Aunt Wang was scared silly after talking.

"Fly high, you …"
The burly man didn’t expect it, but the hard object in his pocket in Ma Xiangqian’s top step was flying high.
"Do you want to die?"
Goofy immediately nodded "Want to die!"
"What?" The burly man is Zheng again, and this guy is a bad guy!
Goofy saw that the eldest brother was too busy to become speechless and hurriedly said again, "If you want to take money from here, I’ll have a hole in my body first!" If you don’t have the guts, get out of here and never let me see your empty face again! "
"You …" The burly man trembled and his eyes were red.
Goofy secretly pleased that this guy is finally going to explode.
However, at this moment, the burly man spat angrily at the ground.
“Fuk! Where are the psychopaths coming from? Damn it. Is Brooklyn occupied by psychopaths these days? Fuck him! "
Said burly man turned and walked outside the supermarket-this guy was defeated and fled.
Aunt Wang rejoiced and breathed a long sigh of relief
Goofy quit. Where can a duck fly?
"Don’t go, my friend!"
Goofy chased him in three steps and two steps, and finally met a man with a gun, but he couldn’t just let him go.
Aunt Wang is trying to catch the gangster bravely when she is stupefied!
The burly man himself is dumbfounded. He has stopped robbing. What do you want? It’s not enough to get rid of the old man, but to catch him red-handed?
Seeing goofy, bared his teeth, the burly man suddenly felt weak and pondered. He decided to retreat quickly.
Damn it! I didn’t know that Chinese people in this area are so fierce!
Does he know kung fu?
It’s a pity that the burly man is tall and clumsy. He just pushed the supermarket door and was tripped by Goofy.
The burly man fell over a dog and a dark object flew out of his mud coat.
"My gun! My gun! "
The burly man shouted in despair
Goofy looked up and saw that it was indeed a gun, but it was a plastic toy gun. This fall directly fell off the toy gun, and the muzzle of the gun flashed red, green and green light, and there was a simulation gun that was extremely unrealistic.
10,000 alpacas gallop in Goofy’s heart, big brother, you’re kidding!
Say good gun?
Is this your gun?
"You are kidding me!" Goofy was so angry that he ran away and kicked the burly man’s lower back. "Did you rob him with a toy gun?"
"Hey, don’t be so impulsive. I’m only doing this because I’m on the wrong track …" The burly male horse became like a deflated ball and muttered in a low voice, "Brooklyn workers have been robbed by colored people, and we white people can’t find a job …"
"Don’t make excuses for me. It’s not your reason for breaking the law." Goofy hated iron and said, "I’ve never seen such a weak chicken robber. It’s so disappointing."
At the same time, Aunt Wang quickly called the police. Two minutes later, a police car patrolled nearby and flew in.
A burly uncle with Mediterranean hair in his forties got out of the car door. Judging from the dark blue badge on his shoulder, he should be a police sergeant (Sergean is equivalent to the former Hong Kong Police Zhongsha Exhibition).
Bald police sergeant walked over and took a look, then guessed the present situation.
"Sean, you want to go to jail again?" The sergeant stared at the burly man and said, I can see that this burly man has long been notorious.
"It’s all a misunderstanding, Hank. I can explain it," said Sean, a burly man with a flattering smile, while his eyes were rolling and wondering if he would get himself off.
"Explain a fart!" Hankegan didn’t buy it, so he picked up the toy gun next to him. "You dare to come out and rob houses with this kid. I think you are really poor and crazy."
"I didn’t rob me. It was just a joke, right, Ms. Wang? I am joking! " Sean glib turn head to aunt Wang made a wink.
Aunt Wang pointed to the surveillance video. "Everything is recorded here, including how many times he came here this month …"
"Damn it!" Sean said angrily, "You have to pay for what you say!"
Aunt Wang has a calm face-since knowing that this guy’s gun is a toy gun and it seems that he has no guts, it’s not an outlaw. Aunt Wang has long since stopped being afraid of this stupid big guy, remembering that she was really robbed of a lot of money by him.
"Give me a copy of these surveillance videos. Thank you," Hank said to Aunt Wang. "We will sue the D.A. as soon as possible. This guy will be severely punished. Don’t worry."
"Thank you" Wang Ayi nods.
At this time, Hank looked back and flew high. He remembered that Shaun, a burly man, had just been captured by Goofy.
"Did you catch him?" Hank asked.
"Sort of," Goofy admitted.
"You know he is a toy gun?" Hank asked again
"I didn’t know before, but I knew after I caught him." Goofy answered truthfully.
"Yeah" Hank nodded approvingly.
Goofy backstage immediately showed.
[Admire from Hank +1]
But more data is still Aunt Wang.
[From Wang Xiaoli Worship +5]
[From Wang Xiaoli Worship +5]
[From Wang Xiaoli Worship +5]
Chapter 6 Tramp
Then Hank asked about the specific process of a robbery, and then left a copy of the surveillance video of Jixiang Supermarket, and then escorted the burly man Sean away from the scene.
I’ve been dealing with it for three days, and my aunt Wang is in a good mood.
"It turned out to be a loser. I was so afraid of him before. It’s really embarrassing that he was robbed by his toy gun so many times …" Aunt Wang said gloomily.
"So he dares to bully immigrant women like you, this damn garbage," Goofy cursed. "But now he’s ready to send him to prison and reform him."
Aunt Wang nodded and took goofy’s hand warmly. "Goofy just now, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I don’t know how long I would be bullied by this scum … but you don’t know that he is a toy gun. How dare you contradict him so much? Aren’t you afraid that he will shoot you? "

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