Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Death of Heaven

"Wait a minute!" Arthur shouted, but the suit man didn’t seem to hear him and rushed in. He quickly followed Grace into the hotel and directly followed Peter’s breath to wash his hands.
At a glance, they saw Peter’s body and washed their hands, waiting for Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan. The suit man was suddenly torn. "Wang Lei, you are going to die again!" The man in the suit roared in a body and suddenly burst into an amazing momentum. Violent than strength, he rushed out of the whole person and took Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan straight.
"Don’t be impulsive!"
Arthur and Grace changed their faces and did not hesitate to exert their efforts to help the man in the suit. They saw that Wang Lei was so powerful, but it was as horrible as the woman in red beside him.
Suit man, after all, they arrived at Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan a little distance first, and they attacked them with anger-
Looking at the furious suit man Wang Lei eyes radiant with a scorn whistle color coldly spit out two words "idiot".
Aside Lin Miaoshan immediately opened the dark and desperate field of Hell Gate, and instantly enveloped the suit man in a suit man’s face and suddenly twisted it to the extreme, feeling the pain and even the attack power suddenly stopped at the moment.
This stagnation is instantaneous. Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan are each in a suit.
The suit man was beaten apart without screaming, and his mistakes were the same as those of his companions. Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan’s martial arts were among the top few even if they were strong in heaven. When these two people don’t join hands with the enemy, it is simply unwise to fight them alone.
"Damn you!"
Grace stopped and Arthur’s face was ugly to the extreme, staring at Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan.
There is no need to talk about grace and Arthur, but everyone is in vain. At the moment, there is a war, and the other two are coming to kill them. There is no nonsense.
The two men looked at each other, and then Grace’s body exuded a more sacred light, and behind her appeared a pair of snow-white angel wings suspended in the middle, like a goddess coming to heal the field and instantly covering the whole hotel.
Blessing Arthur’s body, Arthur suddenly gave birth to an endless stream of divine power. He raised his right hand and displayed a giant cross sword condensed by the holy light. At the same time, Arthur urged the exhaustion of divine power and condensed a set of sacred armor on the surface of his body, just like a medieval Vatican knight to punish all disobedient holy sinners.
These two powerful men from the Holy See joined forces and broke out at the moment. The amazing strength is far from the strength of the two powerful men.
This makes Wang Lei a little lucky. Fortunately, the two were solved before. Otherwise, the four powerful men joined forces. Although he and Lin Miao Shan can win these four people together, this battle will not be solved for a while, and it will make them escape two.
But now the situation is completely different.
Wang Lei and Lin Miao Shan tacitly moved forward at the same time.
The original Tianmen Gate and the Hell Gate Wang Lei can be opened together.
But now Lin Miao Shan has opened the gates of hell, and Wang Lei has directly opened the gates of heaven-
This is the man who was born to mend the heavens and the gates of hell appeared at the same time.
The fields of extreme life and extreme death overlap each other to cover Arthur and Grace.
Two extreme opposing forces are transformed into each other, but Arthur and Grace suddenly make them want to vomit blood.
They have experienced these two feelings at the same time, tearing them apart from their body and mind and destroying them.
The two powerful men in heaven completely lost their counterattack power, and a strange expression appeared on their faces. For a while, the pain was distorted, and for a while, the happiness moved each other, and the pain became more painful.
Their eyes were full of fear in "happiness sets off pain"
Their fighting spirit is broken, but their fighting spirit is lost.
Lin Miaoshan waved a knife representing extreme death and hell!
While Wang Lei wield that sword that represents the perfect life and the eternal life!
Make up God, give birth to hell, master death, blend life and death, heaven and hell crisscross …

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