchanged.
At this time, Prissy four people want to rush over and destroy this training room before the monster beast’s downfall. The S-class array has been integrated. This matter is urgent. If it fails, I am afraid that several people will die. They are not as worried as before, so they are all trying to make a move.
Ruiye wanted to stop four people for a while as much as possible, although he did his best, but it was one thing to think in his heart, and whether he could do it or not was another matter. Even Ruiye knew in his heart that it was impossible.
Bailixi Bailibin, the masked man in black, entangled Ruiye with three human forces, and flew directly to the training room under their cover to offer the S-class sword tactic-firm but gentle penetration in Jiuzhou! Pure theory of combat power is three people, or in his theory of attack power, but it is the shock wave that penetrates Jiuzhou the most in the Bank of China’s chaotic sword decision! Besides, this trick is the most suitable for this kind of situation.
The advantage of sword-repairing and offensive-defensive integration once again appears in the Bank of China’s wall preparation for this S-class big move, and at the same time, its defense has increased by several levels because of the accumulation of Pangda Force.
Ruiye can break through the three-person blockade attack from time to time, but the method of destroying the bank wall in a short time can slow down the process of cohesion of this sword tactic.
In fact, he didn’t have much chance to interfere with this sword tactic of the Bank of China wall. Although Priscilla and other three people are usually alone and have never cooperated, at their level, they have rich combat experience and need special training to form a tacit understanding. Just now, the three people in World War I have some understanding of each other. At this time, the more closely they cooperate, the more tightly they can’t be said to be airtight, but they can also be said to be watertight
Two minutes later, the wall of the Bank of China gathered around him, and the huge firm but gentle sword finally spilled out of his hand like a torrent. There was no interference from the ginger smile. This time, the wall of the Bank of China finally waved the power of this type of S-class sword to 60%, and the airflow was more than twice as thick as that of three months ago. Not only was the floor paved with extremely hard marble outside the training room marked with a mark as deep as five meters wide and more than twenty meters deep, but all the objects standing in the way of the firm but also directly melted into dust after a touch, forming a huge cloud of smoke.
Ruiye and others looked at each other and stopped looking for the collision result between firm but gentle and S-class array.
The sword air flow passed through tens of meters in a blink of an eye and slammed into the training room wall. In an instant, a big hole was blown out of the snow-white wall. After an almost inaudible violent bang, the cracks spread around like cobwebs. However, just as the whole wall was about to collapse, a huge soil force suddenly converged here like crazy to repair the broken wall. At that time, there was a trend of stalemate with this sword air flow.
Rui Ye, Prissy and others secretly praised them. They all knew the limit of the soil restoration array in this training ground. At this time, the strength of this S-class array in soil restoration has already doubled. It can be seen that Jiang Xiaoyi not only simply combined the restoration array with the air gathering array, but also added a cardinal to double the complementary ability of the two arrays. It is really a shame that the genius of the array said.
However, this S-shaped array can’t resist the so-called attack power, and the top 100 S-class swords of Shenzhou Daofa are deadlocked for a moment, and then they finally lose their effectiveness, causing a violent turbulence.
And the snow-white wall has not collapsed, but it has also been chiseled out of a big hole by the firm but the sword air flow only ends there, and the spare capacity has been exhausted, and it will dissipate after about three meters.
Including Ruiye, all five people looked into the room and the room people looked out one after another. It was different that Hu Yue’s eyes were full of despair at this time. Then he appeared in the important part of Tianquemen, and the master of the real world didn’t ask, don’t know, most of them were the reinforcements that the purple boy said. At this time, he was scarred all over, and the demon force in the demon Dan was almost exhausted, and he was about to lose. At this time, where could he live with five more masters?
But in the eyes of Jiang Xiaoyi, Ran Zhen and others, it is a pity that there is movement outside. Although they witnessed it with their own eyes, they only felt something from the abnormal force change of the array. Although they just stormed like crazy, they were still killed by the fox before the array was destroyed.
Outside, five people except Rui Ye and Prissy, who had known about the room for a long time, the other three faces once again showed a look of shock. In their eyes, Hu Yue’s situation at this time could not be formed simply by a mess. The beauty was not as good as Jiang Xiao’s body, and he couldn’t find a good piece of meat at this time. There were several scars, which were even more visible. The bone demon family was always known for its strong resilience and was forced to have no demon power to restore the wound. Obviously, it was almost exhausted, and the most important thing was that the situation was so miserable at present by several teenagers. The monster beast turned out
Everyone was a little stunned for a few tenths of a second, and prissy had already started his left leg as early as the moment when the wall was broken. One bow, one bullet and two true qi were ejected from the arch of the foot, and the whole person quickly flew to the hole and rushed to the hole. The closer he got to the fierce battle between several teenagers and foxes, the stronger he became. On the way forward, he drew a few mysterious and beautiful trajectories, and he was about to get into the moment when the long sword was looming.
"Don’t go in!" Ruiye, who had been on alert for a long time, suddenly shot out amazing cold light from the edge of the roof of the training room, instead of giving a three-foot solid contrast in the tip of the sword, pointing at Prissy, and gathering up a group of ice-cold-than-breath without seeing him print on his left hand.
"Hey hey! This is not up to you. "
Although it is almost the same time to react, among the four killers, except Priscilla, flying with the first imperial sword on the bank wall has some advantages over other practitioners, and the determination of special flying method with the sword is 20% faster than that of the practitioners at the same level.
At the moment when Rui Yejian’s awn was about to hit Prissy, the bank wall had stepped on the sword before the other two people and came to see his right hand. The blood-pumping Yang Jian had reached his hand, and the same three-foot sword awn was blocked in Prissy.
Double swords strike everyone and listen to "Keng!" A sharp sharp sound of two pangda real forces recklessly recorded the two people’s weekly anger at the moment of the handover of the double swords. First, a clot followed by a strong Gangfeng exploded around.
"Get out of here!" Ruiye stuffy hum a sudden urge sword strength mans immediately add three points to the bank wall. Although it is incompatible with Ruiye at the time because of the sword repair characteristics, there is an almost insurmountable gap between the two sides in the repair. At this time, Ruiye once again strengthened the bank wall and immediately lost to the whole person. Although he was not injured, he felt that his chest was full of blood.
When Ruiye was about to turn his attention to Prissy again, there were two strong forces on the left and right sides of his gods’ induction at the same time, which quickly approached him. Ruiye sighed in his heart and knew that he had lost his ability to stop Prissy. One enemy and four were really too reluctant.
And prissy seems to know this from beginning to end, even though Rui Yejian’s awn was less than a foot away from his head, he never evaded his thoughts and rushed into the room instead of decreasing.
At this time, several people in the room have also responded. Shen Yingxiong and others have shown impatience in their eyes. Although the moves are more biting, they are impetuous. Although Hu Yue is not white, several human beings outside the house will fight with each other, but the look in his eyes has turned from despair to near death, and the ecstasy of living is just around the corner, which makes his body potential explode again. While these teenagers are impetuous, they have even regained some disadvantages.
Ginger smile according to said eyebrows a wrinkly drink a way "good! Everybody calm down! We still have hope! Ranzhen, stop him first! "
Shen Yingxiong and Su Bingcheng both woke up suddenly and were impetuous, but how did you look at this section when it came to the key when fighting? The two men came with anxiety, and their eyes gradually returned to normal. Ice City was even more surprised. She cast a glance at Ginger with a smile. She didn’t expect the child to be able to keep his heart at such a time. People in the college said that the water in the double wall of the college was the most witty and the water in the moon was the most calm, but in her opinion, the purple boy was not only as long as the two, but also more successful!
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Second kill 2
"Ha ha ha! Laugh, you can rest assured that he can’t get through with me! "
Ranzhen laughed and brought his life back and sprinted, dragging his big sword behind his left waist until he was about to collide with Prissy who rushed into the room. The big sword behind Ranzhen’s waist suddenly bounced up and swept forward, bringing up bursts of Gangfeng and a sharp roar.
"hubris 1"
Prissy’s eyes are disdainful. A teenager who has just arrived at the beginning of Tongmai wants to challenge an S-class fighter head-on and says that he can stop him. Is this little guy crazy?
Sneer at the sword in a hundred Li Xi’s hand, lightly touch it on Ranzhen’s giant sword, and the other side will be shot dozens of meters away even if it is not seriously injured. What kind of giant sword has great strength but forced him to step back half a step after a meal, but in front of him, the boy has regained his stability after being hit and slipped back a few meters, and his face is obviously not hurt.
When Prissy saw it, he finally showed a hint of horror in his eyes. He finally became a strong A-class five-tailed blue-eyed fox, and he was forced into such a dilemma. This young man seems to be ordinary, but he didn’t see any brilliance, but he didn’t expect his body to be so strong
Despite his contempt, prissy has been wandering around the west in great danger for many years, and he has rich combat experience. He knows very well that even lions and rabbits must try their best to make sense. The sword just now seems to be an understatement, but it has actually made him powerful, and the thunder gathered by the sword on the way into the training room is as high as tens of thousands of volts! This young man can take three steps back without being injured, and his strength is simply amazing. A young man who just got through the pulse at the beginning is just taller than ordinary people. Will he have such strong fighting power?
"This time is enjoyable!" Re-balance Ran Zhen waved his sword and burst out laughing again. This time, the sword was placed on his right shoulder and then it was as heavy as Mount Tai.

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