"Report to the teachers’ headquarters". The communication officer came out of the back room and came to Qin Yu with a file.

Qin Yu replied with a straight face.
The communications officer glanced at Xun Chengwei and saw that Qin Yu didn’t respond. He immediately read, "Two regiments of General Lincheng’s Second Field Army, 37379, will arrive at the sideline of Chuanfu in an hour and ask if we agree to accept assistance in garrison."
"Agree" Qin Yu answered with Ba.
The officer of "Chen Lai in Seven Districts" looked at the report on the second page and woke up Qin Yu again.
"Read" Qin Yu is still not afraid of Xun Chengwei.
"The other side sent two lists, one of which was Guo Jianfei’s first list of enemy military personnel. Twenty-five people on this list were directly involved in the Port Pley incident, the European Union incident and the Yandao incident," the officer said in detail.
"Execution" Qin Yu paused and frowned and replied "Let the guard company do it"
"Yes!" The officer nodded and continued, "The second list is the list of Jiujiang military and political officials. Chen suggested that we handle it as appropriate."
"I don’t have time to deal with it," Qin Yu replied, motioning with his hand. "Give the list to the new strengthening group and let them catch the Chen troops and hand them over to themselves."
Near the door Xun Chengwei and Xue Zheng inexplicably sweated on their foreheads and kept glancing at Qin Yu.
"Is there anything else?" Qin Yu stepped in and looked at the communication officer and asked
"No teachers!"
"Go" Qin Yu with the wave.
When the officer left, Staff Wang immediately got up and said with a smile, "Zhang and Xue, the commander of Xunlv, are here."
Qin Yu looked up at the two men and nodded slightly at them. "Talk!"
The two men got up and the guard moved the chair for them and came to sit beside Qin Yu.
"South Shanghai is not about you," Qin Yu said kindly at Xun Chengwei and Xue Zheng. "I always hate talking to outsiders, but your military intelligence department doesn’t seem to solve the problem in other ways, forcing me to leave a bad name."
Xun Chengwei nodded slowly.
Next to the king’s staff poured tea for all.
Qin Yu looked at the two and continued, "I’m afraid it’s hard for Jiujiang to have a trip to Xun Brigadier and Xue Colonel."
Xun Chengwei hesitated. "I want to ask Mr. Qin how to deal with us prisoners of war?"
"I let you go, but can the General Political Department of the Military Department of the Seventh District World War II Command let you go?" Qin Yu answered with a smile
Xun Chengwei was silent.
"Jiujiang City can’t find a scapegoat when you break your layer." Qin Yu stepped in and replied, "It’s hard to protect yourself when you go back, but I have a way for you to come to Sichuan with the core backbone of the garrison brigade. Forget it. We will also set up brigade-level units on our side and I will let you be a brigade commander. The same treatment will definitely be better than your Jiujiang."
Xun Chengwei’s biggest worry came when he had a presentiment that Qin Yu wanted to talk to him about this before he entered the room. But if he agreed to Qin Yu’s terms, the former Jiujiang city would become a bit subtle. It would be that Xun Chengwei let the fangs of 300 warriors go to town and defected.
This notoriety will be an indelible shame for professional soldiers. Xun Chengwei has concerns.
"I still want to wait for the military general logistics department to handle" Xun Chengwei crustily skin of head replied.
"That’s not easy," Qin Yu replied as usual. "If you want to go back, then we are still in opposition to the seven districts. If it’s not a sky-high price, I won’t let you go so easily."
Xun cheng Wei Yan
"Lao Wang, Chen just sent a list of military personnel of the Regional Security Bureau. Do you know all the guards here?" Qin Yu twist a head to ask 1
"I certainly don’t know." Staff Wang shook his head.
"Xun Brigadier, there is another thing to trouble you," Qin Yu said flatly. "There is no way to verify this list of military personnel. Please help me. Go to the prison camp and identify one."
Xun Chengwei looked at Qin Yuxin with a sad expression when he heard this and said, You are really heartless. This batch of military personnel is going to be executed. What the hell is going on with me? Isn’t this equal to directly assuming the status of "rape"? But if you don’t go, will you be better off in the hands of your own independent division?
After a long pause, the two men looked at Xun Cheng’s great brain and said, "I won’t go to the war … prison camp. Teacher Qin, you just said that I have concerns. If I go to Sichuan with my soldiers, the outside world will recognize that I took the initiative to fight the Jiujiang gate."
Qin Yu pondered for a long time. "I’ll do it for you. I’ll take care of your army general logistics department. He can’t afford to redeem you. It’s only natural that you stay."
Xun Chengwei dazed a slowly nodded.
"Oh, tired!"
Qin Yusong loosened the neckline and turned to shout, "Is there anything to eat in the kitchen? Set a table. I’ll have a supper with Brigadier Xun and Colonel Xue. "
"I’ll get someone ready right away." The staff got up and answered.
"Old xun, you open a heavy city garrison brigade commander. They can’t even protect your family. What are you doing with them? They didn’t take you seriously! " Qin Yu patted Xun Chengwei’s arm. "You told me that Sichuan Prefecture has been developing continuously for five years, and once the situation rises, you think about what it would be!" ? What future will you have? "
Xun Chengwei was inexplicably said to have a boiling passion. He really thought carefully about the current situation of Yichuan House.
Xue Zheng looked at Qin Yuxin and said that this person is similar to the outside world. There are ways to be black when it is black and white when it is white, and … The mouth is also fierce to say that you are one leng one leng.
Chapter 13 windfall
Qin Yu invited Xun Chengwei and Xue Zheng to have a simple supper and then they returned to the city captive camp.
Camp Xue Zheng sat in the chair and asked, "Lao Xun, I really want to tie up with Qin Hei this time?"
"Do you have any other choice if you don’t tie it together?" Xun Chengwei frowned and replied, "Qin Yu will let you watch back when he really executes the military personnel in the seven districts. Not only do you have no way out, but you have to take a real name to … I will be in a more difficult situation then."
"Yes" Xue Zheng nodded slowly. "But personally, I think the Qin teacher just said it’s right. His mother, let’s work hard with the General Logistics Department of the Seventh District Army. Even if we die in the end, we will be awarded a senior colonel title posthumously, but it is possible for Qin Yu here in Sichuan to become a great event in the future."
Xun Chengwei was silent.
"Professional soldiers who don’t want to glorify their ancestors?" Xue Zheng loosened the neckline. "I want to say that it is better to go to Chuanfu and start all over again when you are a brigade commander who suffers from miscellaneous brands everywhere."
"Yes, we have no choice." Xun Chengwei turned to look at Xue Zheng. "If you do this for a while, I’ll call Staff Wang of the Independent First Division. You have personal contact with him."
"Talk about what?" Xue zhengwen
"The 133rd regiment outside the city was surrounded by three regiments of Qin Yu." Xun Chengwei said somberly, "Go and tell Staff Wang that I am willing to help Qin Yu say that Gengbiao, head of the 133rd regiment, is leading troops to join the Sichuan government."
Xue Zheng Meng B "Is this … is this too urgent?"
"Don’t worry now," Xun Chengwei replied with a frown. "You may not be able to believe in mixing with Qin Yu. He still has to find a way to seal off our retreat. Why don’t we take the initiative to put our position table?"
Xue Zheng lost in thought.
"Besides, if the old Geng of the 133rd regiment can go with us, it will dilute a lot of suspicion from the outside world. It’s not my Xun Chengwei’s problem. It’s not that I was raped. It’s that you lost your heart. Don’t everyone want to do it with you?" Xun Chengwei’s train of thought clearly said, "If things can turn into Lao Geng’s reunion with us later, then at least we can not be bullied in the political ecology of Sichuan government."
"That makes sense," Xue Zheng nodded immediately. "Then I’ll go to Staff Wang and have a personal contact with Lao Geng first?"
"For you to ventilate first, I will come forward to say old Geng when the key moment comes." Xun Chengwei nodded slowly.

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