Every crack is sharper than a knife, and everything in the plane is unceremoniously big. PQ16 The earth is small and arrogant, and the queen’s department is so arrogant that it is easily cut like tofu and swallowed.

The sudden hand was also cut by the crack, and the fracture instantly roared with anger from the depths of the plane.
More than a second later, the crack reached the moon, which broke the earth satellite unceremoniously and was swallowed up by the "universe" appearing in the crack
The cracks kept spreading outward, sweeping through the imaginary place, and even the planets were cut into pieces. Ten minutes later, when the sun reached PQ16 plane, the stars were 130,000 times larger than the earth, but they only supported for a few more seconds, and they were still torn to pieces like mud washed away by big waves, and even their fur was gone.
The virtual crack continues to spread until it reaches the god PQ16 on the far surface.
However, after more than ten seconds of relying on milli-resistance to support the core crack of the so-called plane god, it is still difficult to escape the fate of being swallowed up by the split.
But the disaster has not stopped there.
The crack also expanded outward, which pierced the surface of the plane and rushed to the remaining PQ plane. The appearance of light spots from the dark virtual space turned into a huge light film, which wrapped it and prevented it from expanding and swallowing. Finally, the virtual space formed a "black hole light ball" with a harsh outer layer but a completely black inside.
The outward diffusion and external oppression are double, and this "black hole photosphere" with a diameter of over 1,000 astronomical units collapses.
Previously, his light speed expanded outward, but when he collapsed, his contraction speed exceeded that of light, and even when it happened, it reversed to prevent the crack from expanding. The moment when the light film appeared, the collapse was completed.
At the beginning of the birth of all things, the end of all things appeared at the same time
The PQ16 plane disappeared from the multiverse forever.
PQ17 bit plane
The earth came from the rule of PQ16, and it has been "peaceful" for a year and a month.
PQ17 Mankind has adapted to this world manipulated by "God".
In the eyes of many human beings, this new world is simply a paradise in China.
The Lord God controls everything, and everything is tightly controlled.
There is no war, no famine, and even the crime rate is horribly low.
Every resource of the earth and every cent of the macro-control of human resources have been fully benefited, and there are still some crimes not because the PQ16 God can’t control it, but because he doesn’t want to give PQ17 indigenous people more "vitality".
PQ16 If the Lord God is too strict, the world will turn into stagnant water and stink.
Not limited by rules, but with a lot of freedom, PQ16 God can not only control PQ17 earth resources at will, but also allocate other planet resources in this plane.
For example, he sent a meteorite with a diameter of more than 500 meters directly to the earth "safely" and completely lifted the "mineral" crisis of the earth by mining this meteorite rich in rare elements.
PQ17 Although the earth has become a huge war machine, no matter how powerful and advanced the machine is, it also needs lubricating oil. Human beings have both material needs and spiritual needs.
In order to meet the spiritual needs of these "machines", God PQ16 did not prohibit the development of the entertainment industry.
The Hollywood film copied the anti-Japanese war, Lei Ju took photos of Japanese love films and stopped coding.
Most Japanese people are grateful for the evil, dictatorship and undemocratic evil of PQ16 God, because he has done two good things to please people after his arrival on PQ17 earth. One is to allow local love movies not to be coded, and the other is to solve the Fukushima nuclear disaster that has plagued them for many years. Although it led to the bankruptcy of Japanese secret mass production Altman and Godzilla, it also avoided the danger of turning Japanese into a "nuclear nation"
The Tokyo Comic-Con was held as usual on March 25th.
The incident of Akihabara’s Lost Soul more than a year ago did not reduce the popularity of this animation exhibition. On the contrary, the arrival of the Lord God for many times has proved that the universe has triggered more brain holes and more enthusiasm for film and television in the world entertainment circle.
On March 25th, more than 30,000 anime fans from all over the world gathered in Tokyo to celebrate their festival.
COSPLAY is a must-have program center, big stage, teams dressed as all kinds of anime characters, and Cser takes turns to take pictures with several cameras.
Suddenly there was a strong display in the center of the venue.
This abnormal scene caused a sensation among tens of thousands of spectators.
Having experienced the event of the arrival of the Lord God, the human heart is far better than before, and the hearts of anime fans and their receptivity to abnormal events are far better than ordinary people.
Chaos and trampling didn’t happen, but everyone around the incident got excited at this moment.
First, a blue-and-white spherical flash with a diameter of two meters suddenly appeared in the center of the venue, and then this huge spherical flash suddenly blacked out from the center, and then the black circle expanded rapidly outward, and finally it became a blue-edged black hole with a diameter of two meters.
Before the onlookers could see what was going on, the black hole suddenly shattered and disappeared like a broken black paper, and then a beautiful girl with a white skirt, a tall figure and a big belly appeared in the original place.
Many anime fans around were stunned first, and then some people exclaimed.
"It’s yarn weaving!"
"Miss Yarn Weaving has appeared!"
"It’s the goddess Athena!"
Then an eagle-eyed person saw the strange sound of an otaku and suddenly turned into a cry of grief.
"Pregnant belly big! The belly is pregnant and the goddess Athena is pregnant! "
Tail saint arrival
Doctors in Tokyo’s top hospitals rushed to the operating room with beds.
Wang Lei’s name consciousness has been blurred.
Bai Yan’s mood is a little complicated when Bai Hua Bai Yan’s sisters accompany her to weave yarn. It is learned from the Lord God that Wang Lei is not dead. She once breathed a heavy sigh of relief and buried her heart. The depression over the years has also eased a lot.
However, after learning the origin of yarn weaving, she felt a little dim.
In the past, Wang Lei told Yarn Weaver all the stories about the earth in PQ17 plane. Bai Yan was the PQ17 human who was most impressed by Yarn Weaver.
The operating room is from the top of the ball, and several caesarean section doctors have already waited for a seat. They all came to the city to deliver the baby.
A month ago, the city yarn weaving suddenly appeared in the center of the stage of Tokyo Animation Festival, which shocked the ball and even the plane god.
When she first appeared, she was pregnant with a big belly.
Real PQ16 plane pregnancy calculation The child was pregnant for two months at most, but when she crossed the PQ17 plane, her belly was so big that she would give birth at any time. For the city yarn weaving at that time, Wang Lei was killed, and "Ma Boyong" appeared and took away his soul. The mysterious power suddenly broke out and swallowed up the whole PQ16 plane. Everything just happened.
Before she woke up from great pain and shock, she found herself on the stage of Tokyo Animation Festival.

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