"Mengmeng has something on her mind. I’ll guide her," Ma Liang said.

"Why doesn’t she like you?" Su Yuyao casually said with a smiling face.
Ma Liang was surprised. How did she know that she was joking when she turned to look at her and smiled?
"Almost" Ma Liang’s vague explanation
"You can’t see that you are quite popular with women. It’s really not white." She looked at Ma Liang and didn’t take his words seriously. No matter whether it is true or not, Mengmeng should not be a threat.
"I’m with you. Flowers are stuck in cow dung." Su Yuyao sighed and deliberately said.
"Why don’t you want others to want me to cut in?" She curled her lips.
"By the way, it’s my birthday in a few days. What are you going to do?" She suddenly said.
"Birthday" Ma Liang one leng feels a little sudden.
"What are you surprised that I can’t have a birthday?" She fumed.
"It’s not that I didn’t expect so soon." Ma Liang shook his head.
"Who told you to be with a woman? The first thing you know is the other person’s birthday. My ID card is in the box. Why don’t you peek at my birthday?" She asked with a frown.
Ma Liang has so many flowers and intestines. If you can understand this, it is estimated that high school would have caught up with the beautiful deskmate.
Su Yu Yao couldn’t help laughing at his expression.
"You’re such a fool." She pinched Ma Liang’s waist and kissed him on the side of his face, leaving a figure to go back to the classroom. Ma Liang touched his side of his face. It seems that a woman’s favorite way to express her love is to kiss.
When Su Yu Yao left, Pepe came. She hesitated and didn’t know if she should come. Finally, she got up the courage to come to Ma Liang.
"Teacher Ma has something I want to tell you." She lowered her head and fingers and pulled her skirts, just like the students who made mistakes. There was a teacher there. Ma Liang looked a little dumb.
"What is it?" Ma Liang wondered.
"That’s the last time I said that. I said that you can look at my place. I, I, I want to take that back." She looked up and almost cried.
Ma Liang thought for a long time before he understood it.
"It turned out to be that. I almost forgot if you didn’t say it. No problem." Ma Liang nodded
And Pepe froze, a little stuck in her heart. Doesn’t Ma Liang care about this kind of thing at all? Oh, she nodded and turned away. Although she felt wronged, she still told herself that it was okay.
Ma Liang looked at her figure, which was delicate and graceful.
"Pepe, don’t rush away. How about today’s class?" Ma Liang asked voluntarily knowing that she was shy.
Pepe came back again.
"Today, it’s good that they are also obedient, but some people don’t listen very much and fall asleep," Pepe said.
"It’s okay. Some students are just like that. Don’t worry about waiting until you are familiar with them. Let them know that you are good." Ma Liang laughed and said that he also had this kind of class.
Pepe nodded.
"What’s wrong with your hand?" Ma Liang wondered. When she heard this, Pepe quickly hid her hand back and said, "Nothing."
"Show me" Ma Liang eyebrows a wrinkly seems to have a long mouth.
Pepe shook her head and was about to run. Ma Liang directly grabbed her arm. It was a bit outrageous to hold her hand and the back of her hand was pale with a long mouth:
Chapter 23 Go to Grape Mountain again
Her hands are thin and not as comfortable as Su Yuyao’s.
"What’s the matter with you?" Ma Liang asked.
"I was accidentally nailed and scratched, and it’s all right and painless." She lowered her head and occasionally took a look at Ma Liang for fear of being blamed.
"This kind of thing should be extra careful. If the wound is deep, there may be tetanus." Ma Liang looked at the wound and it was really nothing.
"Thank you, Teacher Ma." Pepe felt warm in her heart, and the stuffy mood just swept away.
Ma Liangsong’s hand and Pepe’s face turned reddish, and her heart beat a little faster. I just realized that my hand was being held by a man, and it seemed good.
At noon, several teachers stayed for a meeting mainly to prepare for an exam.
When he came out after the meeting, Ma Liang found that Mengmeng was still waiting for him.
"Mengmeng, don’t you go back first" Ma Liang was surprised, and Mengmeng threw himself directly in his arms and looked up at him.
"I’ll wait for you to go back together."
Su Yu Yao pie pie didn’t say anything. It’s not like a girl is infatuated with a teacher. It’s not like she lost her PE teacher before she met her classmates, but she forgot all about it after graduation.
Back to the little black dog, three people kept shaking their tails on the left, one on the right and one on the left. Besides Xia Xue, vanilla was actually in Maliang. I haven’t seen her for a few days. I was holding my child and feeding her milk. The whiteness, tenderness and tenderness made Maliang feel uncomfortable. My initial understanding of women was in Xianglan.
But if it weren’t for Xiao Jiao’s horizontal thrust at that time, it might have been the first time at that time. In Ma Liang’s heart, Vanilla had this special position of enlightenment. Although it didn’t feel like Xia Xue’s family, it was also much better than ordinary people.
"Xiang Lanjie, you are back" Ma Liang said happily.
"Brother, you seem to be getting more energetic." Vanilla laughed and her eyes swept away at the same time. There are fascinating treasures in Ma Liang’s crotch, but now so many people have to converge
Ma Liang sat talking to Xiang Lan, and Su Yuyao and Mengmeng both stared at the two women. Their mentality was similar, that is, this Xiang Lan made them feel uncomfortable, and the glistening chest didn’t know anything about shyness.
Xianglan has been really busy recently because she learned embroidery skills quickly. Now Xianglan mainly teaches others how to embroider. Because there are so many scholars, she has been there with her children, but she has to go there tonight.
In fact, Xianglan also hopes to stand on her own feet, and now she is doing this job very well, and she is not tired. One day, she has a salary of 20 yuan, which is higher than Ma Liang’s salary as a teacher.
"Sister Xianglan, I’ll take you there by motorcycle after dinner here." Ma Liang said.
And Su Yu Yao with Mengmeng palm a tight stare at beautiful eyes at the same time.
"OK, I’m too lazy to walk. When will this motorcycle look good?" asked Xianglan.
"Rain Yao sent me" Ma Liang saw Su Yu Yao’s eyes.
"So that’s it." Xianglan smiled.
"Teacher, I also want to go." Mengmeng leaned over and took Ma Liang’s hand.
This Ni is finally the same as before, and has become more directly clingy. Ma Liang doesn’t know if this is good or bad.

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