At this time, there are 237 spaceports in Tiangong, large and small, and a spinning column made of super-strong material is also arranged, and the overall weight reaches 1.53 million tons.

Due to the continuous rise of space capsule technology, space capsule is becoming more and more advanced, not only the unit weight is gradually reduced, but also the unit cost is reduced
The total volume of 1.53 million tons of Tiangong is as high as 4.37 million cubic meters, comparable to a 50,000-ton freighter.
Due to structural reasons, it seems that Tiangong is several times larger than a 50,000-ton freighter.
After all, it is made up of large and small capsules with many effects, so it looks very huge.
Special attention should be paid to the practical safety of such a large floating near-earth orbit
After all, there are a lot of rubbish left over from human exploration in near-earth orbit, which ensures that there are not a few buffer foam armor on the outer layer of Tiangong’ an to clean up the laser cannons that are too rubbish.
This is also one of the guarantees that there have been no major accidents in Tiangong and Tianmen.
Brian looked out of the window dumbfounded as he drifted.
Does it feel like a small city?
Brian nodded when he heard Hasegawa dialect. "It’s so shocking that he seems to be in the future world."
Zhang Yang, a network engineer in front of the floating, turned his head and smiled. "Tiangong has reached its limit. Tianmen is the real monster. I heard that the second phase of the project will reach 260,000 tons after completion."
"No Tianmen is nothing," Wang Ziqiang explained. "The moon, Guanghan Palace, is the real monster. After all, there are already some space pieces that can be produced by themselves."
"That’s true."
Brian drifted into the inspection cabin as if drifting with the flow.
Chapter six hundred and ninety-four Roaming (3)
After passing through the traffic cabin, a group of tourists entered the inspection cabin, which is equivalent to the blue star ground immigration office.
On the one hand, it is to check whether the personnel carried the contraband when they entered; On the other hand, the safety of personnel is considered.
After all, human beings suddenly enter the weightless environment from the blue star ground, which will cause some discomfort.
If you are a professionally trained astronaut, it’s not a big problem, but tourists like Wang Ziqiang and Hasegawa have been trained for a month and their adaptability is much worse.
"Please enter the inspection area in turn, everyone." Astronaut Bao Yuanhao immediately signaled Wang Ziqiang to enter an area
Wang Ziqiang has taken off his heavy extravehicular activity. He is wearing a suit of extravehicular activity. He walks into a blue circle with special shoe covers and gloves inside. He puts his feet and hands into it.
On the other hand, astronaut Bao Yuanhao picked up the Wang Ziqiang ID card and inserted it into the machine while inputting phase instructions.
After a drop, the detection program runs automatically.
All kinds of scanning, induction, photographing and analysis were carried out in an orderly manner in less than three minutes in Wang Ziqiang. At this time, physical conditions came out one after another, and a large number of data display screens were beating.
"Mr. Wang, you are very healthy and can come out."
Wang Ziqiang took the ID card and floated to the front to wait.
After half an hour, everyone finished the test, because the ground has already done phase testing, and the actual testing is just a process.
Bao Yuanhao floated forward and introduced to everyone, "Everyone has already prepared a dormitory in our past living area."
"Is the package leader’s living area and the astronaut living area together?" Hasegawa asked with a smile
"It’s not that astronauts have a special living area, they may have to do some scientific research, which is not suitable for tourists to have too much contact with the living area."
It’s no surprise to hear this explanation. After all, this is a highly technical place, which will involve some confidential scientific research.
Traffic corridor
While drifting, everyone visited the scenery through the dome of the traffic corridor.
After asking Bao Yuanhao for permission, everyone also took out their mobile phones and took pictures while floating.
Brian asked Hasegawa to take a photo of himself, and he floated on the side wall of the corridor, with half a blue star and dark night behind him.
"Three, two, one eggplant!" Hasegawa presses the touch screen photo button to generate a photo quickly.
Later, Brian also took some photos for Hasegawa, and the two of them logged into their time blog account through the 4G/5G network.
There is no mistake. The Greater China Federation has experimented with 5G communication. Although the technology is not yet mature, the lunar area and the ground space city have all made preliminary responses.
At present, the Greater China Communication Association’s 5G communication coordination working group consists of 32 large and small enterprises.
The core enterprises are dragon totem, astrolabe communication, time information, China, ZTE, Datang, Samsung United, Sharp, Toshiba and MediaTek.

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