Huang Xiuyuan wrote some key points on the page.

Land source-saline wasteland and semi-beneficial saline farmland; Saline-alkali land transformation technology-current operation mode of pasture planting and cultivation of small-scale peasant economy
It is not a long-term solution to rely solely on administrative measures and financial subsidies.
After some thinking, he decided to set up an "Agricultural Bank", that is, a company integrating acquisition, equipment, processing, sales, technology, fertilizer and equipment leasing.
Signing a contract with farmers to transform the technical guidance of pasture planting with fertilizer and water subsidies held by farmers in saline-alkali land, and the pasture planting will be purchased by the company in a unified way, so that farmers can plant pasture actively.
After the company buys pasture, part of it should be given to the livestock and poultry farm for fresh food; Part of it is prepared for deep processing in winter through green technology; Part of it can be sold to the market.
According to the phase research, the species suitable for pasture promotion at present are tentatively determined as sweet potato, feed vegetable, alfalfa, ryegrass and Pennisetum after discussion with Jiang Hailin and others.
The pilot area is tentatively set in Dongying, Shandong Province, because Dongying has a large amount of saline-alkali land, which is just suitable for the pilot location.
beginning of the year
More than 50 photo researchers from Du Jinhua, who arrived from Shantou-Mei headquarters, arrived in Quancheng.
Zhang Lei appeared in front of Huang Xiuyuan with a familiar figure. "Manager Huang, this is Xiao Yingnan. She is a local in Dongying and is familiar with the local situation."
"Hello, manager Huang" Xiao Yingnan didn’t seem too formal.
As soon as I saw the familiar short hair hairstyle, Huang Xiuyuan remembered that the other party was the girl I met in the library that day.
"Then trouble Yingnan to lead the way."
"No problem" Xiao Yingnan nodded his head.
A convoy of buses, buses and security off-road vehicles set off from Quancheng to Dongying.
Middle bus
Huang Xiuyuan, Du Jinhua and Ma Changjiang are discussing some things. Ma Changjiang is an expert in digging saline-alkali land from Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.
Ma Changjiang said with a happy face, "Mr. Huang, I have initially understood the company’s technology. If the salt accumulated in the soil is transformed by taking six cones of spherical oxygen and adding organic fertilizer, the soil salinity can be eliminated from the roots."
"Still a field test" Huang Xiuyuan is still not sure.
"That’s true."
During the discussion, the motorcade finally entered Dongying city after driving for several hours.
The group first settled in Dongying branch and then went to Dongying dairy breeding base.
On one side of the cow breeding base is the contracted pasture, with a total area of more than 5,000 mu, which used to be moderately saline-alkali land.
In the cold wind, there is still ice on the ground beside the pasture, and some cold-resistant and salt-tolerant weeds and shrubs grow here tenaciously.
At present, North China has not yet entered the stage of spring ploughing. After contracting this land last year, the dairy farming base has not been transformed, and it is still deserted there.
Not far away, a row of packing houses are being built.
A large number of machining equipment were purchased from Shandong Province, and large plowing tractors and excavators were ordered from Yituo Group.
Du Jinhua’s engineering team immediately took action.
Huang Xiuyuan, together with Ma Changjiang and others, detected the composition, content and deep humus content of soil salinity.
The ground was frozen hard, and the small drilling machine drilled more than three meters into the hole.
The researchers conducted surface tests on soil at different depths.
"The chloride content in the surface soil is about 6~14, and a few 2~3 contents are quite high."
Huang Xiuyuan squatted down and grabbed a handful of sand. "How deep do you think Dr. Ma should dig if he wants to complete the transformation?"
"Generally, it is 3~5 cm to turn over the soil, but there is a mineral salt layer at the bottom. If irrigation is unreasonable for a long time, it may be salinized again."
After that, he paused for a while and then said, "If possible, it can be divided into two parts: the surface layer can be turned over to transform 5 cm of soil, and then the organic fertilizer can be added to further improve it."
"The middle soil is desalinated to the layer of 5 cm, which is turned over to form a buffer soil layer and a one-meter salt layer."
Xiao Yingnan behind Huang Xiuyuan took a quick note of these with a note.
"If the buffer layer is well managed, can it prevent the recurrence of saline-alkali soil?" Huang Xiuyuan scattered the dirt.
Ma Changjiang pondered for a moment that "proper management can make decades without problems"
Chapter XIII Reconstruction of Saline-alkali Land
On the packing side, Du Jinhua and others and snail industrial equipment manufacturing company rebuilt the equipment.
There has been a draft before the design drawing, and now it is to improve the design while transforming the equipment.
According to the project plan of saline-alkali land reconstruction, the excavator firstly digs the saline-alkali soil layer, and then preliminarily screens it to separate large stones and shrubs.
The saline-alkali soil aft preliminary screening is sent to a desalt car, and that desalting car separates the salt in the soil, and the desalted soil is divide into two parts after desalting.
Half of it is directly backfilled, and the other half is mixed with organic fertilizer in the soil mixer, and then backfilled into the surface soil layer.
The equipment that needs to be reformed now is desalting vehicle and soil mixing vehicle.
It is better to transform the medium-sized soil mixing truck, which should have the functions of soil feeding, mixing and unloading.
Now the key point is that the desalter can be regarded as the desalter shrinking technology, and there is no difficulty.
The chassis of large-scale engineering transport vehicle is divided into soil feeding system, desalting cabin, dewatering cabin, soil unloading system, water circulation system, salt unloading system.
The length, width and height of the desalting truck have reached 12 meters, 25 meters and 45 meters, which is the limit parameter of highway trucks.
Equipped with independent diesel engine, primary screening vehicle, salt vehicle and water vehicle.
Speed up R&D from the Blue Age Shandong Branch to various construction machinery enterprises in Shandong Province.
After more than a week’s transformation, the initial research and development of the original equipment was finally completed on February 14.
Although the initial generation of equipment is very rough, many equipment are put together directly, but at least it can be put into trial operation, and then it needs to be improved continuously
Dongying dairy cattle breeding base pasture
Three excavators are busy in saline-alkali land, and a bucket goes to saline-alkali land to dig a big pit almost one meter deep.
Excavate saline-alkali soil is dumped into a muck truck on one side.
Before the muck truck transports saline-alkali soil, the tunnel surface next to the tunnel is excavated by a primary screening truck. It is convenient for the muck truck to unload soil because of the height difference.
Saline-alkali soil is poured into the primary screening vehicle to screen large stones and shrubs through the screening screen. After the vehicle is filtered, it is sent to the comprehensive recycling factory by the transport vehicle. At that time, the stones will be used as building materials, while the shrubbery debris will be sent to gas refining to make fertilizer.
The screen fine soil is conveyed to a desalt vehicle at one side by a conveyor belt.
When the fine soil enters the desalting vehicle, the first step is to mix water into thin soil and then send it to the desalting stage, where a large amount of hexagonal spherical oxygen is injected to take out the salt in the muddy water.

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