Qin Yu was browsing the news report sent by the headquarters in a bottle infusion chair.

"Yesterday, the protest near the Mancheng government building in Ouyi District turned into a riot. The police department’s stability troops dispatched more than 3,000 people to suppress the preliminary death toll of about 4,000 people …!"
"Yesterday, in a political activity in Germany, Dezhou Councillor Leon Brook was attacked and killed, and the chaos at the scene caused 25 deaths and injuries of police officers. At present, there is no organizer to investigate the incident …!"
"Yesterday, at about 10: 30 pm, the special capital of the first district was sent with 400 additional members of the Army Special Forces to protect the security of the regional government!"
This kind of news as many as dozens of Qin Yu frowned and looked at the general staff officer Wang and said, "… didn’t they control it well some time ago?" Our military intelligence department also submitted a message saying that the civil affairs department also secretly discussed with the Republican Party? Why is it suddenly so serious? "
"It may be an illusion to talk about it," Wang replied in a low voice. "This year is their last chance for the civil administration. Because the enemy’s government has been waging wars for a year, the public is in a great mood. Personally, I think it is difficult for them to give up this opportunity. After all, it has been suppressed for almost 20 years."
Qin Yu looked at the report doubtfully. "This is obviously a large-scale incitement. It seems that the civil servants hate it!"
"The pushers must be them!" Staff Wang also agrees with Qin Yu’s view that "after all, the sixth district of Freedom has shown a serious disadvantage recently … This means that the decision-making here in Gonghe is a failure or a loophole … This is an opportunity for civil affairs!"
Qin Yu took a sip of rice porridge. "It’s also an opportunity for us. Their department is making more and more trouble! The more we say that we fight back, it is necessary to drag their department to make trouble and collapse! "
"The main thing is to look at the follow-up events. If it is limited to upgrade, it is really good news for us!" Staff Wang nodded.
CSS Island at 7 o’clock in the evening.
Cocoa kept refreshing the major official media networks in the first district, praying to see some news from the news, but unfortunately, she has not seen any valuable news since noon.
Cocoa drank coffee and curled up in the chair. Her left arm held her legs and she still brushed various web pages mechanically.
At 9: 00 pm local time, I realized that I had done my work in vain. A civil affairs official media finally caught her attention. The title was very simple.
"People were choked by the neck? Can’t happen? The Manchester City Stability Force shot and killed more than 2,000 people and injured thousands! Who gives them benefits? "
Cocoa looked at the news with a smile on her cold face. "Take that!"
Chapter DiEr696 Return
Next day CSS island
Reed took Coco to a small airport and reached out to her and said, "I hope everything goes well, ma ‘am."
"I will solve the technical problems as soon as possible, and we will keep in touch," Coco said concisely after shaking hands. "Things in Europe I can’t stop, so we must continue to help the civil administration."
"OK" Reed nodded slowly. "I’ll wait for your news."
Exalting cocoa and others stepped out of the plane and prepared to return to the three major areas.
After receiving the order from the Governor’s Office, the foreign affairs departments of the three major regions have already made active contacts with Yemen, and the two sides have had several brief communications.
The old cat in the headquarters sat in the chair and said, "I mean, let’s go there to show our sincerity."
"The more urgent you are, the less urgent you can be. The situation there is more complicated. Everyone has you in the past. What if something happens?" Qin Yu waved, "Let’s send a frontline liaison to warm up first. We think we can talk about it before you go."
"… so the two sides have to walk a few rounds, but for us, what we need most now is time." The old cat paused and answered, "Gu Yan’s ship is about to arrive at Yemen. If Xia Dao really goes out to stop us, we urgently need a springboard to supplement the troops."
"Your identity is different over there …!" Qin Yu also wants to refuse.
"Well," Lao Li suddenly interjected, "When the old cat and I go to meet Gu Yan first, let him send a boat to dock and let a small number of people take us there."
Qin Yu was lost in thought
"It’s unrealistic to want to engage in diplomacy without the risk," Lao Li insisted. "Personally, I think the Yemeni forces will not talk about me and the old cat. We’re not troops. What do we have? What’s more, there are still 670 thousand people in our sea who are really special and forced to land, and they are also confused. "
"You two can go to such an insurance point," Qin Yu judged. "Try to be as soft as possible when talking, and don’t show your ideas at the table, mainly to listen to their price."
"No problem," Lao Li nodded. "It must be interesting to contact us if the other party agrees to talk."
"Ok, that’s it." Qin Yu coughed two times and said weakly, "I’ll let the foreign affairs department cooperate with you."
The old cat frowned at Qin Yu’s face and asked, "How are you? If you can’t carry it, just go back to the area and check it out. Don’t be hard. "
"I’m all right," Qin Yu said with the wave. "I’m just too tired recently. Lei Lei has called Yanbei to call the doctor and equipment."
"People are not made of steel, so you should pay attention to your health." Lao Li also advised, "… now all the war zones are waiting for you."
"Well" Qin Yu slowly nodded at Lao Li and said "Uncle must pay attention to Ann"
"I’ll try my best to get things done," Lao Li replied with dignified eyes.
CSS is blacklisted by many regional governments, that is to say, there is no way for their planes to pass through areas controlled by the government.
However, the good old friend teahouse has a wide business scope and has contacts with many large trading companies. After two transfers, it arrived in South Shanghai by a special plane of a trading company.
Out of the airport, Coco turned to the security guard who followed him all the way and said, "Brother Hong, let others find a place to live in South Shanghai. Just take two people with me and Mingming."
"Let’s settle down together," replied the leading security guard.
"No, there is no safer place than the three major districts." Coco replied softly, "It’s no trouble to have fewer people."
"All right" Brother Hong nodded.

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