Youjun nodded and said, "Take care and turn away." Laughing silently and standing still for a long time, I looked at the fir cold body and showed my body with a sigh. It was like a meteor disappearing into the night.

After the tree, Rick Fang came out and paced to the front of the bodies of several people in fir cold. He laughed silently for a long time and had a kind of unspeakable meaning. "If you look at them, one side is evil spirits and the other side is the so-called noble decent evil spirits, but there are so many dirty things."
If Yunruo sees that he looks rather distressed, he is consoled by Jiao. "Xu who is good and evil is right and wrong. This is very difficult to distinguish the problem. There will be justice for the so-called righteous teacher, and there will be bad people. This world is absolutely and we will have to worry about these things."
Rick Fang was silent. Yun Ruo walked up to him and held his hand tightly. Yun Ruo saw the bloody killing scene for the first time. Rao was bold and her heart was pounding. If it wasn’t for Rick Fang, I’m afraid I would have exclaimed. At this time, I saw a few people walking around. The scene was suddenly quiet, but it also added a little bit of mystery and horror. Yun Ruo looked at Rick Fang in awe and added, "Xu is haunted here. Let’s go."
Rick Fang saw that her flowers were pale and she could not bear to nod her head. They walked away hand in hand.
Chapter 20 Laughter
The next morning, after Rick Fang finished morning exercises, several Shuaike people went to the dining hall to eat and chat, and a fragrant wind came and a graceful and moving body sat next to themselves.
"Jia" Rick Fang slightly turned around and saw that she was dressed in a casual dress. Liu Jia was busy greeting, but this word suddenly felt a little wrong and changed her mind. "The teacher elder sister is you. Which morning is good?"
Liujia looked at Rick Fang’s light chin and jade head and said, "Hello, junior." Liujia Bingxue Cong naturally knew that Rick Fang was embarrassed to call her nickname in front of so many classmates. Her beautiful eyes were full of Gherardini meaning, and she looked at Rick Fang’s heart.
"Senior that senior Xu have something for us? Do you want us to avoid that, that, that, that, that, that, that, that, the radical Shuaike said.
Listening to Shuaike’s banter, Liu Jia Jiao Shu smiled and shook her hand, but made a surprise to everyone present.
Seeing her leaning over Rick Fang’s ear, she whispered, "Xu will come to my grandfather’s house at six o’clock this Saturday night, and my parents will dress up and remember."
Rick Fang one leng obviously didn’t expect Liujia to be so bold and so intimate in public, but at the moment, the situation can’t be allowed. He thought much about the charming charm of Liujia’s fiery charming body and handed it to his central nervous system through those two thin layers of clothes, which stimulated him to be a hot mind and even a swing.
Rick Fang took a deep breath and leaned back slightly away from Liujia’s charm and nodded lightly. "I know."
Liujia looked at the table full of people dumbfounded, and a trace of pride rose in her heart. At the same time, the jade face was even more red, and she stretched out her jade hand and secretly twisted Rick Fang. She no longer stayed and said "goodbye" to everyone. She got up and left quickly. The situation was like a peek at the owner’s delicious and greedy kitten, and she was proud and floundered after stealing.
After Liujia left, everyone just reacted from the other "shock". Looking at Rick Fang’s eyes, there was a little more sinister envy. Shuaike naturally didn’t want to be lonely. Hey hey smiled and said, "Ah Xu, although we don’t know that Liujia Xuejie told you a novel, if you say that you are innocent, it is estimated that no one will believe you."
The new semester has just passed in Rick Fang, and they are also very idle. After finishing the first two English classes, there is no class. Rick Fang intends to go back to his residence, but he is told by Shuaike that he has something to discuss with Rick Fang. has long been used to Shuaike’s mysterious appearance of having something to do without an accident (depending on the weather, he just loves to install a big-tailed wolf). When he returns to the dormitory, he sees that the freshmen are coming out of the auditorium in an olive green suit, pulling a neat and orderly queue in front of the auditorium and heading for the National Flag Square.
"The headmaster comrades have finished their training, and they are miserable. It’s even hotter this year." Shuaike muttered beside Rick Fang that the words of compassion jumped out of his mouth, but it tasted like schadenfreude.
Rick Fang smiled and didn’t pick up the words, but he saw a familiar person-Qin Hao, a small military uniform, looked even more weak. At this time, he was shouting’ 121′ outside the queue. He also saw Rick Fang’s eyebrows and a sneer at Rick Fang’s mouth. He smiled indifferently. I’m afraid this guy is still planning a tournament in ten days’ time, if he wants to embarrass himself.
Three people back to the dormitory just sit words haven’t said a few words knocking at the door, Liu Tian got up the door Rick Fang NingMu look is a white shirt Tingting slim Yang Leqiao stood by the door is ourtenant looked at him.
Shuaike greeted Yang Le with a stool and poured tea. Yang Le nodded and took the tea handed by Shuaike, and gently put it on the table.
Yang Le looked at Rick Fang and said, "Rick Fang, have you seen all those high school lessons I gave you?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Yang Le’s beautiful eyes looked at Rick Fang’s eyes, and it was not easy for people to find out. Rick Fang knew that she was thinking about tutoring and nodded "yes".
"That’s good," Yang Le said with a smile. "I have something to tell you. I booked an interview with the parents of the students at night, but they specially called me to apologize for something temporary. I don’t think it’s urgent to make some preparations at one o’clock. Just move it to Monday night and I’ll call you. Is that ok?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Seeing that Yang Le is so dedicated to this matter, Rick Fang’s heart is moved and busy. "You are too oversensitive and please."
Yang Le smell speech heart comfortable charming smiled and gave a way "don’t be so polite, we are classmates, this is what it should be."
When talking, the conversation turned and then said, "By the way, we still have something to ask you for a favor today."
Rick Fang one leng way "ask me for help? You? " After hearing this, Shuaikora went back to the dormitory by herself today to say good to Yang Le.
Yang Lewei nodded his head and said, "Well, Xu, didn’t our class decide to go to Hongmei Park next weekend? Later, Sister Le said that the activity was too simple. What do you think?"
Rick Fang heard the words and laughed. "Good. That way, everyone will have more fun."
Yang Lejiao said with a smile, "I think most people will definitely agree to visit the park. Shuaike and I talked to the person in charge of the park a few days ago. He agreed to give us the best price, which is no problem, but we encountered difficulties when looking for the’ hall’."
"difficulty? Difficulties? "
Shuai Ke sighed, "We have contacted several halls to avoid too much contact with people from the society. The class Committee has studied that it is best to take a charter flight, which is generally too expensive and beyond our acceptable bottom line."
Rick Fang’s heart suddenly shows that there are mostly good and evil people mixed up in the hall. Pornography can’t be said to be everywhere. At the very least, it is also a common occurrence. Fighting is no longer a plot in the movie. As a result, it is always cheaper to find some small’ halls’ for everyone to squeeze in at most.
"Small’ hall’?" Shuaike shook his head with a smile. "Xu, do you know how many people participated in this activity?"
Rick Fang looked at Shuaike’s expression and wondered, "There are only 32 people in our class, plus some good brothers at ordinary times to pay tribute. Well, I think it’s no more than five people."

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