I fed a few pills of blood-generating and healing pills to Su Bingcheng, and then I made some salt and sugar water to fill Jiang Xiaoyi. I know that I can help Su Bingcheng to do this now, and there are still girls’ vitality and will to survive. Those pills are all made by Tianquemen Research Department, and Jiang Xiaoyi has done everything he can. If Su Bingcheng can’t survive again, he can think about it.

After dealing with the girl’s injury, Jiang Xiaoyi transformed the array. In this world, the array can’t be done by those who are able to do it. They need to make a little difference in the passage of a certain part of the array and other parts of the array, which is enough to cause problems in the circulation of the array, and the same is true for those who are able to do it. Solidifying a certain part of the array can also produce the same effect, and the obstacles in the practice of teleportation ability are even more unstoppable.
Jiang Xiaoyi naturally didn’t expect to be able to stop Xi Bai. He has increased his sensitivity to the force of the time. After the first world war, his mind was really tired. After he fell asleep, he maintained a considerable sensitivity to danger, which would be reduced. In addition, he raised the level of defense law to A level. It is absolutely impossible for the two of them to recover their current situation and injuries in a short time. He decided to recuperate here for a few days until he recovered a certain amount of combat power before continuing his journey and being seriously injured. It is naturally indispensable to rest at ease in this dangerous area in the core area of the third prison market.
Sitting back to the ice city, Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t fall asleep immediately, but looked at the small hill four miles away. He was lost in thought when the following then-level masters were surrounded. Although he was far from seeing the situation four miles away, Jiang Xiaoyi was not in the knowledge and wisdom. It was a little later than the blasted into Sakura that he guessed about the reason why this demon clan force dared to offend Tianque.
Previously, although Jiang Xiaoyi saw the situation when Blasted Sakura escaped from the encirclement, it was a fierce battle with Xibai, but it was also white. Then the guardian of Blasted Sakura was already worried about his life. Since that guy can teleport here, he must have an artifact-level multiplier in his hand. Although the demon level eagle demon is really shocking, don’t try to catch him. Since the method fighters do it to kill people, then those surrounded demon families will surely understand and fear, and this is his fellow students’ vitality. Blasted Sakura’s intelligence will inevitably seize this chance.
Since then, all the energy of Jiang Xiaoyi has been put into the fierce battle with Xibai, which is naturally known. When he looked over after the war, there was no trace of anyone fighting there, which was unexpected in his mind.
What the hell is going on here? Jiang Xiaoyi’s thoughts fell into deep doubts. After all, he is not a god. Even if the computing power is good and the intelligence is high, you can’t guess everything accurately.
After thinking for a long time, Jiang Xiaoyi couldn’t figure out a clue. Instead, because of the previous fierce fighting, his mind gradually became confused. However, he spent only ten minutes in the first world war with Xibai, but his mental consumption was several times more tiring than that of a few years ago when he was sleepless in the college library for seven days and seven nights.
Jiang Xiaoyi was lying next to the girl and snored slightly. It’s only been half an hour since it changed, but it hasn’t yet reached the liquid. The cool moonlight sprinkled from the sky. Two incredibly beautiful young men and women quietly lay by the campfire, sleeping soundly, and their faces reflected the fire, which gave people a very harmonious aesthetic feeling from a distance.
However, such a group of pictures was broken in less than ten minutes. The purple boy’s eyes suddenly opened, and the purple pupil had changed as ink, and his head was changing to black. His muscles gradually swelled, although this time he did not have enough energy to support it, he was not as fragile as before, and his face lines turned strong and tough.
"hey! Has it grown so big? "
Sit up, sit up, smile and look at your body. I can’t help but show surprise. Soon, his thoughts sank into the river of memory.
"Well, I’ve been asleep for so long. Did that guy understand and not be tempted?"
"So that’s it. I didn’t have a chance to come out today because his mind was consumed to the lowest point. Ha ha! That guy Xibai seems to be called by this name. I really want to thank him for coming out this time! "
Jiang Xiao said to himself at this time, his eyes suddenly jumped and ran out of the defense law.
"I won’t allow him to exist in this world with such a threat!"
Xi Bai, who is dozens of miles away from Jiang Xiaoyi’s camp, is also treating Fang Xiong’s injury. In this battle, his back was cut by Jiang Xiaoyi, and the water and sand clock was drawn away. Don’t lose any more. It is the most powerful one of the four people now, and his rejuvenation is not like Jiang Xiaoyi’s half-tone, so it takes more than ten minutes for Fang Xiong to recover from his superficial injury and recover his physical strength. It is another time to rest.
"all right! Turn around and put the back almost ready. "
Tao summoned the vitality of wood attributes to heal the last wound behind Fang Xiong. Xi Bai smiled and patted Fang Xiong’s shoulder and turned to sit back and reply to the true power.
"Thank you, young master!" Fang Xiong turned around and bowed his head in gratitude. His face is no longer the same as it was at the beginning, and he has returned to some ruddy colors.
"Ha ha! Although you and I are masters and servants, our feelings are better than an uncle’s treatment of a minor injury. Do you need this? " Xi Bai grinned with a smile. "Uncle Fang will have a good rest and support these days. I’m afraid there will be another battle between us and those two people in a few days!"
Fang Xiong face dew startled color stunned way "little Lord haven’t give up? That man’s ability is really terrible, and he’s a fool. It’s better not to take risks personally. When I get back, I can call a dozen S-level experts to kill this guy together. Wouldn’t it be safer then? "
"It’s not that you don’t know that the master’s old man’s house is fighting with that man now. Where can you draw enough manpower?" Xibai shook his head with a wry smile. "Before he died, Bailixi said that he would return to be my lifelong enemy, and now I am also a deep fear. I have a hunch that if I can’t kill him this time, when I meet him again, that guy will inevitably grow to the point where my master and I can easily shake it! “
"And now it is the best place to kill him in this forbidden place. I missed this opportunity. When he walked out of the core area of the black prison market, I couldn’t help it-"
Xibai also wanted to say that when he looked up, he saw a handsome horse with a somewhat similar appearance and ginger smile. The young man was walking slowly here with a faint murderous look, and his face expression was exactly the same as when he looked at ginger smile by the campfire dozens of miles away half an hour ago, as if looking at the dead side.
Xibai couldn’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. He knew that the most dangerous moment in his life was coming.
The one hundred and ninety-second embarrassment
When Jiang Xiaoyi woke up from a coma in a daze, now his head was resting on a soft object with a faint fragrance, and his face was lying prone, and there was a soft and smooth thing in his mouth. He realized that his tongue had been added and his teeth were gently gnawed. It felt good, and it was quite elastic. Jiang Xiaoyi liked this feeling very much.
However, as Jiang Xiaoyi became more and more conscious, the shape of that thing in his mouth was gradually fully displayed in his mind. Jiang Xiaoyi suddenly sat up and saw that Su Bingcheng was lying naked on his back in front of him, looking at his white jade with shame and indignation. Now it has risen to a point where purples are about to drip, and Jiang Xiaoyi still has saliva on the girl’s chest.
It’s obvious that he was lying on the girl’s body just now with that thing in his mouth, which is naturally a sensitive part of the girl’s right chest.
Jiang Xiaoyi’s face turned red in an instant, and he was embarrassed when he questioned in the plain ice city. He couldn’t wait to dig a hole and bury himself.
What the hell is going on here? I was lying three meters away before I fell asleep. I’ve never had the habit of rolling bed before, and I helped Su Bingcheng get dressed after dressing her wound yesterday. How did you wake up in the morning and become like this?
Jiang Xiaoyi hid the girl’s body again while thinking about the reason in his heart. He also took the opportunity to carefully scan the girl’s body. It was not obscene, but to check whether he had done anything more outrageous when he was asleep. As a result, he was relieved. Although the girl lichen was stripped off again for some reason, except for the milk, which had been washed away by him conveniently, the body was still clean and there were other unbearable traces.
Yesterday, the meridians and ligaments of the hands and feet in the Ice City were almost in a state of complete collapse, which is why Jiang Xiaoyi was surprised that she was able to straighten herself at that time. In that case, other ordinary practitioners were afraid that they could not lift a finger, but the Ice City not only attacked with the subconscious mind before coma, but also needed perseverance.
Now, although I have been in a coma for a night, my brothers and sisters in Ice City are still unable to move, and I can’t help smiling like a doll. When I dress, I naturally can’t meet some embarrassing girls. I can’t help but be redder. However, Ice City also knows that this dress is essential. Although it is better for her to be covered with a thin blanket in terms of injury now, it is now in crisis. The black boy and burly man and other A-level monster beasts may attack when they wear clothes. In addition to hiding shame, this school is prepared. The multiplier that the college rationed to the ninth-grade students who were about to undergo a graduation journey was carefully developed by the research department, and their school, which is a member of Trinity Dormitory, naturally added a little bit of material, and it was woven with seven-color purple spider silk. Seeing the Chinese website all the way, the defense against slashing weapons was not in the multiplier, and it was this school that she was able to save her life from the master of the sandstorm two in yesterday’s battle.
Jiang Xiaoyi didn’t notice the girl’s embarrassment, or even noticed it, but pretended not to care. He is still thinking about the thing that made him lose face in front of his eyes. The girl can’t move herself. Naturally, it can’t be that she took off the dress herself, and this defense array can only come in and out freely with him. The perpetrator seems to be alone, but how could he do such a fucking dirty thing?
Suddenly thought of a possible ginger smile in accordance with the hand suddenly involuntarily a shake.
Is it that guy again?
Since three years ago, he heard Chiyou’s suggestion that he should break into the strong enemy’s seventh district alone and realize that he was not tempted. When he fought, fear and guilt of killing never left any trace in his heart. After that, another Jiang Xiaoyi never showed any signs. Jiang Xiaoyi has gradually forgotten this matter, but I didn’t expect that guy to come out again at this time.
No! No!
If it is that guy, he will be ruined by himself now, and in his heart, he really has feelings for the girl in front of him more than once, because he knows that the other party has no affection for him and because the family leads two people, it is impossible to have a result. The vague affection is forcibly suppressed by himself. Most of the likes and dislikes of the second personality still depend on his own practice. How can he let go of the first personality in the ice city?
But if it wasn’t for him, it just didn’t make sense! Is that guy suddenly conscience?
Shaking his head, Jiang Xiaoyi immediately denied the whimsy that had just popped into his mind. Is he crazy? How can that guy have a conscience?
Since I have made up my mind to stay here for seven days, it is natural that I must consider enough defense. Secondly, the weather changes frequently here because of guarding the array. Yesterday was a temporary rest. I didn’t pay much attention to the site selection. After yesterday’s attack, Jiang Xiaoyi also changed the original array for a while and rested here for a night.
At this time, since I want to live here for a period of time, this low-lying land is not suitable. A heavy rain is enough to make this place full of puddles. Jiang Xiao re-established an S-class defense law on the flat top of that hill four miles away, and took out some materials from the devil’s smelting pot and set up a camp to carry the ice city.
Lying in Jiang Xiao’s arms, smelling the unique breath of that faint man, I think this man touched himself completely and did that kind of embarrassing thing to himself. Ice City suddenly blushed again. This has always been a cold and proud girl’s blushing times in her life add up to less than today.
In the plain ice city, when they were ashamed, a demon on the twelfth floor of the late building was hundreds of miles away. In the office, Sakura was blasted into the office, and leisurely feet rested on the desk and looked at this with a smile.
It has to be said that there are still some talents in the demon clan. Besides, some of them were inherited by their ancestors. The water mirror picture in front of the blasted cherry is seen by a strong A-class eagle demon at a height of 10,000 meters, and then displayed in this semi-public room through a special array and long-distance communication crystal. Because the eagle clan’s eyesight is naturally several times stronger than that of human beings, and because it has a visual vertebra and a central nest in the photoreceptor than other creatures, the scenery they see can be reduced or reduced to a certain part of the picture like a camera with a telescope.
"Hey hey! That guy’s luck is really enviable! How come such a good thing has never happened to me? "
When I think of holding a stunning girl in my arms, I can’t help but mumble and swallow a mouthful of saliva. After making such a statement, he focused most of his attention on another water mirror screen.
He didn’t know how many times he had let go of the pictures in the water mirror just now, but until now, Sakura was still full of enthusiasm.
The mirror shows that it is another Jiang Xiao who single-handedly defeated the burly man who has the ability to control sandstorms, and the video of the two S-level masters when he was in control.
The battle process is classic. The mastery of various combat elements such as time, distance and terrain is simply wonderful. Although Xi Bai and Fang Xiong cooperate closely, they can’t stop Jiang Xiaoyi’s offensive. Of course, this is based on the fourth-order control ability.
But the most impressive thing is not these, but Jiang Xiaoyi’s fighting style. He not only hates the enemy but also hates himself! Among them, there is a picture of the burly man named Fang Xiong mutually assured destruction, playing to cover Xi Bai’s escape, but Jiang Xiaoyi actually tried to break a wall and slay Xi Bai, who had been seriously injured. Finally, Fang Xiongshen turned to sand and blew himself up to stop Jiang Xiaoyi from pursuing.
And such pictures are everywhere in the battle. When the battle is over, Jiang Xiao is also injured
"Hey hey! I can’t believe that there is another master in this world, and it seems that that guy’s strength is still in my junior. It’s really interesting! "
"Well, the man’s face and smile are similar to those of his younger brother, and they also have the ability to control wood. Should they be related? And this capable person also appeared here at this time. How can there be such a clever method in this world? "

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